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The floral-themed cafe was lush and beautiful. It felt that we were dining overseas as the interior was absolutely charming and dreamy. We had the popular Crossiant Waffle ($24) which came with buttery croffle, truffle scrambled eggs, sauteed mushrooms, tater tots and some greens. I've had some expectations and was left disappointed as the croffle was neither airy nor fluffy. It also lacked the buttery of a crossiant or sweetness of a waffle that I was expecting. The Spicy Squid Tagliatelle ($22) was pretty average as well with light flavours. Still a gorgeous place so I wouldn't mind coming back to try the sweets.

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Squid Tagliatelle - $22
Lovely pasta that’s flavourful, and with a hint of spicy. The taste of white wine is prominent in the dish, and I really enjoyed.
The squid was fresh and cooked to the right tenderness. Plus points for dining in at the restaurant filled with flowers
Le Jardin

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This was arguably the highlight of the meal for me. A thick slice of apple cake to end the meal. There are multiple layers, including a jam-like layer near the bottom of the cake. Tastes very much like the cakes that I had in Germany.

Rating 8/10


The batter was crispy and light with sea salt sprinkled at the top. The veal was tender enough, albeit a tad too thin. Didn't quite understand how it could be paired with a cranberry sauce/jam, but surprisingly the pairing was pretty decent.

Rating 7.5/10 worth it with burpple one for one deal.
This place also serves complimentary bread with butter as a starter. You may wish to save a little butter from the starters to pair with the schnitzel πŸ˜„


Had a lovely lunch here with tapas and cava! Trying cava for the first time and enjoyed the Iron Flute. Their pork belly is amazing too:) Service was great and the view even better!

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Tried the pork potato stew and the combo platter of dumplings. The stew really touched my soul and it would be great to have it on a rainy day. The dumplings were all good but I really liked the beef dumpling. I would recommend it to my friends when we visit Lau Pa Sat again.

Chocolate lava cake with a gooey chocolate centre; the cake oozes a thick dark cholate lava when the cake is slit open. Paired with vanilla ice cream and crumbs, the latter adding a contrasting crunchy mouth feel from the soft and fluffy cake.

There's also three dollops of orange sauce, which has a spiced aftertaste that I can't identify. It surprisingly pairs well with the cake, especially midway if you find the chocolate may get too cloying.

Rating 7.2/10.

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Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside!


Excellent meal made especially enjoyable by the warm and friendly team! Had a lovely time and will definitely come back! Pork knuckle fladen was the star of the meal!

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We had
- Burrata from Puglia & Proscuitto from Parma w Roasted Tomatoes & Italian Foccacia ($25)
- Signature Pork Cheek ($19)
- Squid Ink Paella ($34 for 1-2pax)
- Micasa Famous Churros served w/ Dark Chocolate & Lemon Curd ($7.5 for 3 pieces, $12 for 5 pieces)

The burrata with the foccacia was great, the pork cheek was a bit meh to me, probably could have tried the beef instead. The Squid Ink Paella was flavourful with generous amount of ingredients. The Churros were thinner than I expected, the lemon Curd is a good sauce to dip in with it.

Overall, a good place to try but for the price point, I expected more. It will be hard to get a parking lot given the location

The total bill cost us about $100


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Mushroom truffle risotto @ $22++

Didnt expect it to really come with a truffle mushroom. Which is really good, and there's a bit of crisp to it. The risotto itself isbalso super awesome, the creaminess to it is perfect and really really nice.

Super worth it with the burpple beyond 1 for 1 deal too.

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