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Oven & Fried Chicken mainly serves fried chicken, but this roasted chicken was touted as the “healthier option” amongst the numerous variations of fried chicken on the menu. The roasted chicken was so tender and juicy, served piping hot from the oven with chilli and mustard on the side. Price was slightly on the steeper end, and the portion pictured above is the half-chicken portion. Overall still yummy and highly recommended!

Was pleasantly surprised by the pizzas here. The crust was wonderful, toppings generally had an Asian/Korean twist and the cheese and sauces used were great too! Would recommend topping up ($3.20 for regular sized pizza) to switch to the double cheese twist crust if you’re into cheese. Fried chicken was not bad too!

$19.90 for 2 sets (half portion)
We were famished initially till the food arrive. Big portion of food 😱😱😱 Come with an empty stomach if you want to finish your food 😬😬😬

Got the fave $18 for $30 promo. Chicken is very fresh. They really don’t use frozen chicken!

Super yummy the blend of seasoning powder is the combination of fragrance of curry leave, savoury and sweet honey taste all in one, indescribable heavenly taste. Super mouth watering, super must try this.. you will never regret. Portion is big for two adult can bring third person to share if all are average eater. We order the mac and cheese too cos we are too staving but the mac and cheese is really tasteless.. the pineapple jar smoothie is so refreshing and smooth taste worth every penny. Will come back for more during special occasions, cost the meal for two cost $63.

($24 - Large, $16 - Small). For this price the portion is fairly average. One gripe was that we had to choose either the sweet or the spicy, with no option to mix both. The chicken was well marinated but the sweetness made the dish flat after awhile.

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It’s supper time. Finally, I can have my supper at 10pm on a weekday night without having to worry about waking up early the next morning.
This sizzling stone pot rice topped with a mixed variety of vegetables, seasoned beef and spicy sauce is such a fun and delicious way to have my bibimbap. ❤️ the bottom layer of rice which is just slightly burnt, giving the dish a nice texture and flavour.
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Giving this a shot today for the very first time. Really enjoyed the soy glaze flavour, sweet and savoury. Spicy drum was alright. Kimchi was such a good side here. Fries getting boring? POP a kimchi to reset tastebuds! Chicken too saucy and gelat? POP a kimchi 😂.
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Loved the pizza here so much I just had to come back. Tried the cheesy Maru oppa previously, which was delicious. This time we had the Gangnam cowboy, and topped up $3 for the golden sweet potato crust, which was definitely the star of the pizza. While this was yummy pizza, I do prefer the cheesy maru oppa. I’d nevertheless come back again when I get cravings for legit Korean pizza in the future! #food #foodphotography #foodie #burpple #sgfoodies #singapore #foodporn #sgfood #foodsg #sg #sgfoodie #noms #nom #eats #sgeats #burpplesg #pizza #koreanpizza #korean #korea #koreanfood #pizzamaru #cheese #foodstagram #foodblogger #foodlover

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Nothing makes me happier than having cold noodles on a hot day. Three Meals a Day, located near Beauty World MRT Station, serves bibim naengmyeon (spicy cold noodles) which is chewy, flavourful and refreshing. They also serve an array of side dishes that are tasty and remind me of Korea as well 😋 Yay craving finally satisfied 😌


Ordered this to supplement the apparent lack of meat in my Jajjangmyeon. The chicken bulgogi at Three Meals A Day is cooked with sliced cabbage and onions. There’s an option to add cheese atop the dish, but we skipped it this time as all I really wanted was the protein.

The meat is super tender, and marinated really well. This bulgogi isn’t really spicy despite the redness, but it’s addictive all the same. The onions are cooked quite well, so no worries about it being raw. Thanks to the gochujang seasoning, they taste pretty good too and release a burst of juice when you bite into them. The cabbage is crispy and adds some crunch to the whole dish, also providing a welcome contrast in texture to the chewy chicken slices. Overall, quite a solid rendition of chicken bulgogi available in Singapore. A very comforting and safe option if you’re not too adventurous too. Would order this again in the future too!

My dad opted to try the hand-pulled noodles in soup as we thought it was the Korean equivalent of mee hoon kueh. There’s the option for spicy or non-spicy soup, as well as what ingredients you want in your soup.

Unfortunately, the noodles were not like mee hoon kueh. They seemed more like thinly sliced tteokbokki/rice cakes, and had a very floury, rubbery texture. They were not bad, but not what we were expecting, so I can’t say we really liked it overall. There’s some cucumbers and mushrooms in the soup, and the seafood option comes with prawns, so it’s a little bit more of a balanced meal, but just barely so. Perhaps our favourite part of this dish was the spicy soup. It was flavourful, and when they say spicy, they mean it. It’s a gradual and slow burn because the spiciness doesn’t hit you at first. As you keep taking spoonfuls of the soup, the spiciness builds up to induce a sweat. Shiok! Probably wouldn’t order these noodles again, but maybe the kalguksu with spicy broth would be worth a shot the next time.