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Suddenly had cravings for Jjajang Myeon and decided to pay my favourite korean restaurant a visit! At $12, the portion is really big, can barely finish the whole bowl and I am a normal eater. The Jjajang was sweet and savoury at the same time, rich and fragrant but not too sickening till the end. Think its more meant to be shared such that you can try other yummy dishes the restaurant offers. As usual, the side dishes were the best, boosting my appetite and luring me to be back again and again!

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We love Korean food! 🇰🇷
Date nite with my 2 gals 😘
Buddy Meal ($45.90) was really a great & filling deal for 3 of us! 😋
Yummy Budae Jjigae, 6 pcs crispy Wings (half soy garlic & half spicy sauce), tasty Breaded Mushroom Rice Ball, Green Apple Mojito & Lychee Pear Spritzer 😋
Friendly staff, Yummy food, Happy tummies 😝

6 piece chicken set with fries and a drink. The Gangnam chicken flavour was spicy but the sauce was too thick, salty and overwhelming - prefer the usual flavours instead. Kimchi fries were seasoned with kimchi powder - loved the texture and flavour of the fries!

Ordered at 4.38pm and got my order at 4.47pm. Took kinda long even though it was during non peak hours.

The chicken patty was freshly fried and very satisfying to bite into except it was scalding hot if you don't wait for it to cool down. Loved the soft bun and the patty nonetheless.

Reminds me of the zinger burger but a fresher version. Also liked that they gave plenty of vegetables

Double Cheeseburger with Bacon, Truffle Fries and a soda set us back $32.20. Although food was good, value is 👎
This place is really a Korean version of Shack Shake! Menu and concept is really similar

Egg Toast Avocado $8.50.
Nicely toasted and drizzled with a sweet sauce. Only wish the eggs were seasoned better. Overall, the sandwich was slightly bland.
Cheeseburger $13.80
This was good! Really cool thing was how huge the tomato slice was. It was the size of the beef patty! Buns were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside on the first bite, but got soggy before I finished the burger.

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Juicy chicken thigh burger with onion, lettuce and pickle. Pretty enjoyable.

Located at beauty world centre in the vicinity of Ham Bao Bao and Buta kin, the eatery serves authentic, belly comforting korean food. Pictuted is the kimchi stew. Thicker than soup with glorious spiciness. The kimchi stew is a must-order if you dine at joo mak. Served with loads of kimchi, tofu, pork belly slices, it is any kimchi lover's paradise. Remember to stir well as the bottom of the stew could get a little too salty from the added gochujang paste.

Half portion $20. Skin and batter were nice and cripsy, though the chicken could have been slightly more tender

4 pieces each of chicken tenders. The chicken was presented in its own little basket and cut into bite size pieces. The meat used was breast meat. It's rather moist and we'll seasoned. The batter used was pretty light and goes well with the condiments provided.

The honey butter powder.. That's like crack. You just want it to br sprinkled on everything. It's a little sweet and has that umami flavour to it.

Coffeeshop setting, so don't expect too much. Service took some time because it was the dinner rush. But the food didn't feel rushed at all. They took their time to do it right.

This platter is served in a hotplate and at the bottom is a bed of cheese and corn. Topped with six pieces of their signature Jinjja Wings, mandu and popcorn chicken, this dish can be shared with a group or enjoyed as a personal treat. The addition of the cheese helps in managing the spice from the wings while providing a comforting feel from each bite. New to the menu and available at all outlets is the Rabokki ($7.90), which is a bowl of Korean ramyeon paired with tteokbokki, fish cakes and melted cheese. Two other notable mentions include the Chicken Bibimsalad ($7.90) that comes with popcorn chicken and a yuzu dressing, and the Bulgogi Beef Burger ($8.90) with the sure-winner kimchi slaw sandwiched in it.

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⁣Jinjja Chicken⁣
⁣Address: 78, Airport Boulvard, Jewel Changi Airport, Unit B1-247, Singapore 819666
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