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Today is 𝙄𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙣𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙖𝙡 𝙁𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙙 𝘾𝙝𝙞𝙘𝙠𝙚𝙣 𝘿𝙖𝙮 🐥! So we decided to go for some Korean style fried chicken. We love Bonchon fried chicken because the skin is crispy, crunchier and the meat is not that oily, compared to the usual fried chickens. The chicken wings are moist, and there is a tender texture to the meat which pulls off quite easily from the bones. ⠀

They come in 2 different flavours; soy garlic and spicy sauce. If you can't decide between the two like us, you can order half & half, it means a mix of half of each flavours! Soy garlic has a deep flavours of their homemade soy sauce with garlic-y kick. Their spicy sauce uses dried red chilli peppers grounded into sweet and smoky Korean ‘gochugaru’ and it surely gave us that 🌶 kick for our taste bud! ⠀

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A gorgeous drinking hole well decorated with handing cherry blossom and whimsical lamps. Perfect night out with girlfriends or a date! I was so busy taking photos of the whole place, I had to crop out a photo of the drinks from one of my selfies for this entry.

My yuzu fruity beer taste rather normal until you get to the bottom where you can taste a mild sweetness of yuzu and nom on the yuzu bits. However I prefer their lychee fruity beer (ordered by a friend) as the flavouring is more prominent.

Took a dip out of another friend’s lychee kreams somaek which is their signature. It consist of a shot of soju which elevated the taste of the beer.

Every table comes with free flow crackers and pistachio. Attentive staffs auto refill the moment they saw our empty plates.

Would go back for the somaek series on my next visit.

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In need for some Korean fried chicken with beer or soju? Take a little trip down to Seoul Good at the Punggol East Container Park that has nice vibes for some good chi-maek! The soy garlic special chicken ($17.90 for 12 pcs) has the sweet savoury kick that you are looking for. The shoyu chicken ($9.90 for 6 pcs) in fact gave me the best impression, as it remains its crispiness with the slight saltiness from the shoyu.

The sugar mummy tower (yogurt soju) we got was $69.90. Overall, its a pretty chill place for some drinks with friends! Best of all, no gst and service charge 🙃🙃🙃

Both flavours were a little bland (without spamming the sources) but overall ok. Loved the rice punch that we ordered.

beef bibimbap ...rice texture was like porridge .. steamed seafood dumplings.. texture like mashed potato but it came w a lemon sauce idk kinda weird. fries: stale n not hot...... would I come back tho? probably.. fave pay got our backs w -$2 brrrr I’ve tried their chicken w student meal but idt the jewel branch has student meal >:( like a 6/10 IDK WHY I wld return but I think I would.. :-/ (rice was v oily n blegh)

Aside from the ala carte, you can also order the Chir Chir x The Alley sets meals (individual set, couple set and Family set) bundled with the best-selling Royal No.9 Milk Tea from The Alley .
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With solid Korean fried chicken delivered right to my doorstep, Ahtti was one of the best finds during Circuit Breaker. Thanks, Zhi Hui! Crisp, crunchy, moist and utterly flavourful, their Ganjang Boneless Whole Chicken ($34) was really toothsome and morish. Of course, I am partial to the boneless option as I always found wings and drumlets to be a hassle to eat. Hence, perfect for my K-drama marathons, each chunk was also bursting with the natural flavour of chicken and great with the lick of savoury-sweetness from the coating of soy! The glaze was slightly sticky but well-balanced. The batter was not greasy, tasted light even with the sauce, and retain it’s crunchiness hours later. Each order also comes with a can of Coke and pickled radish. I can once again say "West side best side"!

*To order, you can find them on GrabFood or WhatsApp them.


Fans of @chirchirsg will be delighted to know their signature crispy fried chicken is part of the new
Chirispicy Cheeseburger. Deep-fried crispy chicken thigh sandwiched between fluffy burger buns in special chilli-mayo dressing.

For those who can’t take spicy food, Chiriyaki Cheeseburger is a good alternative. Made of grilled minced chicken patty glazed with teriyaki sauce between pillowy burger buns.

Here I’m having the Family Set ($60) comes with 4 mains and 4 regular-sized cups of @TheAlley.SG Royal No.9 Milk Tea (fixed at 50% sugar with pearls)

Surprisingly, a good cup of coffee. I like the nutty and cocoa profile of the beans and the milk to espresso ratio was perfect.

Ban Ban Wings ($12 for 4 wings; $21 for 10 wings). We opted for the wings in Spicy & Sticky sauce. Chicken wings were freshly fried and doesn’t get too cloyingly sweet after your first wing. What’s nice is that the sweet and spicy sauce sticks nicely to the wing.

Everything’s here is cooked to order. And I’ll be back to try the Korean food items.

Ohhh their patty is already so good. Add so much cheese and I felt I made such a right choice.