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Featuring The Populus Coffee & Food Co., Joo Bar, Tanuki Raw (Orchard Central), NJ Relish, The Beast, Hoshino Coffee (Plaza Singapura), HANA, redpan, Savour 2016, Souperstar (Tanjong Pagar Centre)
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Risotto with otah sounds crazy to you? Well, a little girl named Sophia will prove you wrong.

Sophia's Risotto ($24) from FrapasBar (@frapasbar) is inspired by our local delight - otah. Cooked with mackerel, chilli, coconut and topped with loads of chunky crabmeat, we totally enjoyed the al dente risotto that absorbed all these robust flavours. 😋 Good for sharing as the intense tastes might get a little jelak.
FYI: Sophia is the owner's daughter.


Sesame Chicken Rice Bowl ($8.50) from The Tree Cafe (@thetreecafesg) is my new go-to lunch item. Crispy chicken skin encasing the thick and tender meat, the sesame chicken is nicely chopped up with some healthy veggies and wobbly onsen egg by the side. The chicken is a tad dry but there is nothing an onsen egg cannot salvage! 😋


GAKE (pronounced as "gah-kay", means cliff in Japanese) is a Japanese-Western fusion restaurant helm by Head Chef Angus Chow who is the winner of World Gourmet Summit MKN Chef of the year 2018. I came with certain expectations and the food definitely did not disappoint. 😉
I started with Salmon Sashimi Salad ($15.80). Plated with fresh salmon sashimi dipped in tamanegi dressing (Japanese-style onion sauce), it was then topped with mesclun salad, apple, and feta cheese. IMPRESSIVE! The layers and balance of flavours, acidity and sweetness were so on point. And I hardly rave about salads, so that's how good this was! 😋


Think Caesar Chicken Salad served in the form of burrito but using thin and stretchy popiah skin. 😋 This Caesar Chicken Popiah ($4.50) is tightly stuffed with chunky yet moist roasted chicken, eggs, lettuce, tomatoes, grated parmesan cheese, crunchy croutons and creamy caesar dressing. A satisfying and healthy roll for a light meal! 😉

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One of the most ideal lunch sets for me is a slab of chicken steak served with fat potato wedges, healthy salad, and some buttery toasts to dip into that runny onsen egg. 😍

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Chinese New Year is around the corner and it's time to hunt down a place for pre-CNY celebration with colleagues and friends. Served with cubes of fresh salmon, crispy crackers, refreshingly crunchy strings of veggies and abundance of tobiko, you can "lohei" this aptly named Salmon Yusheng Rice Bowl ($20).


If beef bowl is your thing, you definitely have to try this Wagyu Black Pepper Beef Bowl ($22) from STRAY by Fatcat. Tender and nicely seared wagyu steak that remains warm pinkish inside. Sprinkled with spring onions and fried shallots for some crunch and a nice subtle Chinese-style fragrance, a wobbly and running onsen egg by the side, the bowl is completed with a beautiful and refreshing pink ginger foam! 😍


Fried Chicken ($5) from @fivetensg is my favourite side to pair with a pint of lager. 😋 The savoury well-marinated fried chicken tasted extra flavourful when dipped in the creamy seaweed mayonnaise!


Stomach growls right before sleeping and I crave for some delicious and comforting Fried Smashed Potatoes ($5) from @fivetensg. 😋


Steak with Pickles ($10) is a perfectly seared lean sirloin with a thin crust on the outside and moist medium-rare inside. The pickled Chinese cabbage gives a burst of flavours when enjoying the light chewiness of that savoury and tender sirloin. And I would love more of those garlic crisps as they add some crunch and delightful aroma to the thickly cut steak. 😍


After a weekend of sumptuous indulgence, I need some unpretentious Cod Fish Soup ($10) to start my week! Clear savoury soup with delicate sweetness of that fresh succulent cod fish, it was completed with fried ginger and garlic for burst of flavours. 😋

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This concoction was packed with flavours - pandan infused lemonade with southern sweet tea. Fizzy tea with a pandan aftertaste that actually stays for a while. I was so confused, my brain couldn't decide whether this was tea, lemonade, fizzy soda or a juiced peranakan snack. 🤣 Interesting drink lined up for The Beast's National Day Specials.


😋 If eating is what I do for living, I love my job. ❤

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