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Every piece of chicken is coat with 4FINGERS’ homemade tom yum sauce, topped with popping candy crispies to give extra kick of sweetness to balance the flavour.
(Can ask the popping candy to be served separate). It’s mix of between spicy, sour and salty flavours, when it’s not too spicy or sour.
💰$ 20.45 (12 pcs for 2 pax).
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The Yangnyeom Boneless Chicken at Ahtti Korean Chicken thoroughly exceeded my expectations as it still retained its crispy coat despite being drenched in the sweet and spicy sauce. The generous chicken chunks were very juicy as usual. Out of the three flavours I have tried so far at Ahtti, Yangnyeom would be my go to flavour anytime.

Taking over the former Chili’s space at The Central, now it becomes a Korean burger fast food restaurant by Burger+.

They offered not only burger but also some Korean foods, playing at the background with all the Korean hit songs.

As for the burger, I felt it wasn’t exciting as I expected. Really an ordinary type of cheeseburger but you paid for a higher price.

Turned out tasting way lower than I expected..
Bun was mediocre
Bulgogi sauce although oddly thick, didn’t hold any nice bulgogi flavors.
Onions inside tasted VERY bitter I couldn’t consume them
Beef patty was pretty nice
Overall.. I feel like it’s not worth the price.

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Location: @momstouch.sg 10 Paya Lebar Quarter #01-37 Paya Lebar Quarter @payalebarquarter Singapore 409057
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The chicken pieces are coated with this special cheese powder that has an addictive-sweetish tinge.
As you reach out to have more and more, it feels as though you are having ‘cinema food’ of Doritos. Unstoppable.

There was also this awesome crust on the outside, likely to be a kids’ favourite. If only they had a chicken skin version.



This is certainly not the typical fast food restaurant with the interior decor and vibes ( and price)! Rly Instagramable with the neon lights etc, spacious enough to accommodate large groups. Tried the fish burger w avocado and must say they are rly quite generous! The fish is deep fried in its batter, Super crispy on the outside yet the fish meat is tender! It went surprisingly well w avocado 🥑 ( millennials superfood) and is definitely mega filling! Can’t say the same for other burgers that the rest tried ( some portions turned out smaller than expected). The truffle fries were good too! Tho rly abit too pricey 🧐 overall this is definitely quite an up market burger place but good for large gatherings and hipster outings ✌🏻

After my rather pleasant encounter with the honey butter boneless chicken from Ahtti Korean Chicken, I decided to order the intriguingly named Chili Padi Boneless Chicken this time. Obviously created for local tastebuds, the glistening golden brown fried chicken was studded with a few thin slices of chili padi. I thought a pool of oil had collected at the bottom of the box when I opened the box. Imagine my relief when I found out that the pool was actually honey haha. This chili padi chicken did not taste as potent as its name suggested. This was probably due to the fact that the chicken was drenched in honey which helped to neutralise the heat from the chili padi.

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Damaged: worth it
Hands up, my fav pizza since the first slice.
Ordered the mushroom soup and fried chicken as well, but the pizza was truly the one that won me over🥺 am craving it now

Got the large size. I'm typically not a fan of thick crusts, but their dough is so soft and fluffy I always finish everything.

The minced beef marinated with chilli flakes had quite a kick. The prawns were juicy and well-complemented by the crunchy bell pepper slices.

Pizza Maru truly has some of the best fusion pizzas.

Price: $19.90 (regular), 23.90 (large)

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