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B+ Cheeseburger set | B+ Korean Bulgogi burger set

Today’s burgers weren’t the best. The cheeseburger reminded me of the cheeseburger @ McDonald’s, while the bulgogi reminded me of the samurai burger @ McDonald’s.

I’ve tasted better burgers at burger+. I’m not sure if it’s the branch or just a bad day.

Ordered the hangover soup for 16 bucks and it was huge! It was so hearty and flavourful. Really reminds me of Korea. The bulgogi was also good. Will definitely come back again

One of the many Korean restaurants I look up to. Good place for Korean food and gathering with friends, recommended fried chicken and pancake.

PRICE: $15.90+ for lunch buffet

TIME LIMIT: 90 mins

- Have to write our orders on a paper, pass to the staff and wait for them to take the ingredients/banchan for us. Luckily we went during lunch hour, not full house, staff were attentive
- Choice of 3 types of korean fried chicken
- Sadly didn't get to eat ice cream because we had passed the 90-minute limit. Bill was served immediately. Would be better if staff actually reminded us that our dining time would be up soon and asked if we'd like to be served our ice cream. We were not the only buffet diners who didn't get to eat the ice cream.
- The meats were well marinated and flavorful
- Shrimps are the only seafood option (on our lunch menu)
- Side dishes were nice
- Free refillable cold korean barley tea

WILL WE RETURN? It's our second buffet here. But will probably try the opposite rival shop next time for comparison.

Korean restaurant that served all you can eat, when diners can keep top up meats for 90 mins and free flow fried chicken. No wonder always crowded 😆
💰$19.9 for dinner and $15.9 for lunch.
📍Seoul Kitchen.
435 Sembawang Road.

Ordered the Nacho fried chicken! Just the right portion of chicken for two.

Variety of beer
And soju

Free flow snack
One time serve fruits

Ordinary deep fried popcorn chicken with a hint of spiciness and Garden salad with a little too much sauce.😶
Great for those whose mouth are itchy(always want to eat something but also don't want to eat so much).🙃
🚩KREAMS Beer SG, 60 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089524
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A nights out with friends to chillax.
Mozzarella Pizza($25++)😋
A Superlicious cheesy thin crust pizza that was baptised by the Cheese-nity of Mozzarella, Cheddar & Parmesan.🧀
Just felt that my sin of gluttony has been washed away temporarily at that moment.🙃
🚩KREAMS Beer SG, 60 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089524
#mehmehfoodventure #mehlicious #tastisfying #foodie #sgfoodie #sgfoodblogger #foodblogger #foodblog #foodcoma #burpple #burpplesg #sgfood #foodsg #eatmoresg #foodinsing #sgeats #kreamsbeer #kreamsbeersg #pizza #popcornchicken

Fried chicken was heavenly. Right amount of oil and flavourful.
Got the chicken set and the spicy set each priced around ($6.50)
The burger was balanced with pickles, lettuce and tomatoes.
Get ready to be a messy eater as there is no way to consume that without dripping sauce.
Both options of cajun fries were good (with or without cheese)
*CAUTION: THE SPICY ONE CAN KILL ONE'S TASTEBUDS. But so worth it though. Started crying a little bit to the end and had to down alot of milk afterwards.