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Forgot what was the name of the burger I got alr but it was grilled chicken + mushrooms and a sunny side up egg on sourdough buns

their burgers aren't the cheapest but the size is huge like the buns and the grilled chicken was pretty big and it tasted good toooo

Stuffed with a generous amount of beef, perfect for my liking. Wished the cheese was baked more as it was just a piece of awkward hardened cheddar in the middle of my pie.

Firebake is a unique concept that showcases sourdough breads made using historical European wood-fired techniques. You’ll find unique variations like the Seedy, Wave, Rock, and Valley (from $8), and all of them are very good. Burppler Melissa Chee can't get enough of the Kaya Toast here, which is made with their own milk bun panini, French butter, and Katong kaya. I love the crust on this, and I really loved that the Kaya and butter were evenly spread and melted on the panini rather than clumped."

Photo by Burppler Thiam Peng Tan

Mains - meatloaf with gruyere cheese and the grilled chicken schnitzel with cream sauce.

Sides - roasted vegetables, signature rosti, roasted potatoes, sesame ciabatta.

Our mains weren’t great (would recommend to just order their sausage as a main if you’re creating your own meal), the meatloaf tasted too raw and the chicken schnitzel was a little too chewy, hence also tasted slightly uncooked. But the sides were great, except the sesame ciabatta was a little too toasted and had the strong chaota taste.

Super worth with Burpple 1for1. They even allow you to mix and match your own sides!

Rotisserie chicken, roasted vege, potato, cumin aioli
Meatloaf, roasted vege, signature rosti, sour cream
Sauces were great. Portion size was also great. Paid $18.40 in total for these two items. Highly enjoyable! Chicken was tender. Roasted vegetables and potato were kind of oily but I’m not really sure if it’s oil or water.. rosti was also not too oily and was adequately crispy!
However the staff are not too polite, which can be overlooked because of the cheap price with the burpple subscription.

Le Clementine: variation of Clementine from corsica in a refreshing candied peel.

Very refreshing final dessert course to end of our wonderful meal and experience at Les Amis!

Yes, we're extremely satisfied by this point but you gotta have this chocolate tart! As the saying goes, there is always room for dessert ;)

Love the plate as much as the desserts! How cute is that?

After 9 dishes, we reach the 3rd course in our 3 course + dessert menu.

Oven roasted challans duck breast served with jus gras & pear 🍐

Slow roasted hand picked scallop with winter herbs & aromates.

They shared with us that this is a piece of hand-dived scallop from Norway.

We love and appreciate the stories behind the creation of each dish.

So interesting when the "treasure box" was placed on our table. You never know what you're going to expect!