Top 10 Places for Sandwiches

Top 10 places for Sandwiches

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Calls for a decadent breakfast from @fortyhandscafe! Tried their Chilli Scramble this time, I might have a new fave! Chili infused creamy scrambled eggs and wild mushrooms with aged balsamic on sunflower seed toast 💚 #breakfast #breakfastofchampions #chilliscramble #eggs #egglove #scrambledeggs #fortyhands

Just thinking about this limited run bagel stuffed with roasted pork belly with Szechuan sweet and sour sauce I had 2 weekends ago. The deeply caramelised pork was fatty, tender and offset nicely by a tart and crunchy slaw.

Taste: 3:5/5

Given a choice, I always go for the breakfast option. Two Men Bagel’s Egg Boca might not be the most impressive looking thing on the menu, but it is comfort food at it’s best – egg salad, bacon jam, scallions, mayo and fresh greens make for a soul soothing moreish mouthful.

Taste: 3.5/5


Ordering was fuss free but the time to get the food is quite long. I have waited 20 mins for this because it’s freshly prepare and cook upon order. Looks like frozen prata where u can find in supermarket and cook till crispy, then wrapped with grilled chicken with shredded cabbage and topped with their signature sauce. Nothing to wow about but something to fill up while waiting for dinner

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Went for the Asian 'Risotto' ($10) which is, as indicated by the inverted commas, not exactly *that* Italian dish you would expect, but rather a bowl of purple rice porridge with braised pork, runny egg, pork floss, fried shallots and garlic. The consistency is very much like 'jook' (Cantonese porridge), the texture thick and somewhat gritty. The braised pork, along with the rest of the ingredients, give the dish a fragrant and savoury flavour that's not too consumed by the wet staple, although I personally feel that the meat could be more tender. The egg, described as 'runny' was unfortunately not as it was described. Maybe it ~could~ be due to the time taken to take photos, but it ended up having a thick ajitama yolk-like texture. That said, the egg mixed in well with the porridge, so I managed to overlook that issue relatively quickly; just don't expect any of that yolkporn magic. 😅

Overall, I did find myself enjoying this dish which you'd otherwise unusually find in a cafe. It is especially suitable for people who are craving for something a little bit more Chinese, with elements of homeliness, heartiness and health-consciousness. 👍🏻

Wonder what I should eat today 🤔
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Ciabatta with a bunch of sinful ingredients - double fried egg, crispy bacon, tater tots, cheddar cheese and PBD’s sauce! It was very shiok although my friend found this a little heavy for breakfast. Loved the varying crunch and textures! & pst, get the super worth 1 for 1 with Burpple Beyond!

Came down armed with Burpple Beyond’s 1 for 1! A trusty classic pairing of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, elevated with dill cream cheese and red onions sandwiched between fluffy brioche buns. Not mind blowing, but it was such a satisfying breakfast option. Smoked salmon wasn’t too salty and we liked the balance brought by the tangy red onions!

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SIP. LOVE. Sundays are meant to indulge in coffee and cakes. Fragrant moist pandan-infused butter cake slathered with Gula Melaka and sprinkled with desiccated coconut coupled with hot americano, it’s just a bliss!

Joe & Dough
Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, Unit 01-86, Singapore 039596

I always loveee baked eggs, but this one tasted a bit plain and bland 💔

Staff was unfriendly but overall meal was “okay”.