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Thought that there would be a bigger portion and even asked wait staff to verify if it’s sufficient for 2. Let’s just say I’m still hungry as I write this. Another thing to note is even though the Burpple 1 for 1 main course offer do not exclude Fridays and Saturdays, the restaurant said they do not accept the Burpple 1 for 1 offer on those 2 days. I asked them to show me where it says on the app and they just replied that they’ve informed Burpple they aren’t accepting it already. So either Burpple’s information is outdated or the restaurant isn’t honouring their word. Either way, the customer loses out. Disappointing experience from start to end.

Set in verdant Botanic Gardens, Halia's perfect for relaxing dates amidst lush greenery. Their Charred Fremantle Octopus ($26) is sublime — juicy and doused in delicious Wagyu Chorizo oil and ginger flower hot sauce, or go for their stalwart Singapore-Style Chilli Crab Spaghettini ($26). Be warned though, it packs quite a punch with its sweet, tangy and spicy combo.
Photo by Burppler Cecil Dulam

Spanish Octopus with Aioli, Patatas Bravas & Paprika

Second time and proud to say that this place is consistent. They converted someone who normally does not eat lamb and octopus into liking them. Extremely worth it with Beyond because it's $60++ for 2. Octopus is served several pieces of fried potatos which add great texture to the dish, which has a hint of spice. Hands down the most value-for-money of the appetisers (don't bother about the rest)!

A plain miss for me. As I coincidentally had foie gras during lunch, so foie gras at dinner with the bbq quail did not exactly excite me and felt more like a redundancy. The quail was quite underdone so the meat was pretty juicy and the tannin in the Langhe Grign 2019 complemented it very beautifully. As a young wine, the bouquet was very good. We wished we could have more of this under the pairing package. The chewy morsel on the side was good.

Bafun uni was sweet and creamy, with chawamushi on a bed of generous shredded king crab. However the wine pairing was a tad off and we both felt the previous sake complemented this dish better. Secretly wished that there was torched shirako under the uni. Would be perfecto..!

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Charmed our way to a mini mountain of truffle by asking the chef to continue shaving those dark beauty from France. Was a feat and totally unglamorous to squeeze this indulgence whole into my mouth. Total blew our gustatory socks off as a grand finale to the mains before we proceeded to dessert.

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both looks ‘small’ but is rly quite filling actually. the salmon rosti was rly good n i asked for sour cream to go with it n it goes rly well. the farmer’s sausage had a nice n substantial sausage that filled me up. also the potatoes were damn nice!! the aperol spritz(el) tastes p good but would be better w more prosecco HAHA. for dessert i got creme brûlée n it SLAPPED :)

For $8++, this was a wonderful serving of garlic bread. Very crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside! It was coated with a generous layer of butter and small pieces of garlic. However, it would have been better if the garlic paste were more evenly spread, as the two pieces on top were less tasty than the rest. Great as a starter and definitely helps to fill your tummy at Vineyard!

The main item would be the barramundi that is farmed from a kelong here!! Fish was fresh and tender and most importantly, it had no bones! 😂 The sauce had slightly sour notes, which helped make the dish more appetizing! However, the piece of fish might be a little small for big eaters and you may want to get a starter to go along with it.

We got the 1 for 1 classics & sausages, a Medley platter with yummy wheat rye bread, a 375ml jug of chardonnay and a mouth-watering warm chocolate lava cake topped with a scoop of ice cream!

The staff were really friendly and even made a few replacements to our dishes/drinks when it wasnt on-par with their standards. It was my friend's birthday and they provided a candle and sparkles with the cake and even turned off their humongous ceiling fan whilst we sang and waited for her to blow the candle.

Will definitely come back for more! It was my first time there, and definitely enjoyed the experience. 4.5/5 ☆s

Total damage done: $103.58

Love The appetisers and desserts! Super worth with the app.
We had 3 course meals, starting with
Spicy salmon tatare (okay, crispy seaweed 漏风)
Parma salad (throughly enjoyed this)

Iberian pork (good!)
Filet Mignon (okay)

Kopi O (the coffee ice cream and cake combi was superb! Slightly too much cream tho. Good for ppl with moderate to sweet tooth)
Meyer lemon trifle (thyme in chantilly cream was genius! But if you dont like herbs, might not be the right dessert for you since its rather noticable)