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Hennel (or sth) chicken breast naked burger with amazing fries as usual. Planning my third trip back in a month :)

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Location: Ash & Elm, Intercontinental Singapore, 80 Middle Road, Singapore 188966
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Rather heavy price tag for the size. Carrot cake was moist, not heavily spiced, though lacking in textures such as crunchy walnuts, juicy raisins or even chunkier grated carrots etc. Ratio of cake to cream cheese almost 1:1. My ideal is 2:1.

Cream cheese frosting was delightfully light and sweet though. Not all that bad but wished I went over to Como Cuisine for desserts instead!

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Honestly disappointed. Personally feel that the crust was too soggy and truffle taste did not come through as robust and intense as I would have liked. It wasn’t bad, but either was it good either.

Perhaps it has been overhyped and my expectations has been set really high for this. Won’t be returning for this for sure


I’m new to this combination. Creamy burrata served with a punchy lemon jam which was perfectly bitter, sweet and tart. Very refreshing indeed! Glad to have the toasted ciabatta for wiping the plate clean!


We had the brunch set @dbbistrosing and my fav is actually the kaya French toast dessert.

The bread was soft and chewy with hint of kaya and coconut sugar!
And there was just the right amount of mango present to add a different layer of fruitiness and sweetness. •
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Always loved the use of Brie in a burger! Very minimalist and played on the safe side with simple patty and black truffle mayo.

No complains though I would have very much preferred a contrasting surprise, something sweet such as caramelised onions, cranberry chutney, apple compote, pear, jalepeno jam etc or even spicy, like chipotle mayo, spicy scallion mayo. Hate to let my Brie down

Oh well, at least the fries did not disappoint. Certainly loved the extremely soggy hand cut fries with the skin on 😋


I’m a sucker for heavy flavours, so when the choice came for White Wine or Chorizo and Craft Beer, you know what I picked.

The seemingly bottomless pot was filled with mussels, all decently fat and juicy, steeped in a super kao, finger lickin’ craft beer and chorizo sauce. Salty with a bubbly, zesty zing, it’s heavenly when sopped up with the side of bread. Or if you’re hardcore like me and mum, on its own (eep!). This also comes peppered with thick-cut chorizo, which while slightly dry (all its moisture gone to the gravy) still pack bursts of umami flavour.


@TheCarverySG's unbeatable 'The Great Meat Feast' dinner promotion will be returning 28 Sep - 21 Oct 2018, priced at $78 for dinners Mon-Thurs, $88 Fri-Sun. Seriously a steal for their selection of high quality meats, including this impeccable Snow-aged Wagyu Rump (that chef slices in first half of vid). 👍😍🐮 @ParkHotelAlexandra
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Now you can - sort of - by ordering A Bowl of Dylan's Memories ($17.90++). Do not be alarmed or confused; that is the exact name of the dish! 😆

Composed in individual portions of Hainanese Iberico pork chop, spicy bacon jam, pickled mushroom, 64-degree egg, braised savoy and fluffy Japanese rice, this dish is actually an ode to one of Chef Dylan's favourites: scissors curry rice. You can taste this in individual components or mix them up to savour the dish in its entirety and at maximum flavour. I went for the latter - less the cutlet as I was afraid I might get it soggy - and boy, no regrets at all! The egg is runny, rice is fragrant, but what really won my heart with this dish at an instant was the pork chop which is so tender, crisp and delicious while appearing to have been very well drained of oil! If you love your pork katsu's, the chop here is solely enough reason for you to give this dish a try! 🤤

While there is no curry involved, the bacon jam works as a rather ingenious substitute by providing the kick of spiciness you'd typically expect to find in curry rice while bringing a sweet-savoury hint of flavour to the dish. Feel free to douse some ponzu sauce for added saltiness.

Overall, I reallyyyy love this dish, and I'd gladly return for it again (and again) in a heartbeat! Looking forward to more memories to be turned into food here! 😍

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Had a 3 courses lunch here for birthday celebration. The services is really attentive. Had duck rillettes as the starter, braised beef as the main and chocolate ganache as the dessert. The braised beef as shown in the picture is really soft. The sauce add a lot of flavour to the beef and the cauliflower in cream tastes not bad! The chocolate ganache is just normal.

Not bad as a 3 courses lunch (and very reasonably charged), but i would be expecting more as a restaurant awarded with michelin one star.


I love the selection of salads at marche .

This is what I call the everything in salad.

A little of juicy field mushrooms, cous cous , pumpkin and olive salad , chickpea salad, sweet potatoes , red cabbage slaw, roasted capsicum, freshly shredded carrots and topped with lots of pumpkin and sunflower seeds .

Enjoyed the 50 percent eatigo discount rendering this salad at 3.50.

How nice 😋.