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love the sugar cookie crust top of the matcha lava bun! It’s like the in-between of donq and st. Leaven!🌟 not too rich/bitter and right amount of milk 🥛 it has a flakier exterior rather than soft and fluffy - so more crunchy✨

It’s more like a dim sum dish! 🥟 super flakey and crisp like egg tart💕 there isn’t much chicken but more of potato blend with chicken - I quite like it but wasn’t as mind blowing as I expected haha but it’s good 👍

So soft so fluffy!!!! Perfect for healthier choice peeps for are into simple yet want something fancier for breakfast 🌞 suitable for family!🥰

This beautiful burrata & prosciutto pizza, the stellar salad I raved about yesterday, and a glass of mellow merlot for only $19.90++? Impossible. But not if you’re @wineconnectionsg! Yes, ludicrous lunch sets with a little vino to get you through the afternoon for a little over twenty bucks are the reality at Wine Connection’s bistro!

This piquant pizza pie has quite the intimidating girth, but it’s not even slightly surfeiting thanks to that tremendously thin crust. It’s almost uniformly crisp throughout, and it’s light enough to be a fuss free tenant in your tummy. While I would’ve appreciated more sauce on the pizza, I fully understand the decision to keep it light, as any more of the scintillating sauce might’ve tilted the scales and made it overkill.⠀

The burrata is sliced into delectable discs and really makes this pizza a perfect pie with its creamy, gooey chewiness & stringiness, and the meaty, salty slap from the palatable prosciutto strips which Wine Connection is rather generous with. It hits every possible flavour combo possible on your palate, plus it’s a cheesy, carb loaded disc of delectable deliciousness. What’s not to like?⠀

For this peerless pizza, a sterling salad, and a glass of majestic merlot to cost me less than twenty five dollars? This has been the best trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever.

Me posting salads? What in the fresh heck is going on? Look, imma keep it real with you chief. I sure as hell wasn’t intending to post about the salad course in @wineconnectionsg insane steal of a set lunch which is $14.90++ for this salad, a pasta or pizza of your choosing, and a drink. Of course, there’s the irresistible option to get a glass of red or white wine for an extra five bucks. Of course I did a spot of day drinking, I have a reputation to maintain after all.⠀

However, the minute this beautiful bowl of the garden’s finest was placed in front of me, I knew that I had to wax lyrical about it. Sure, it’s dressed very plainly in olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette and seasoned simply with some salt, but this ain’t your typical halfhearted salad. Besides the base of baby spinach, lettuce and rocket leaves, there’s cherry tomatoes, battens of roasted red & yellow capsicums, olives, and a pair of wedges that possess the texture of roasted potatoes.⠀

This is a textbook example of how to do an excellent salad at just a tiny touch more cost. I’m not even talking dollars here, I’m talking cents and pure sense. The sweetness of the roasted capsicums & cherry tomatoes offset the peppery heat & sharpness of the rocket. Meanwhile, the black & green olives provide an unctuous umami & a compelling complexity to the salad that’s already layered with flavour thanks to the aforementioned sweet elements.⠀

And this, people, is how a salad should be. A layered, delicious dish that is far more than just the easiest way to get in lots of fibre, minerals & vitamins at one go. I never expected a wine merchant to teach everyone else how to structure a salad properly, but I’m glad Wine Connection’s restaurant arm is here to teach these plebs.

Beef was extremely tender, came with beetroot and some fried potato pieces

Sad that there’s only 2 pieces

Ambience was nice, service was good

Amazed with the chicken skewers ($18) and also their oven roasted potatoes ($6). Marinated octopus ($26) is less worth in my opinion, for the portion and texture wise (not tender enough)
Restaurant has very chill vibes with nice views.

Scrumptious platter with a variety of sausage types and flavours for tasting. Generous serving of sauerkraut, pickles and other sides which go great with the sausages. Definitely very filling 😌

Great setting and ambience with good service!

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Their gnocchi was more chewy than the regular potato gnocchi, and you could taste the natural sweetness of the sweet potato. They also browned it slightly (maillard reaction!) so it had a greater depth of flavour. It was topped with shiitake, king oyster & shimeiji mushrooms, in a rosemary butter sauce with lots of cheese. The sauce was thin, more like the “zhup” in Chinese cuisine rather than a thicker / creamier sauce you see in gnocchi dishes. Kale was yummy! It was quite filling, so please share this. Only gripe is that it was quite salty, probably because of the cheese.

The veggies were grilled very nicely, imparting smoky flavours to the kailan, kale, baby corn & lady’s fingers. I don’t usually like baby corn but this was quite tasty! This came with roasted cashew & yogurt sauce, which was good. However, the gomasio (it’s made of unhulled sesame seeds + salt, similar to furikake) made it quite salty, could have done without it.

Octopus was cooked quite nicely, it was tender and chewy at the thicker end, crisp at the thinner end. There was a pleasant smoky flavour as well. The tapioca purée was cheesy and quite salty, texture was unlike anything I’ve tried before - kinda like a melty mochi? The white kimchi was aged for 14 days according to the menu, and it was really sour. The octopus was good, but the sides brought the dish down slightly.

This was interesting - it’s actually deep fried tapioca & cheese cubes. It was crunchy on the outside, cheesy and gooey on the inside. The little tapioca balls gave it some texture. They’re served with a spicy gula melaka dip, which had a nice balance of spicy and sweet. This was nice, but I had expected more given the raving reviews for this starter.

This was from the kids menu, very simple fish and chips, nothing too special.