Taiwan Treats

Taiwan Treats

A few of the delicious things I had in Taiwan, whether in cafes, street stalls or night markets! :)
Therese Grosse
Therese Grosse

One thing that annoyed me is there is a minimum spend per person, of at least 140TWD if I'm not wrong! We were originally deciding between this and the peanut one but the peanut was only 220 TWD so we couldn't get it... I know places like Ice Monster and Dazzling Cafe are must tries when you go to Taiwan but I think if you only have two or three days you should skip it and go to places that can't be found in Singapore! Ok but ice monster's mango was super juicy and sweet, loved it! And the tofu pudding was silky smooth I practically vacuumed up every mouthful


Need I say more? Cheesy Potato with ham bits to warm up your stomach. The cheese looks like nacho cheese but it isn't, it's slightly thicker and tastes sharper. They have a choice of different cheeses and toppings so take your pick! I love how they scrape the potato off the skin and mash it so it's easier for you to eat but still neat as the skin contains it

When we first saw this dish, it was at Jiu Fen. Apparently there are different variations, the one at Jiu Fen is without the vegetables and instead of peanut shavings it's peanut crumbs. At Danshui and some night markets though, the peanut bits are shaved off from a block of glazed peanuts and it comes with the parsley! The outside is popiah skin by the way. It is so so good, a must try!


We were actually more on the hunt for savoury food when we were stopped by this friendly uncle selling ice cream who plied us with different flavours. But I'm thankful he did, the milk and pineapple flavours are especially good, must try! I like this night market because it's not that well known and there are quite a few things I didn't see at other night markets (like this) Also he was super generous with the serving we were so full


Also in Hua Yin Street (not sure if they have other outlets) there was a snaking queue for this. It's actually called Kari Donut and it's quite famous so if you google it you should see where to go! :) In Taipei, as long as there is a queue you know you've struck food gold. Applied this principle every time and it never went wrong. They have other interesting flavours but the original is the one they're famous for. Move over Krispy Kremes, Kari's dough was just the right texture of chewy, with a lightly battered exterior that had a generous dusting of sugar crystals. Was so tempted to get myself another... Dozen or so 😂


I'm not sure of the name of the shop but it's right beside Star Hostel. There was no queue but the pepper biscuits sell out super fast so be prepared to wait for a fresh new batch (which is better anyway) I really loved the pastry, crumbly and slightly sweet with just the right tinge of pepper, however for the filling I felt there was too much vegetables that it overwhelmed the meat!

In a city that is famous for bubble tea, I had to try this!! Their Oreo is the signature but when I saw the bubble tea flavour I knew what I wanted. It's around 240NTD ($10SGD) but there was a discount of 50% as long as you shared a specific post on their Facebook so scoreeeee. The pancakes are super soft, felt more like cake actually! If you come to Taiwan and are planning to cafe hop, don't miss out on this cafe :) Oh and the teas are very prettily laid out, be sure to get one!

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