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You can choose to either seat outdoor, or indoor with the flower decorated. But I would definitely recommend choosing the seat at the side facing the greenery view.

A lot of items to choose from their brunch menu, and their croissant waffle is one of the popular item.

Comes with truffle scrambled egg, sundries tomato banger, balsamic roma tomato, hash brown, sausage and of course the croissant.

The croissant has the satisfactory kind of texture that pair well with the truffle scramble egg.

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A restaurant you can find at Fort Canning Pak, housed within Fort Canning Centre at the corner. They open from morning till night for any kinds of occasions.

If you are here early like me, they open from 9am serving brunch.

They also served extensive selections of drink here as well, from your morning coffee fix to some refreshing drink like this one.

Made from their homemade rose syrup, lychee syrup and jasmine tea. Beautifully presented.

Was told that they no longer do burpple beyond deals so had to order through the menu.😮‍💨 Dumplings were tender yet slightly chewy, with a perfect balance of meat and seasoning accompanyed with sour cream and dill sauce. Overall, the Russian dumplings were a interesting food experience.

No extra service charge it seems from the receipt.
The pasta was still too undercooked this round. Less sauce given but the amount of ingredients was pretty worth it about 3 or more pieces each of prawns, mussels and sotong rings.

Careful when chewing on the fleshy squid rings- the lining can be difficult to sever and may become a choking hazard if you didn’t choose to cut them up before swallowing the ring whole.

1-for-1 with #burpplebeyond!

We also had a recommended starter, the grilled sourdough with pistachio butter. I don’t usually prefer sourdough bread due to its sharp tanginess, but I didn’t mind this grilled version at all. Exuding a nice smokiness from the slightly charred edges with some degree of chewiness, it was perfect to pair the rich creamy, nutty pistachio butter with. Such decadence, but could come across slightly sweet.

Thanks to #burpplebeyond, we enjoyed 2 mains at the price of 1!

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1-for-1 with #burpplebeyond!

Celebrated my dear friend’s birthday this year at @eatat.baste where the dining concept revolves around Modern Asian-tapas, marrying Asian and Western flavours.

Started off dinner with a cold dish, the truffle capellini served with olive vegetable, chives, and a familiar Japanese umami touch of ikura. What was tantalising was the addition of Goji berry, famous for its health benefits and used widely in Asian cuisine. Although it served more as a topping, the Goji berries were essential to deliver sweetness amidst the umaminess. The capellini was al dente, coated deliciously with the earthy truffle, and complemented by the deeply savoury, earthy olive vegetable. Never imagined the olive vegetable could be paired this way, since it is a specialty of Teochew cuisine.

Thanks to #burpplebeyond, we enjoyed 2 mains at the price of 1!

Quite big portion of fish and chips. I also tried the cake, recommended to check this cafe out!

Embark on a journey through space & time with Anti:dote's latest drinks menu - "CURE:ALL; Cocktails From Around the World" - by Head Mixologist Kingston Chin.

This cocktail menu spans across 3 different eras ⌛: Long Long Time Ago, Grandma Says, Modern Times; & different regions all around the world 🗺️. One thing that remains constant throughout is their intriguing concoctions of housemade bitters, liqueurs & tonics.. With each cocktail having a story to tell 💭

For this media tasting menu, we had handcrafted cocktails with innovative modern tapas by Head Chef Jacky Lai - far from your average "bar bites" menu. Very refined, & I enjoyed the pairings immensely.

There's more to both the food & drinks menu than what I'm posting here... So you can be sure I'll be back to try the rest of the menu.

More details to come in subsequent posts 😊 Thanks Accela Communications for the invite & team Anti:dote for the hospitality! 💕

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I remember the location as fresh fruits lab and loved their stuff. Was surprised to see another cafe but realised it’s by the same people that owned the previous place. The coffee was fragrant and balanced. I will need to go back for food the next time. But I really liked the aesthetic it has a very French Bistro vibe

Also the paper straw that they gave me didn’t disintegrate after a few sips.

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A Portuguese egg tart-style flaky base instead of a usual pie base, good apple and nice streusel. The cheddar cream was very strongly cheesy, there's creme fraiche as well so it's sour, and overall it's almost entirely savoury on its own. But the strength pairs well with the apple pie, because otherwise it gets overwhelmed by apple pie.

It's good and not super adventurous but for 20bucks, it's really very expensive cos it's not so special after all

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The mushroom flavour is forefront and the taste hits you in two distinct waves, the sweet ice cream nature only comes afterwards. The aroma disappears quickly though you get used to it and don't notice the mushroom, so it's not that adventurous after all but it was jarring when you have the first bite.

The birch syrup tastes like cough syrup but even more rough and herbaceous, it's really terrible and it doesn't pair well

It's obviously creative but it doesn't work well enough to be worth a try, particularly because of the terrible tasting birch syrup

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