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Featuring Scissors Paper Stove, FRAPASBAR (The Cathay), Taratata Bistrot
Ice Blossom
Ice Blossom
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It's an established fact that potato is best friends with beef. So when FrapasBar (@frapasbar) put the soft and tender Slow Cooked Beef Cheeks ($14) with smooth and creamy mash potatoes together, it easily becomes the most well-love dish on the table. 😘


I can't think well unless I eat well. Submerged in dark and savoury gravy, this Red Wine Braised Beef Cheek ($18) breaks apart so easily and is accompanied with the best possible sides - roasted vegetables and smooth mashed potatoes. My kind of tasty comfort food! 😙

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I feel more joy when I share with all of you! #Burpple has recently launched #Burpple Beyond. Partnering many exciting and delicious food places, subscribe to this awesome membership to enjoy many many #1for1 food deals such as this Paella ($20) from #ScissorsPaperStove. 😍

Absorbing all the essence of seafood and saffron bisque, this strong and flavourful paella is also cooked with chicken cubes, chorizo, chunky squid, mussels, clams, and the scene-stealing fat prawns. What a winning combination! 😋


It was very good but I didn't get to enjoy it slowly. I had to finish this fast because the ice cream was melting and my lava tart was oozing out after my first cut. The chocolate was so thick and heavenly sweet. I thought it should have come with another ice cream flavour because caramel ice cream just upped the whole sugar level of this dessert to 200%. But I'd recommend this to all sweet tooth and dessert lovers. 😋


Not the best nor worst lemon tart I've had. It tasted okay, and really only okay.

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There are restaurants that overcook a good piece of cod fish, but not here at Taratata. The cod fish was so succulent, tender, flavorful sweet and lovely. The baby spinach and baby potatoes compliment the cod fish well and the small bits of vegetables on the side give a different layer of taste. This dish is not only visually pleasing but tastes unexpectedly outstanding.


The beef tenderloin (medium rare) was cooked to perfection. It was so soft, juicy and tender. Slightly bloody but it doesn't matter to beef lovers! The foie gras goes super well with the beef tenderloin and along with the truffle sauce. The bread at the bottom of the beef tenderloin was soaked in all these goodness. Omg. The asparagus on the side gives a good crunch and the baked potato gratin was impressive. The creamy cheese sauce was light and so delightful. Have to eat it hot! This is one of the best things I've had recently. 😘

Wow! This is really really good. I totally love the combination of every ingredient of this dish. There was a tinge of sourness in the creamy sauce mixed in the crab meat but it did not mask the natural sweetness of it. There might be sour cream which could be an acquired taste for some people.


The texture is a little on the chewy side but I find them totally fine. The herbed garlic butter made them so fragrant and sweet. I'm greedy for more~~


These frizzy iced soda sent chills down my spine on this freaky hot day. Nothing out of the ordinary but I'm glad I tried some French soda. Haha 😄

😋 If eating is what I do for living, I love my job. ❤

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