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nothing outstanding imo but it’s a decent safe choice for first timers to TMBH! found the scrambled egg whites and avo bland but thankfully the flavourful sausage patty made up for it so it was a good balance. quite liked the sweet savoury tomato relish which brought the entire bagel together! eating this was quite a messy affair due to the sauce tho 😥

Create Your Own Bowl for $6.9 (Petite)
$8.9 for Standard!

I chose dragonfruit, strawberry, granola, almond with peanut butter sauce. Ate during tea time (~4pm), a good company for a little break!

The skillet baked eggs with grilled vegetables ($11) is a bit of a misnomer - there were a mere 5 slices of zucchini/ eggplant with mushrooms and beans. The whole dish was too watery, with the tomato concasse dolloped over!

The flat white ($5) uses their specialty in-house blend! Smooth and surprisingly, mildly sweet with skimmed milk. Gets quite crowded so you’d probably only get to linger over your cup if you avoid lunch hour!

A mediocre cup of flat white ($5.50) - it was lukewarm, too milky and the coffee tasted burnt. They’ve also stopped giving cookies to pair. A pity because I used to enjoy Kara’s coffee!

Don't think I have ever made an appreciation post for my favorite bagel here - Hangover Helper [$13]. It is the typical big brekkie, say scrambled eggs, bacon, tater tots, parmesan and aioli in bagel form. They also stock up on drinks, both in-house and canned/bottled. Since they open only till the afternoon it's where you can get your morning/brunch/noon booze too!

I heard from friends that Marche is no longer the only place to get good rosti and that Wursthans is a close rival - and they were right! The portions here are quite generous and the sausage is not bad; the rosti itself was quite pleasant. This food stop is tucked in a convenient space near the MRT and great for a fast and no-fuss bite :-) Would recommend!

Fried chicken on waffles with a local twist - this was really yummy and a brilliant idea. I never thought I’d have my shrimp paste fried chicken drizzled with sambal maple syrup atop waffles. The sambal taste in the maple syrup wasn’t very strong, or at least I couldn’t taste very much of it. But it was a tasty combination nevertheless.

Worth a try - especially if you like har cheong gai.

I love egg sandwiches and had to try this by Origin + Bloom when I saw it. It was a pity the bread was dry (from them keeping the entire sandwich chilled) but there was a large serving of egg mayo plus the onsen eggs added flavour to this too!

My favourite was the chocolate cake, filled with dark chocolate mousse and a crisp base to add that crunch to it. This was the only one that tasted as good as it looks 😅

The apple tart was pretty good, I thought the buttery tart shell along with the caramelised apple went well together. The green apple on the tart was filled with cream which I guess made the tart look good but wasn't much in terms of flavour.

I was also attracted to Origin + Bloom because I've been seeing their bubble tea cakes on my feed but sadly they aren't available anymore 😩 The bazhang cake looks cute but that was it. The pulut hitam flavour wasn't enough so there wasn't much flavour in the cake.