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Ordered their Pistachio Raspberry Tart & Vanilla Strawberry Choux & Butterly tea(?).

All very average and sour but preferred the vanilla strawberry > the other one. The butterfly tea just tasted like orange juice to me hahaha

The meat lovers platter came with half a rack of bbq pork ribs, half a roasted chicken, ribeye steak, roasted potato wedges and other roasted vegetables. Shared this with 2 other ppl.
The meats were so so good. They were tender and cooked perfectly. The chicken was also really juicy and ribs were easy to get off the bone. You can choose the doneness of the steak doneness(i chose medium rare and it was great).
Also ordered the beef cubes and it was delicious and so tender. Overall great place

Shrimps are fresh and tastes amazing. They were crispy and delicious. The thai chilli dip also went really well with the shrimps

Auspicious Lohei Set - $29.80
Spirulina Noodle w Salmon & Fiskekaker
My first time visiting Pink Fish outlet at One Raffles Place, and it’s time to HAUT! Had their latest Lohei set, which is great for 3-4 pax sharing. First thing you will spot is the generous portion of Norwegian salmon sashimi cubes! That’s the dream of salmon sashimi lover like myself! They also offer Lohei for individual portion. I tried their spirulina noodle bowl, which comes with QQ noodles, Norwegian salmon & fiskekaker (fishcake) which Norwegian have as traditional comfort food! Awesome meal at Pink Fish as always
Pink Fish

Taste and ambience made up for the price of the dishes. The pork loin was really tender and soft and charred well, with delicious sweet sauce. The mash potato was also very creamy and buttery. There were thin apple slices which was unique and added a good crunch as a side. The croque monsoir was buttery and fragrant, with a lot of cheese and ham, and was delicious.

homai, didnt make a reservation and the queue was so long, but glad to have a seat anyways even tho its unfavourably situated all the way at the back. great meats and pretzels !!

marche’s coffee deal 1-1 and got a sweet bread pudding with raisin to go with it, nice to chill and slowly savour the sweetness

I had such hope for this place.
But alas, the only word that comes to mind, salty.

Not much interaction with service staff.
Description in e-menu was lacking. Which was why two of the same dishes were ordered. But at different price points.

Even after feedback was given (in a polite manner; definitely not with “Karen” energy), our opinions were kinda brushed aside with “Sorry to hear about that”. Almost like “Ok noted with thanks”. Manager didn’t even have eye contact when he apologized.

You decide if it’s worth your $ and time.


Foie gras cornetto
Diver scallop, sea urchin custard, potato
Black trumpet cigar
Watermelon, goat’s cheese, pistachio

(Part of the Chef’s Menu $228)

served with butter and wild oregano extra virgin olive oil

(Part of the Chef’s Menu $228)

The final dish we had at @fyrjalanbesar was the sublime Spinach & Mushroom Ravioli ($22++). It’s not covered by #burpplebeyond 1-for-1, but that’s quite alright. Each serving consists of four average sized parcels of pasta wrapped around the gift of a spinach & mushroom filling that might be bound together by ricotta cheese.⠀

While I was expecting more filling in each ravioli for the price I was paying, the fillings within were plenty flavoursome. The umami moreishness of the mushrooms interacts well with the slightly sharp & vegetal flavour of the spinach, and they’re wrapped up in a thin, supple pasta dough that was cooked absolutely al dente.⠀

The superbly savoury crème sauce inundating the dish is fortified with truffle oil & parmesan, giving the rich cream sauce the heady aroma of truffle and the satisfying sapidity of the grated parmesan. Everything in this dish is soft and requires minimal chewing, so it could’ve gotten a bit boring without the intervention of some crunchy toasted walnuts. Cheese, cream & nuts go well together, and Fyr’s redolent ravioli is yet another testament to that immutable fact.⠀

Ravioli ravioli, give me the pasta I deservioli. 🤌🏽🤌🏽🤌🏽

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