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Insane amount of fries and potato wedges for only $18++! This is a really big appetiser and if you are only visiting with your other half, we would advise you to stay away for this dish as you probably need at least 3 to 4 others to comfortably finish it (the boat is MUCH deeper than it looks from the outside). Do note that the restaurant serves you ketchup by default and you need to pay 50 cents to get a small serving of the spicy yangnyeom sauce (which doubled as our chilli sauce). Otherwise, the fries and potatoes are rather tasteless and there didn't even seem to be salt.

Oven & Fried Chicken didn't accept reservations on a weekend and it can be pretty crowded at meal times so be sure to visit early to get a table!

We also got a spicy option and that was the Yangnyeom Chicken, which we heard was another of the restaurant's bestselling dishes. This was the less spicy version and it was quite manageable although you still get some kick from the spicy-sweet sauce. We heard that the normal-spicy version is really quite spicy and we were wary enough not to order that! 😅

Once again, we got the boneless option and it is great because there are no bones to trouble us. However, the entire surface of each chicken piece is covered thoroughly in the spicy sauce so the exterior is no longer crispy. If you prefer something crispy, go for the restaurant's sweet sauce fried chicken instead!

This is the half serving and it's around 8 or 9 pieces of chicken and it costs slightly over $20++!

We were recommended the soy sauce boneless chicken as it was the restaurant's bestseller! Indeed, it was a great dish as the chicken was covered with a thick and generous amount of sweet soy sauce (probably had some honey mixed inside it as well). The chicken pieces were really crispy on the outside and the insides were truly boneless, which is a great option for those who are lazy to deal with the bones. Do note that the boneless option doesn't come free though and you have to pay $4++ more for it. The soy sauce also isn't spicy and you will need to order some of the other dishes if you are looking for something spicy!

For around $42++, there are around 15 pieces of fried chicken in this dish and it is enough for a group of 4 to 5 pax especially since most of us will be ordering other dishes at the restaurant as well!

Korean for dinner last night at Three Meals a Day! The last time I was here it was when they just opened 😂 Very lucky we managed to get a reservation earlier in the afternoon cause their queue was non-stop!

This was hand pulled dough in a seafood soup. These noodles are like your hand torn mee hoon kueh pieces with a chew, but done thinner and smaller. The comforting savoury broth had a mix of seafood like clams and mussels - we liked that the broth had a slight thickness to the consistency. They also do this in Spicy Mushroom ($15) and Kimchi with Seafood ($15) if you’re craving something spicy.

Good to note though, that we found it quite hard through the meal to get the attention of the servers cause of how busy they were. Probably not a spot if you need a quick meal, but otherwise it was a satisfying one.

This came with lots of kimchi and onions, with chicken and rice cakes. Thought there could definitely be more meat for a better overall ratio, but we can see why it’s popular with its strong kick of flavour and lingering spice. They do a similar cheese version at $35 or you can opt to add on additional cheese or glass noodles.

This stood out for us! Edges were crisp and while the centre was more airy, it still retained a good amount of crunch. We enjoyed that it’s not greasy and done in a good thickness, so you can easily go for more.

we ordered boneless Yang Nyum Chicken, Fried Chicken and Seafood pancake.
Yang Nyum chicken, very juicy inside and outside glazed with sweet spicy sauce. Really addictive 😋.
Meanwhile the fried chicken inside juicy and outside crisp.
The Seafood pancake is not Oily and thicker than usual I eat, with generous seafood.
Definitely good place for gathering over Korean chicken and soju.
💰$21.8, Yang Nyum (half).
💰$18.8 , Fried Chicken (half).
💰 $23.8, Seafood pancake.

📍O chicken&Beer.
52 Boat Quay.

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📍Oven & Fried Chicken, Telok Ayer📍
💸 Fried Boneless Chicken Whole (Original)
💸 Fried Boneless Chicken Whole (Soy sauce)
💸 Crunch Chicken Half (Original)
Our favourite korean fried chicken in Singapore has got to be the ones from Oven & Fried Chicken. They do their classic flavours like Original and Soy sauce really well🍗! We love that the chicken was super crispy, even when coated with the sauce, and juicy on the inside😲. Their other options, like crunch chicken (without oil) surprised us as well, by being super tender and juicy😍. Really damn shiok with a can of refreshing coke or beer!!🍻

actually pretty good. the chicken is so well marinated and roasted and juicy but slightly oily. salad base also has melscun which is pretty good

waffles are a lil inconsistent, sometimes good sometimes bad but somehow their basic vanilla ice cream which is just some generic mass bought one is pretty good! love the vanilla flavour.

way too overpriced ($18 ish) but taste wise the bagel was pretty well buttered and toasted and the bulgogi was very well marinated. lettuce super crisp and fresh too. overall would def rather spend on two men bagel house but if u happen to be here, this is worth trying

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I have been here over 10 times over 6 months because the food is just so good! Owner is really friendly too. Come here for very authentic korean food. I would say it's better than the popular ones in the area ;)