Top 10 Places for Korean Fried Chicken

Top 10 places for Korean Fried Chicken

Latest Reviews for Korean Fried Chicken

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Korean Fried Chicken

Was looking for a nice, hearty meal so I got this ($11.90). The duck meat balls were amazing - savoury and juicy, and it comes with a delicious sweet sour sauce which I'm guessing was made with broth. It also comes with kimchi and pickles. Definitely a must try, get the meatballs on their own if you don't feel like eating a full meal.

Also ordered the Injeolmi Bingsu Milk ($11.90). It was decent - light and reasonably milky.

Love their honey butter chicken but would not recommend their cheese galbi- A bit too spicy. Remember to bring your own water as they dont provide water customers which is sad given that their food is oily and rich, which makes people thirsty.

Service here is excellent 10/10

Came here because entertainer having 1for1,

Ordered two mega half chicken and a plate of spicy noodles. 馃崡 馃崡

1) spicy noodles($10)- surprising good, not too blend and not too spicy.
2) ganjang up($20) - this Korean flavour never goes wrong. Chicken deep fried and covered with soy sauce, could keep eating all day.
3) spicy up($18)- fried spicy chicken, the chicken skin was so damn shiok, sadly the breast meat was too thick and dry.


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Perhaps if you are a seafood lover and also love to eat spicy food, then this is for you. The amount of seafood given was a generous portion with an entire octopus buried in the stew as well. Waited for about 10mins before i got my food which is decent and decided to opt for the mild spicy version instead of the original. This set came with 2 big bowls of rice as well and it is good for 2-4pax.

Served piping hot with a good array of wings and drumsticks, this dish was the very embodiment of decadence! Insidiously crispy, evenly marinated, boldly flavoured and kicked up a notch by the smattering of chilli flakes. I鈥檓 impressed by how easily detachable the meat and bones were from the remaining stalk of chicken, and that is, if anything, testament to how soft the chicken was.

馃弲 9/10
馃挱 Must try

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Chose garlicky flavour which slightly spicy and sweet but lacking in garlic fragrance. Nonetheless, the fried chicken itself tasted great.

On another note, their inconsistent service got me rather displeased though it became better towards the end of the meal during payment.

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We ordered the Fried Chicken with a $2 top up option to change half of it into another flavor so we got original & garlic chicken. Food was great, chicken was fresh and the skin was very crispy, very flavorful as well. My friend and i agreed out of the 2, the garlic chicken was nicer (probably due to the sauce). The portion of the chicken mentions to feed 2 people but i feel that can feed 3 people instead. My friend and I were so full which I suspected i grew a few inches after that 馃槄

Very glad to have used the burpple beyond (premium membership trial) deal where i scored a 1 for 1 deal on their mains especially for a Friday night where there aren鈥檛 much deals for dining. The other dish we got was some creamy spaghetti. I would recommend that dish as well. Thanks Burpple!

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Not as spicy as I thought so, and I think it would tastes better if it鈥檚 spicier. You can taste the seafood flavor from the soup due to the ingredients (mussels, clams, prawns, etc) added.


Korean roasted sweet soy flavored pork ribs, creamy mozzarella cheese together with egg, sweet corn and rice cakes in the hot plate (S$48).


Best place to satisfy Korean fried chicken cravings. Just imagine this: biting into the super-duper-tender, well-seasoned-to-the-core chicken meat. There are also some bits of garlics - really fragrant and delish. Had me craving for more! Best to be shared with 2-3 people. Another plus: Dining at chirchir invokes no dirtying of fingers as there are mini tongs and gloves to pick up the chicken!