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Wa this was good leh! The shokupan bread was soft and pillowy, the dough was q enriched so it was pretty tasty! I liked that the pork katsu wasn’t fatty but still was thicc and tender and very easy to eat, the tonkatsu sauce spread on the pork katsu made it soggy, but the side parts that were untouched weren’t very crisp, it could afford more crunch. The duck fat confit onions were nice! We preferred this Sando :)

Chashu Sando came with quite a generous amount of marinated cha shu, the slightly crisp edges were especially nice! I like the mild heat that the kimchi provides. They listed “nuts” as a component but there wasn’t any. We both felt that the chashu was a bit salty tho.

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Pizza that never fails!
You can order easily from their WhatsApp channel to takeaway in the current phase (find it the link via their Facebook page)

The strong, roasted hojicha flavour and it's rich creaminess is balanced out by the moist chiffon sponge cake. I love the 1:1 ratio of cream to cake, and especially how the hojicha cream is bittersweet and not overpowering. Ps. Love how it is called konichiwa hojicha, and made with premium hōjicha from Shizuoka, Japan.

Spiced turkey breast, basil burattina barley salad, red onions, tomato.

I am always hesitant about ordering turkey breast because it’s usually bland and dry but theirs was tender and flavourful. A flavourful yet healthy tasting bagelwich - kind of reminds me of subway or a salad wrap - but that’s not what I come to TMBH for. I want their flavorbomb, indulgent bagels.

Not bad, but will not order this again.

Punch of sweetness from the caramelised onions, bitterness from the rockets (wished there was more for freshness though) and umami from the truffle aioli and cheese, all encased in crisp sourdough. IT WAS REALLY WELL WORTH THE HYPE AND MONEY.

tastes so similar to falafels!!! i really liked that it wasn’t dry too. one of my fav subway proteins now

Had been taking away bottled coffee to enjoy over the weekends during this Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) period — perhaps more of an attempt to bring the cafe experience back home considering how we aren’t able to dine-in as yet and there isn’t any cafes offering things like that near me; decided to go to the ones nearer to the workplace since a visit to office has to be made.

Had brought back Curious Palette’s (which mum loves, and is one of my go-to in the immediate area) and The Assembly Ground’s renditions, but the ones from Gather are slightly different because they aren’t cold brews but bottled mochas instead. Came across these on social media but I was especially impressed by the Wicked — the bottled mocha here comes brewed using the same beans roasted by Genovese Coffee as the ones used in their usual specialty coffee, but the Wicked stands out because of how it is sufficiently creamy and chocolatey — that magic ratio of milk, coffee and chocolate that works (since most places don’t do a nice mocha; too chocolate-y, if not too milky). Spiked with mint, the Wicked tasted like as though Christmas really came early with its refreshing and cooling finish that comes after the caffeine and chocolate-y notes — very festive, and a mood booster to all the things that have been happening around.

In retrospect, the Generra would be more for the acquired taste buds. It used the same base as that of the Wicked, but the Generra is an orange-infused version that comes with a slight hint of citrusy and gingery that make work well with some. It is a different kind of “refreshing” when compared against the Wicked — something that is slightly more zingy and zippy which takes away the richness of the chocolate pretty aptly.

While Gather’s bottled coffee selection isn’t quite the usual cold brew that other specialty coffee joints offer, I like how they have seemed to be a little more adventurous on their take on bottled coffee — experimenting on bottled coffee with interesting infusions that may have been tested and proven by others before, but still presents itself as a refreshing change from the usual — probably planning for a revisit when dine-in resume!

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Savoured Brawn & Brains’ latest offerings which had been recently introduced during the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) period — the Chocolate Babka Loaf being a new item introduced to their menu available only for pre-orders on their website.

Not the first Chocolate Babka I have had — the first being a loaf probably half its size from The Bakehaus (speaking of which, it’s probably time to head down soon for revisit again), and then subsequently a slice from Mad Roasters at Amoy Street Food Centre (they had also recently opened another branch within Kipos Gourmet at their Joo Chiat Road outlet), so I was quite stoked about this one. Slicing it down and one would reveal its interior that is beautifully swirled with chocolate and hazelnuts within, while the bread comes with sugary bits sprinkled over the top — the same ones that adorn their breads like the Korvapuusti (i.e. Finnish Cinnamon Bun) that they have been serving for quite a while now. The bread has a brilliant texture — it’s fluffiness is comparable to an aptly airy sponge cake, though still maintaining its firmness and structural integrity like a proper brioche; not too dense but not too soft or airy either. The beautiful swirls of melted chocolate gives a rich bittersweetness, while the hazelnuts here give a good crunch — the same way like the toasted hazelnuts do for their Dark Chocolate/Earl Grey Croissants.

Whilst being a newly-introduced item, the Chocolate Babka Loaf is one that also evokes familiar vibes of their old favourites, especially with the use of common elements that brings that warm and fuzzy Brawn & Brains feel to the Chocolate Babka Loaf. The Chocolate Babka Loaf costs $16 — good to be shared with amongst a family, but those who are looking for something to have individually, they do also offer a Babka Twist with Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts that is available for delivery, takeaway or self pick-up without the need to pre-order. Looking forward to the lifting of the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) measures soon — can’t wait to return to spend my weekends while dining-in here again (whilst adhering to social distancing and other precautions, of course)!

always delicious. anyway it was a takeaway so i reheat it when i got home still tasted fine i guess

Club Sandwich (S$7.90)
Available at @fongshenghaosg in @payalebarquarter

Sweet snacks
- Orange Chiboust Cake
- Chocolate Pandan Tart
- Ondeh Ondeh Cake
- Pomelo Mango Pudding
- Chendol Panna Cotta
- Exotic Berries Tartlet
- Blueberry Financier
- Raisin Scone with Strawberry Jam, Devonshire Clotted Cream and Butter

Savoury treats
- Herb & Garlic Cheese Tartlet with Cranberry Compote
- Indian Spiced Chicken with Raisin & Mango Chutney
- Crabmeat Salad with Roasted Corn Puree
- Trio of Ham, Tomato & Egg Omelette in Ciabatta
- Roasted Portobello Mushroom & Halloumi with Basil Aioli in Focaccia
- Smoked Chicken & Brie Cheese Croissant
- Semi-dried Tomato & Feta Cheese Quiche
- Mini Pork Shepherd’s Pie

💰 $74.9 nett per set.  

Available for takeaway and delivery.

To place an order, can visit this link  The Deli : https://thedeligoodwoodparkhotel.oddle.me. Available from 11am – 7pm.
Advance orders of 3 days required.

📍Goodwood Park Hotel.
22 Scotts Road.


[Chu and Co]
This hidden cafe near Serangoon Gardens had recently gained some popularity, especially for its Sandwiches and their interior - quite a chill place to be at, with friendly staff too.

Candied Pecan Pesto Brie ($5.50)
This item is relatively new on their menu, and it is closer to a savoury one, with the brie (cheese) embedded within the pastry, and made with pesto. Being a huge fan of pecan, I'd love for slightly larger pecan bits for more pecan flavour to go along with the pastry.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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