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This dish will delight any pasta and truffle lovers, just a simple touch of truffle lightly tossed with the pasta and topped with crispy ebi. May be on the oilier side but nailed it. For $9, its a must order classic of Saveur.

I asked the staff if they are available for purchase and I was told that because it is made fresh daily, we could put in a request when we make our reservations next time. The sourdough goes for $24 for the loaf and $6 for 5 slices when dining in.

I like my sourdough with a gutsy tang and sliced into thick chunky pieces and Le Bon Funk’s version is truly the poster boy for my ideal sourdough. I also do not like when bakeries over toast their bread, creating a crust so crunchy that it scratches the roof of your mouth. The version here is perfect, you still get a crunchy, chewy crust but it is quickly replaced by an incredibly soft and tender crumb.

I highly recommend ordering this when you are here as it is affordable and satisfying. They also offer some butter to go with the bread if you so choose but I definitely recommend getting the Burrata Gremolata to go with the bread.

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Super long overdue post... Love the Foie Gras Mousse and Cauliflower bites most... .
Small plates portions lets me enjoy more variety ;)
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Fantastic burgers - we had the chicken breast burger with sunny side egg (forgot the name) and the Birkenwald. We also had a platter of onion rings, sweet potato fries, fries, and chicken wings. Everything was fantastic- the sides were crispy and flavorful, the burger was moist, even the salad was ridiculously good. We liked the range of sauces on the side as well- the barbecue sauce is a must try (especially with those delicious sweet potato fries). Love the ambience as well, will be back!

For $48++, you get this entire 500g wheel of spectacular French milk cheese, oven baked with your choice of sautéed onions and bacon/wild mushrooms/white wine, then served with either bread or steamed potatoes. Maaaan if you like all things creamy, rich, and goopy like I do, you’d love this to bits. The only problem you could possibly face with this, is that once you pull a warm one out of the oven and start eating it, it’s impossible to stop.

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Since they were having the special rosti promo this mon-thur, it was the perfect time to revisit! My favourite food (and also value for money option) in Marche is ROSTI! Got the rosti + cheese chicken sausage at $9.9+ (usual price is $8.9+ and $7.9+). Was impressed by the long length of the sausage (but should be since one would have paid $7.9+) for it! #burpple #burpplesg #marche #marchesg #rosti #sausage #cheesesausage #food #foodiesg #sgfoodie #whati8today #8dayseat #vscofoodie #iweeklyfood #foodporn #foodstagram #vscofood #foodphotography #sgmakan #sgmakandiary #sgfoodstagram #singaporeeats #exploresingaporeeats #exploresg #whatsgoodhere #sgfoodie

We ordered the Sourdough [$6], Burrata and Pumpkin Seed Gremolata [$18], and the Paleta Iberico De Bellota [$16]. We were also offered some butter to go with the bread (not pictured). The burrata is my favourite out of the two sides. It came drizzled with a peppery olive oil that blanketed the almost whipped texture of the creamy cheese. Together with the Gremolata that had a spiciness from garlic, a freshness from the parsley, and a toasted fragrance from the pumpkin seeds, it was a perfect condiment to be smeared on their crusty sourdough bread.

The Charcuterie plate has 3 different meats: chrozizo, acorn-fed iberico, and a beef variety whose name escapes me. The olive oil once again makes an appearance and this time accompanied with a mustard sauce that features a fun crunch from the pickled mustard seeds. This is also a very solid platter of meat, flavours ranging from slightly sweet to spicy.

I personally preferred the burrata but I think the charcuterie is worth a try as well. Both are relatively reasonably priced for what they are and compared to their counterparts in other restaurants.

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This is the very one dish I missed from the Dempsey Cookhouse and Bar from COMO Dempsey, by Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.
The smooth and creamy salted caramel ice cream was good on its own, but it also came with house-roasted peanuts, caramel popcorn and hot fudge sauce. Worth the threadmill for this!
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One of my favorite place to get gourmet burgers! Firstly I love the deco of the whole place which just contributes to the whole experience.

They have quite a wide variety of burgers for you to choose from and offer a set menu for a top up of $6 to include a side, hot and cold drink.

They also provide a lot of German sauces to go with your dish.

What I really appreciate is that they do have baked burger options which are filling.

I made a reservation at 6pm and was one of the first few diners in the establishment. The Cedar Jelly and Foie Gras Toast [$18] was the opening act and the first (and practically only) thing you see is the snowy mountain of shaved foie gras that’s inviting you to sink your teeth into.

The foie gras shavings instantly disintegrate in your mouth, leaving a salty and meaty aftertaste that set the stage for the next ingredient. The cedar jelly was a thin veil between the foie gras and the bread, giving a dainty floral sweetness to the dish. Finally the brioche echoes the sweetness and fattiness of its toppings, grounding the ethereal texture of the foie gras without distracting from the overall cloud-like bite.

Delightful, moreish, yet light. Definitely a dish to try if you’re here at Le Bon Funk.

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Moussaka is a dish originating from Greece. It is an eggplant - (aubergine) or potato-based dish. It often contains ground meat. It may be served hot or cold. It feels like lasagne.
Featuring the Greek Moussaka from @zorbatavernasg Baked Layers of zucchini, potato, eggplant, minced beef topped with bechamel sauce. The various layers of textures complement each other so well. Very addictive. The cherry tomatoes are a great match as it gives a refreshing touch to the dish. The minced beef is very flavorful too.
Zorba the Greek Taverna which is located along the waterfront of Singapore River in Clarke Quay.
A cozy intimate dining place by the river. It is great for a romantic night for 2 or family or friends gatherings. You can hear the lovely music beats from the lively bars while you
immerse yourself into the unique Greek dining experience.
Zorba the Greek taverna @zorbatavernasg
📍3A River Valley Road
📍01-02, Clarke Quay
📍Singapore 179020
📞+65 85581704
🕛6 PM to Midnight, Mon - Sat
Thank you @zorbatavernasg for hosting! Thank you @wcommunications.sg for invitation.
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This means they now have a Greek restaurant to add to their existing portfolio that includes iconic establishments such as 1-Altitude, Stellar, The Summerhouse, TXA and UNA at the Alkaff Mansion.
Pictured are what I had during a dinner there:
* Dips Platter ($28) – an appetizer consisting of five home-made dips: tzatziki, hummus, tirokafteri (spicy sheep feta cheese spread with chillis), melitzanosalata (roasted eggplant and banana peppers simmered in olive oil), and taramasalata (cured cod roe sauce with olive oil and lemon juice), served with pita bread.
* Chef Salad ($20) – Not your usual salad, this came with a combination of avocado, cucumber, celery, quinoa, red onion, pistachio, and tomato in balsamico orange dressing. Overall, a lot of sharpness and crunch.
* Lamb Kleftiko ($36) – Tender and non-gamey. This uses New Zealand lamb marinated in Mediterranean herbs, vegetables, garlic and lemon juice, before being slow-roasted till tender.
* Htapothi Sti Skhara ($30) – Tender octopus with strong grilled smokiness. The octopus is first tenderised by beating it with a smooth rock, then rubbed with the rock in a circular motion. The smokiness was achieved by slow grilling the octopus over low-burning charcoal.
* Greek Baklava ($12) – A sweet flaky pastry made of layers of filo, filled with chopped nuts, and held together with honey.
This restaurant is located in Clarke Quay, along the waterfront of Singapore River. Very idyllic location.
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