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Truffle And Fortina Cheese Pizza ($26++)

It was my first time coming to The Dempsey Cookhouse and Bar and I must say I am not disappointed one bit.

Crispy(and not burnt) edges on the outside, soft and fluffy dough towards the middle. This pizza was delightfully thin for a generous ratio of toppings to dough. Although the truffle smell was strong and could be smelt once it arrived at the table, it was a rich natural fragrance that was certainly unlike some pungent truffle oils that reminded me of a chemistry lab. Biting into a slice brought forth an aromatic explosion of truffle-ish earthiness that paired well with the buttery and nutty fortina cheese. Definitely one of my favourite pizzas to date!

Checked out the newly opened Ginett at #hotelG.

Love the G board, comes with 3 cold cut and 3 cheese, at $30. Also got the confit de canard at $29. Wines by the glass start at $6 and ranges to ~$15. They also have wine bottles. My favorite wines were the Pierre Jean merlot and the sparkling. The carbernet and Grenache were both too dry. Good service, nice bar, decent food and good crowd. #burrple #foodinsing #foodinsingapore #wineandcheese #coldcuts #Ginett

Cheeseburger with Truffle Sauce ($26++)

I seem to be coming across some really excellent burgers of late. First there was South Union Park's massive creation, then there were the few amazing winners by Three Buns at Potato Head Folk and today, this truffle-icious dreamboat appeared. It is the only burger on the menu here, so you won't miss it.
Can I start by raving about those buns? While eating, I could literally smell the smokiness from their time on the grill and trust me, that added a lot to my dining pleasure. Draped with a big slice of melted cheese, the beef patty was thick, juicy and cooked to a perfect pink within. I was very pleased that when I cut my burger in half, there was no icky blood trickling from the patty (don't you just hate it when that happens?). Anyway, this showed that the patty was beautifully-cooked and properly rested before being assembled. Unlike the others mentioned above, this burger had lettuce in it. Now, that is usually a no-no in my books because I've been traumatised by soggy buns due to wet lettuce being shoved in. However, the one here was dry (save for the truffle sauce which I'll talk about in a moment) and crisp. And that made all the difference. Now, for that truffle sauce. It's the creamy type and has a strong truffle flavour which you'd surely adore if you are a truffle-lover. I found the thin slices of pickles a brilliant addition as they helped to balance the overall richness with a tangy crunch.

Prawn Salad

"The prawn salad is Fiona's favourite," explained Executive Sous Chef Dwayne Muang on why he had sent it to our table. This conversation took place post-meal when we'd already inhaled it. Well, his words simply reinforced my belief that our mutual friend (who happens to be a Burpple Tastemaker) has excellent taste.
Now, about the salad.
It's intriguing enough that the flavourful dressing has the word "champagne" in it but it also departs from the norm by boasting a slightly sweet richness which I reckon, is key to why the salad tastes terrific. But let's not forget to give each element due credit too. We had prawns that're really fresh and sweet while the mixed greens that'd been prettied up with tiny flowers, were perky and crisp. Lending its inimitable fattiness to round things off was half an avocado.
I recommend ordering this if you're seeking something healthy but are a bit tired of the usual.

Because I will commit Instagram sin if I didn't order this.

That being said, this black truffle + fontina cheese pizza was good...strong flavours with great depth from the truffle's earthiness and the cheese's subtle sweetness. The base had a decent crustiness which many would appreciate.

The service, on the other hand, was amazingly terrible. Three of us arrived past 1pm and we had no reservations. While the restaurant was not full, we told the hostess we didn't mind sitting outside. She told us they don't serve food outside 鈥 it was a stretch of at least 6 tables...perhaps they serve only Dempsey air outside. We then pointed at some of the empty tables at the main dining area, she said they were already reserved and offered us seats at the bar instead. We agreed since we didn't need to look into each other's eyes anyway during lunch.

Throughout our lunch up until the moment we asked for our bill, all the empty tables remained empty. As I got down from the bar stool, it then hit me when I was suddenly blinded by a glorious flash of white. Ok, that's all.

New review of @thedisgruntledbrasserie up on Loving this Chilean White Cod with salted cod brandade, Remy Martin VSOP scampi butter, lemon confit, and Normande sauce.

I swear we drank all that sauce. -hic- Who knew VSOP could do so well with anything even. Active link in bio. They also do a 6-course weekend brunch which is only priced at $48/pax! Definitely worth checking out, plus that free flow wine and beer option for an added $38.

Had a great tea time at 脭 BATIGNOLLES with cheese platter and wine.

The cheese and wine are imported directly from France. Tr茅s delicieux! 馃構馃構馃構
2 Gemmill Lane, Singapore 069247 鈽庯笍 64383913
This was taken at a hosted tasting.
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Another beauty from last night's fabulous dinner.

Fluffy and creamy gruyere souffle from #thedisgruntledbrasserie.

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Just thinking about these Maki Galettes I had forty-five rude surprises ago at 脭 Comptoir, a French cr锚perie and cider bar situated along Circular Road.

These Japanese-costumed appetisers come in flavours such as Duck Confit, Masala Chicken, Crab Avocado and Smoked Salmon, and can be paired with 脭 Comptoir's wide range of ciders. Whew, that's quite the number of circumflex accents (that's the term that describes the ^ atop vowels - Linguistics Enthusiast).

Nothing to be disgruntled about at this brasserie.

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