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Initially visited pickleville to try their toasts but was really sad to find out that they are only available during breakfast hours :(

Nevertheless, the bowls were a pleasant surprise as the protein and veggies were extremely fresh!! Only downside is that it gets a bit dry after awhile and their drinks are pretty expensive.

Overall dining experience was still pretty good! The staff were really courteous, and the ambience was very chill and suitable for both hanging out with friends and a casual work discussion! Also, burpple beyond definitely made everything even better as we got 2 bowls at $15.50!

Both the iced cappuccino and iced latte were fantastic, but the tiramisu was quite disappointing for its price, being too mild in taste. The other lychee cake was decent, although the base layer was a tad bit too hard, taking quite some effort to break apart with the spoon.

A very pleasant and light matcha cake.

Didn’t expect that I would be this impressed by this sandwich
Flavor is towards the salty side coming from different kinds of ham and cheese, as well as sourness from pickled veggies. These strong flavors are balanced out by the fresh veggies like lettuce. A recommended sandwich!

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Great pastry, fine quality chocolate within. Would definitely love it even more if it has more chocolate inside

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Complete in both taste and texture, must try for chocolate lovers!
Crisp from the base, smooth velvety chocolate mousse, spongy genoise, luscious caramel, everything is very balanced in terms of flavors too, love the quite intense chocolate that goes well with the caramel. definitely one of the best modern chocolate cakes I’ve ever had!

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We tried the chocolate tart, waffle with ice cream (not in the picture), mocha and honey Apple vinegar drink and we loved everything. It is not easy to find a good chocolate tart but the forage cafe nailed it. Not too sweet nor cloying, highly recommended❤️

2 jaffles with voucher only $15, very delicious and worth it.

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Great healthy grain/keto bowls in the west. On Entertainer and Burpple. The burrple set is not as worth it if you're not having a drink. Their kitchen needs a bit of help though cos they're swamped with Grabfood orders and people lining up.

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12 Feb’19, Tue⛅️
📍Park Bench Deli (Telok Ayer St)
- Turkey Classic🥪

Complimentary sandwich from Burpple! Thank you!😊
Juicy and tender turkey, moreover, generous portion (look at the pic, not kidding)!😋

The turkey is already tender to begin with (don’t know how they did it), with the lettuce and tomato adding moist to it, you don’t have to worry about the texture~

For meat lover, fret not, they have bacon on top of the turkey, can you imagine how filling this is?

As for the taste, don’t look at it like as if it is bland, the saltiness from the bacon, complements such as pepperoncini, red onion and tomato vinaigrette just enhanced the sandwich with that flavourful taste!

As for the ciabatta, ideally toasted, not that chewy and not that hard, just nice!


Damage: $16

The sandwiches are better to look at than to eat, even toasted. The opposite of a Vietnamese bánh mì thịt, which are better to devour than to eye. However, the ones at nearby Ngon are below standard.