Top 10 Places for Sandwiches

Top 10 places for Sandwiches

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The toast is the MVP man! Super duper awesome! The combination of the bread, the cheese, the egg, the beef meat and the sauce is daebak! 😋

Two Men Bagel House has refreshed their menu and we picked this interesting little number to go along with one of our old favs – The Ribs. The cod fish pate is made with their in-house smoked cod salad and capers while everything is brought together with their special sauce and a herb emulsion. My first impression was that it reminded me of Swedish cured herring; salty, funky and moist, it went great with the creamy special sauce. One of their lighter bagels and tasty for sure (though it might not be up everyone’s alley). On a side note, please bring back the old recipe for The Ribs! 🙏


The broth was a little too sweet and lacked the meaty depth and complexity I look for in a bun bo hue, but the portion was big with a fair amount of meat and we stilled enjoyed it anyway.

Taste: 3/5


Usually not a fan of fruit based desserts, but this caught me by pleasant surprise, which I decided to give it a try after consistent recommendation from @kiwimii_! ✨ Being a fan of Yuzu, I love how the characteristic citrusy flavour was distinct here in the layers of soft, creamy meringue mousse despite the presence of tangy, sour raspberries embedded within. The vanilla soufflé sponge was soft, cotton-like and fluffy, a fragile texture that resulted in an aftermath of.... (swipe to view🙈). Adorned with an exterior coating of smooth Raspberry Valrhona Ivoire Whipped Ganache (raspberry flavoured white chocolate creamy and garnished with white chocolate flakes that added a pleasant crisp mouthfeel, I love how this cake is light to the palate, with a tangy, citrusy note that’s refreshing for an after-meal treat! Never knew that yuzu and raspberry can be such a great combination! 💛💖 .
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Steak, egg, shiitake mushroom & ginger scallion chimichurri

First time trying their bagel and it’s really not bad! Crispy on the outside with chewy on the inside. Steak is a bit raw for my liking but the combination of all is good. Will like to try other flavours next time.


Everything about this was faultless, from the smoky, juicy and tender pork chop to the fragrant, fluffy rice topped with a limpid fried egg. The egg meatloaf was salty and moreish, I only wish there were more of it.

Taste: 4/5


If you're someone who has tried Isaac Toast in Korea, you'd understand the joy of tucking into a piping hot, freshly prepared sandwich on a chilly day. While Singapore's weather (and general atmosphere I guess) just isn't the same, the toasts here are definitely comparable.

I went for the Bulgogi MVP ($6.50) - a tender chicken patty with cabbage, sweetcorn-studded egg, cheese and that delightful sweet sauce, sandwiched between two thick slices of soft & pillowy buttered toast. Yes, there is no actual bulgogi involved.

This was such a treat, especially after queuing for an hour, and I think many can agree that Isaac Toast is true blue comfort food. Bear in mind that if you're someone who can only stand sandwiches that are 100% savoury, these aren't for you.


This was quail eggs encased in a minced pork wrap, paired with sriracha mayo. Eggs were nicely done with a runny yolk and the meat case was tender and well seasoned, but I personally found this pretty average in flavour as a whole compared to their other dishes. I’d go for the spam fries or fried eggplant for more satisfying bites!

Thank you for the lovely dinner and @burpple for the invite!


It was a mixture of chicken sausages and luncheon meat, topokki and kimchi bits. Sitting atop a bed of daikon slaw and topped with shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheese, it had a unique taste for a sandwich but it was sooooo good! Gonna try the other flavors next time.

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Seven & Ate has revamped their menu and it’s now much more burger-centric; a great thing because all their burgers that I’ve tried have been great! They only use pork for their burgers, making for really moist and tender patties. The Jam & Eggs was one of my favs with an oozy egg and funky, crunchy bacon jam. It’s a mess for sure, but well worth the clean up. 👅💦💦


Had the jalapeño cheese sandwich with a hot chocolate for lunch. Decent and simple for affordable prices.