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When Bee Meets Honey

When Bee Meets Honey

Featuring Sunday Folks, Non Entrée Dessert Cafe, Ah Chew Desserts (Liang Seah Street), oblong, O'ma Spoon ([email protected]), Bing Go Jung (Guillemard), WORD., Seoul Yummy (Bugis+), Forest森, Paris Baguette (Jem)
Jin Low
Jin Low

Sweet tooth time!

Ba chor mee: It's really nice to see a bowl of ba chor mee that is made of mango slices, some crushed cookiee as the minced meat! A small bowl just suffice!
Chocolate avalanche: Personally feel that it's the best desert dish in the picture. Chocolate is warm and biscuit is tasty!
Tutu kueh/Ang ku kueh: A traditional pastry that turns into a desert piece. Probably a try-once kind of food cause it gets really sweet at the centre.

Total damage: $53

The crowd starts coming in around 8pm and staffs are really joyful and friendly! Not to say that they are efficient too. Atmosphere can get pretty loud when there's a crowd but I can still hear my friend sitting opposite me. So, I guess it isn't too bad! 👍


There's two choices to the rainbow bagel. One is the a burger with beef patty, another as a desert. I like how appealing it is, and there's so much cookie crumbs! Be mindful as you might spill most of the crumbs out onto the plate.

Rainbow bagel feels kind of tough to bite. There is also mango sauce in the bagel, matched with some coolness from the ice cream.

Overall ambience is good. The staffs are very very very friendly too! I wouldn't mind coming back again to try other mains.


Another bowl of bingsu! And this bingsu, it requires some technique while pouring the milk over. Because it spills if you don't create space for milk to sip through the oreo. It's delicious but do not forget to drink more water!


Well, the most popular of all, and decided to give it a shot since it is my first visit. And personally find it not too bad! At least the ice shavings have some taste! Which is unlike the usual bingsu, that is only ice and condensed milk. Plus point! 👍 mango is just nice! But certainly depends on the season.

Damage: $9.90

It isn't the best place to sit and chill for the night as the place is really small. Be considerate and move after you are done with the dessert :)


Yet another bingsu desert!

This is not bad really! A hidden gem in geylang, a little inaccessible but could worth a little walk from kallang station. You will surely want to burn off some fats before indulging in something sinful! 👍

Damage: $16.00


The traditional bowl of desert. One shall never get sick of it. When tradition disappears, there goes all the good food. Treasure the old traditions!

Damage: $1.20


A blessed celebration for my parents at Forest.

I don't have much to comment about the food. But the food quality is always consistent. It never disappoints me every time I visit.

But specially dedicates this post for the service rendered! It is exceptionally heart warming to have prepared the anniversary cake for my parents.

A place that I would recommend every couple to visit at least once 👍💑


I've chosen red velvet and peanut butter on my waffle. Ice cream is smooth and soft, with freshly made waffle! I would come back again for the place. Not exactly good for big groups but I guess we were lucky to fit 10 people together. Place has got wifi too!

Damage: $12.00

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Looks like I've been around trying different bingsu. But here I have Mango Cheesecake Bingsu.

Tastes heavenly! The bingsu is generously filled with mangos and a relatively reasonable size of mango cheesecake. Comfortable for two after a just-nice dinner.

Environment is not as great in comparison to Nunsongyee korean desert.

Damage: $18.90


So what I have here is Snow white and Mango bingsu.

Snow white bingsu (that is showered with cheese and more cheese), really cheesy, drizzled milk on top and perfect! Only recommend if you are a cheese lover.
Mango bingsu, covered in real fresh mangos and cubes of mango cheesecake, melts in the mouth! However, mango was slightly sour and less sweet. (Which might be what some are looking for)

Damage: $38.00

Ambience is awesome, crowd with young adults. Great meet up for an impromptu supper because it opens 24hrs!!


Virgin try for bingsu and I would say that it is not a disappointment. Garlic cheese toast is good but slightly too garlicy. Not a bad choice after all, maybe the cheese one will be wiser 😄

Bingsu: chocolate banana
Toast: garlic cheese

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Sinful as it may be, but delicious is an understatement. Here I have sea salt gula melaka and dark chocolate, with double slices! Recommend the sea salt gula melaka for a different taste!

Jin Low

Level 5 Burppler · 74 Reviews

My utmost pleasure to bring you a step closer to new comfort food.

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