[CLOSED] Nobiro Izakaya & Sake Bar

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * A long time ago, we were told that the taste of a dish could change lives. Today, a meal is no longer just about the food, and this is something we truly understand. At Nobiro, we thrive on the belief that every dining experience should leave a lasting memory – the same way we fondly remember our childhood days, the first time we fell in love, or the best experiences we’ve had. Why the name Nobiro, you ask, what does it mean? A trustworthy Japanese friend told us it means ‘to sprout’, but to us, it’s more than just that. Every person, every occasion, and every experience has their roots in something, and we want to dig deep with you – to understand what you like, what you need, and how you want it to taste. Our head chef, hails from the Tochiki prefecture. With his experience of 18 years deeply rooted in Japan, his philosophy is simple – create unforgettable dining experiences. p/s: do not be fooled by his stern exterior, he cuts a mean conversation if you speak Japanese. Coupled with our in-house sommelier (who enjoys it very much if you allow her to recommend you our rare boutique sakes), we take it upon ourselves to ensure that your visit gets an experience that could possibly be life changing.

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$26++ for this before the 1 for 1 discount on the Entertainer App. Even at the discounted price, I was fairly disappointed with the quality of food. Salad was limp with an overwhelming amount of sesame dressing. Miso soup and rice were both mediocre as well. The unagi, the supposed star of the dish, left much to be desired. It was thin, slightly burnt on the exterior, and coated in this saccharine sauce that I had to scrap off before it became somewhat edible. Give this place a miss. It's not worth the effort travelling all the way into a secluded part of Clementi for such mediocre food


It was christmas eve night and we actually planned to try out the unagi don at a restrauant in chinatown. However, it was raining and dogs that day. Thus, we decided to change venue (It will be full of jams during raining days). Scrolled through chope reservation trying to make reservation to find places to eat and were thinking that most places should be full. (The time was 645pm when scrolling)
Since we have decided for our tastebud to go for japanese food and thus we selected japanese cuisine.
We managed to make a reservation at 8pm.
When we reached the restrauant, we are shocked that the restrauant aint packed. (Only 1 table hving dinner)
Me and my friends were shocked and was thinking that probably the foods does taste good. As we are hungry all hungry, we decided to give it a try. So, we ordered grilled unagi, seafood udon, California roll, tuna belly roll, grilled mackerel fish. The sushi is freshly make and the rice aint sour, delicious 👍
I was shocked that the seafood udon is super big (good for 2) and is full of ingredients (cabbage, prawn, sotong and etc). Nice to eat esp during cold weather.

The portion was just nice for 4 pax.

Overall spending $ 140.05
Average per pax: $ 35

A real good place to recommend if you like quiet place. 😅

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Creamy indulgence…


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That's my layman term for this Cheese Menchi Katsu ($16). Breaded juicy beef patty with mozzarella cheese stuff. A chef's recommendation here!


I’ve never really been a fan of red meat cos of the bloody colour, but one bite of this A5 grade Seared Japanese Wagyu Beef made me surrender to it’s flavour as it melted away in my mouth. I think I’ve found my new kryptonite of meat—I quickly snapped up another piece before it all disappeared. Some things are so good you would fight for it and this is one of them.
So after all these years of hating beef, especially those you can't seem to even chew through, I've finally found my weakness. Please feed me more of these bite sized pieces of seared Wagyu beef. I'll probably just sit there motionless enjoying it's flavour. 😶
Thanks to @shauneeie for the invitation and @nobirosg for feeding us so much delicious food!