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Jem Found In Cbd Area

Jem Found In Cbd Area

Featuring Cake Spade, The Wicked Garlic (International Plaza), Xin Yuan Ji (Bugis), Andong Zzimdak, Sen of Japan, Ponggol Nasi Lemak (Jalan Besar), Yentafo Kruengsonge (Cineleisure), Tiong Bahru Bakery (Chip Bee Gardens), Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen (Holland Village), Nobiro Izakaya & Sake Bar
Adeleine Tan
Adeleine Tan

Always a crossiant lover, and this place serve nicely baked crossiant. Really love it.
Ordered the mushroom one ($8.50/each) and the Ham and cheese one ($7.50/each). Love how the mushroom goes well with the crossiant. As for the Ham & cheese, it always do not fails me.
It was a good breakfast place to go. A cuppa of coffee to goes with really start the day well.

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Steamboat is a must for raining day. Thus, we had tomyum steamboat.
It is a thai restrauant at town selling yong tau foo with different soup base. A great experience having yong tau food steamboat. The soup is great just that the portion is a little small if you are a big eater. Each steamboat set cost $18. Order the chicken wings at $5 where it is super juicy and crispy.
Overall, it is a great experience!


Cravings for some soft and silk porridge and so we went to the holland village outlet at crystal jade to get the cravings satisfied.
Super loving the pork porridge where the porridge is super silky and soft. Can't get enough of it. The bowl contains pork liver, stomach, intestine and meat ball. It do goes well with the crispy you tiao!! Once a spoon and you can't stop it.

The porridge is defintely worth trying 👍


It was christmas eve night and we actually planned to try out the unagi don at a restrauant in chinatown. However, it was raining and dogs that day. Thus, we decided to change venue (It will be full of jams during raining days). Scrolled through chope reservation trying to make reservation to find places to eat and were thinking that most places should be full. (The time was 645pm when scrolling)
Since we have decided for our tastebud to go for japanese food and thus we selected japanese cuisine.
We managed to make a reservation at 8pm.
When we reached the restrauant, we are shocked that the restrauant aint packed. (Only 1 table hving dinner)
Me and my friends were shocked and was thinking that probably the foods does taste good. As we are hungry all hungry, we decided to give it a try. So, we ordered grilled unagi, seafood udon, California roll, tuna belly roll, grilled mackerel fish. The sushi is freshly make and the rice aint sour, delicious 👍
I was shocked that the seafood udon is super big (good for 2) and is full of ingredients (cabbage, prawn, sotong and etc). Nice to eat esp during cold weather.

The portion was just nice for 4 pax.

Overall spending $ 140.05
Average per pax: $ 35

A real good place to recommend if you like quiet place. 😅

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Had the nasi lemak at jln besar area. Was shocked that there is a outlet in this area.
The nasi lemak here is abit fast food style, ordered via set and immediately they serve as accordingly. Still prefer the outlet at hougang tho. (more variety of ingredient to choose) Although i rarely eat the nasi lemak but still recognise that taste as of the hougang outlet. The rice is neatly cooked and goes really well with the chili and ikan bilis. Loving how the fish is fry to perfection and that lovely egg.
Overall the food is good, and defintely will be back again.

Price start from at least $4 per set
Additional ingredient at additional charge.


Had a pleasant lunch at sen of japan. Happen to be at MBS, and was looking for place to lunch in. Was craving for some fish thus have end up ordering the salmon bento lunch set menu. The set menu come with salad, raddish, tempura, fruits, choice of maki or rice (i choose rice as rice goes well with fish) and salmon. The portion was amazingly big and the ambience was great. The portion of lunch set menu $22++ and during to the promotion period, 3 salmon maki at additional $1 add-on. (Super great fishy meal)

Overall, the food is great and having a nice scenery to enjoy the food.


Got a chance to dine in at andong zzimak due to an exclusive event by andong zzimak. Really recommended for group bonding and new try in korean food. Really loving the chewy potatoe noodles that you will crave for more even though you are full. Excellent sauce to go with rice although it was slight spicy. Other than the house speciality, we also ordered fried chicken, spicy ricecake & seafood pancake. The spicy ricecake has the same level of chewyness as the potatoe noodles. Saaadup!
The seafood pancake taste like fishcake which make it the dish creative & delightful.
Overall, it was a good experience dining at andong zzimak :)


Was craving for some soup base food and happens to be at cbd area. The thought of trying xin yuan ji out came to my mind as whenever i walk pass, i see a long queue. Therefore, thinking to try it out.

Queued for 30mins, gotten our order and seats. Waited 10mins for foods to serve. The vegetable are crunchy & rich in taste (hard to find in sg). The cheese pork ribs we ordered are abit disappointing as it was more to milky taste. We are looking forward to a more western kind of cheese sauce. The fish steamboat is rich of flavous and the fish given are big in size. Generally, the food are of satisfactory.


It is hard to find nice dessert around CBD area. Managed to find this dessert shop, "cake spade" along tanjong pagar area. The cakes are fast selling and have much variety. We order butterscotch cheesecake, nutella crumble & cup of latte. The cakes & crumble never fails to disappointed us. The sweetness is just right and the cake goes well with its specialise combination. It is indeed a good choice for a bad day at work or having sucky mood.


Was at the town area and craving for pasta. Knowing that there is this place, "the wicked garlic" that sells a variety of garlic style pasta and decided to go for a try. (dont try dont know how's the taste). It was located at international plaza whereby no issue for the location. Maybe its near to closing time, therfore it is not crowded. Order aglio olio version with additional of prawns, mushroom & chili padi. The taste is real great, esp the additional chili padi added to it. The kind of spicyness for a cold day. The prawn is fresh too. I can feel the juicyness of each prawn. The portion of mushroom servings is reasonable too. The best thing is, there is no gst and service charge required. Such a good deal in cbd area. Totally awesome!👍