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Fish and chips is crispy on the outside, soft and juicy on the inside. Which is unique compared to the typical fish and chips.

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Worth the 35mins wait for the chicken to be served! Could not resist to use my hands to finish this meal! Taste and texture was great and delicious!

Thanks Burpple for this amazing offer!

When the dessert chef insists you have desserts before mains, you simply don't refuse! This was soooo good warm! And such a nice local fusion dessert - topped with a creamy not too sweet vanilla sauce, this was nice and eggy with a surprise dark chocolate base. So much love for this! (don't tell but I so had two portions of this! even on a carb restricted diet) definitely order if you find it on the menu (we had this as part of an event, so unsure if this is on the normal menus)

Order a original/Weizen beer from the drinks stall ($8.90) to pair it with your meal. Main dishes cost around $14-$20. The only minus point was that they did ran out of some main dishes like steak, chicken bleu.

Plant-based meat chunks, caramelized onions, crunchy walnuts, and rocket pesto atop a disc of chewy flatbread.
Location : @bsksingapore 2 Bayfront Ave #01-81, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018956.
#impossiblembs #marinabaysands #burrple #burrplesg #bsksingapore

Had the Hans Im Gluck burger which consisted of a beef patty that was surprisingly very thick, moist and juicy (cos it initially looked very dry!!) sandwiched between multigrain bread. The portion was huge and I couldn’t finish it, but could be due to the steak fries i literally couldn’t stop eating.....

Was looking forward to the 5Cs pasta and got the Uni with it. But it wasn’t fresh and had a fishy smell. Served cold. Cocktails were cheap but not refined.

The weakest link of the meal, I guess fyr just isn't a place for brunchy stuff. The eggs were dry and clumpy and lacked flavour. Fish was alright but anyone can cook this at home. The salad and mushrooms were, well, salad and mushrooms. Stick to their dinner items instead.

Tiny piece of camembert, but ingenious to serve it with honey. So playful and sweet, you can even have this as a dessert.

How cute to cater to the fickle, by serving gnocchi and ravioli in the same dish. And even cuter to have it in laksa sauce. Could hardly taste the laksa in the sauce though. Basically just a nice creamy carb to complete the food coma-inducing meal.

Another stellar dish, albeit overpriced for that small piece of pork (yes I don't care if its from a kurobuta pig. I find it hard to fork $36 for pork). Nice fatty chunk of meat that was marinated in some secret sauce that made it so super tasty.

I think this is what they do best, rice. But mind you this ain't just rice but rice that has soaked up the delicious prawn broth, an absolute umami bomb. I could eat this by itself, the toppings to me were there for making the dish instagworthy.