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The caramel teriyaki chicken with ramen egg is really good!

One of the cheaper avocado toasts in town, with such a generous serving of fresh avocado! Rye toast had a hint of coffee aroma to it, but I would have preferred if it came freshly toasted. Added a jerk chicken side (from the build your own bowl section), though the flavour was a little too strong for my liking.

Oven Baked Molten Eggs ($9.80) on tortilla and melted cheese with smoked salmon, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and salad.

Was still a little hesitant after seening many rave reviews online, because really how good can a sandwich be? But wow the flavours were spot on and portions were generous. They ran out of the truffle mushroom flavour so we got the mentaiko egg. Topped with ebiko and seaweed for that #instagworthy touch.

They’re on food panda! got my pancake cravings satisfied after fasting for two days,, was really sad the entire two days that i couldn’t eat because i was sick but these pancakes were so fluffy and it lifted my mood so much :D

They are really soft, and the butter taste and fragrant are so strong - if you dislike butter, thsi might not be for you. Would have preferred ice cream or cream cheese over the whipped topping that they gave which i didn’t really enjoy but the pancakes were real good, and thick. A little different from the ones at Breko Cafe, but good nonetheless. Probably 2nd on my list of pancakes (for now). Should get thsi to share tho, as the pancake portions are pretty huge and it can get a bit too surfeiting to finish all on your own, particularly because the butter taste is too heavy. the fruits were not enough in my opinion, it would be nicer to have more fruits since there was no ice cream to give a refreshing balance to the pancakes. would eat it again if i drop by there but wouldn’t make a special trip down for it.

Overall rating: 7/10
If they serve it with ice cream, it’s a solid 8.5/10

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Freshly pan fried Beef Teriyaki, flavoured in its jus, sandwiched between 2 thick slices of buttered toasts.
An egg yolk (P2), packed in a cup container, so that you can topped it on the Beef Teriyaki Toast just before you eat it.
Once you bite into the sandwich, the cold yolk mixes into the warm beef slices, with its jus oozing out from the heavily buttered toast.
A messy shiokness
Thank you @esth3r_esth3r for the treat.
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Was surprised that the aburi salmon mentaiko don (grain bowl) was a cold dish because the salmon was already in a salmon mayo form. That made it slightly underwhelming. There was a strong mayo taste which I didn’t mind, but may get gelak after a while for some. An average dish, probably wouldn’t recommend everyone try it.

The pork belly miso, however, was delicious. Two fat pieces of melty pork belly, mamee noodles for crunch (it worked really well!), a softboiled egg, and two types of seasoned vegetables atop a bed of Japanese rice. The combination of flavours and textures were very pleasant and I would definitely eat this again.

It was $16++ per bowl, but used entertainer so after GST it came out to $17.12 for the two bowls. A steal!

the last time i ate this was more than a year ago and i remembered it tasted better... but still p tasty!! love how generous they are w the cheese and meat!!! got this w burpple beyond but i think even without the deal, it's still p worth it bc it's v filling! the other sandwich we got was the turkey classic which tasted v fresh and healthy.

Crew said while serving the food:
“Here’s Fowl Play and Nice To Meat You.”
Me: “Nice to meet you too.”
Sadly, she was not amused.

Regardless, food was good although i do wonder how Jaffles was coined when it’s simply thick warm toast stuffed with a balanced mix of ingredients. Coffee was pretty awesome and i wouldnt mind coming back just for it again.

They’re currently having a Wed promo when you can get a free coffee with purchase of 2 mains!