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The chocolate is especially nice!

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Wanted something refreshing to complement our mains. Am a lover of thyme herb, this is of a mild taste. Lemon taste is stronger. Moisture is fine :)

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Sourdough toast with tuna, pickles, and stringy cheese—a flavorful, comforting delight in every bite! Indulge in a blissful fusion of rich caramel and espresso—a velvety, delightful caffeine treat.

Food :■■■■■
Price : $$
Ambience : ■■■□□
Crowd: ■■■■□

For those whom have been following our posts since a couple of months ago, Ebisu Sando may not be an unfamiliar name after all; while Ebisu Sando had finally formally launched with the opening of a takeaway kiosk space at Basement 2 at Takashimaya in Ngee Ann City, we had tried Ebisu Sando some time back when they had first appeared as a pop-up stall as part of a limited time-only fair several months ago also in Takashimaya. We did note back then that there seems to be intentions for the brand to launch permanently somewhere or that it will be popping up every now and then — this seems to be pretty much the space that Ebisu Sando has comfortably settled itself in. Being a takeaway kiosk, Ebisu Sando takes over the former location of the Butter Studio outlet in Takashimaya (Butter Studio in turn has taken over the unit formerly tenanted by Ollella) — a rather prominent location since this would also be pretty close by to Peck as well as the outlet of Tai Cheong Bakery there, which is near to the entrance / exit of Takashimaya in Basement 2. As with what we have seen during Ebisu Sando’s pop-up phase several months ago, Ebisu Sando serves up a variety of Japanese Sandos; one can either go for the hot ones that are prepared freshly on the spot, or go for the deli-style ones which are kept chilled in their display chiller that is located right beside the counter. The variety of Japanese Sando offered at their permanent location is fairly reminiscent to what is being served at their pop-up; their hot Sando line-up being pretty comprehensive considering how it does feature patties of different meats / protein / seafood — there is pretty much something for everyone, including an egg omelette sandwich that sees a freshly-rolled Tamago in between. It is noted that they also do offer a Soup of the Day here; presumably something that would either compliment the Sando by having it alongside, or to dip the Sando in like the Curry and Omar Bisque soups.

Having made our way down to the pop-up stall which Ebisu Sando was running in Takashimaya several months ago for their Shrimp Cutlet Sando, we decided that it was apt for us to go for something that is a little more classic for a Japanese Sando — the Ebisu Pork Cutlet Sando. For the Ebisu Pork Cutlet Sando, patrons do get the flexibility to add cheese to their Sando; the option being an additional costs of $0.80 which we eventually also went for. Considering how Ebisu Sando prepares their hot range of Sando fresh upon order, there is no doubt that there would be some waiting time involved in the making of the Sando. All hot Sando will require a minimum waiting time of at least 5 minutes for the order to be completed; since Ebisu Sando is a takeaway establishment after all, all orders would be served in a cardboard box with a layer of food wrapper being lined over the top. Ebisu Sando does not exactly describe about the elements included in the Ebisu Pork Cutlet Sando; that being said, we did note that there is an inclusive of Tonkatsu sauce and shredded cabbage that comes along with the deep-fried breaded pork cutlet and white bread.

It is noted that the white bread that comes with the Sando isn’t toasted nor heated up here — it is, however, soft and fluffy being pretty light and definitely did not make the Sando feel particularly carb-loaded. As one sinks their teeth down further the Ebisu Pork Cutlet Sando, the deep-fried breaded batter of the Ebisu Pork Cutlet provides a firm but crisp texture before it reaches down to the juicy and tender porky cutlet — nothing too fatty, but definitely did not require much effort to chew and came meaty but without an undesirable porky stench. The Tonkatsu sauce in the meanwhile provided a sweet, gingery and tangy note that cuts through the flavours of the meat while the shredded cabbage seems to have been tossed with something similar to mustard that gave it a very mildly spicy note that tingled at the back of the tongue that provided a further dimension of textures to the dish — the shredded cabbage itself giving a refreshing crunch. One thing if particular note about Ebisu Sando is that its offerings are not exactly what one would call affordable, and especially so when one considers that the sandwiches served up here up strictly for takeaways; the cheapest hot Sando offered at Ebisu Sando is priced at $12.80 being the Japanese Egg Omelette Sando, and the priciest hot Sando sits at the price tag of $28 — this being the A5 Japanese Wagyu Karubi Roast Beef Sando. No doubt that the hot Sando at Ebisu Sando does come with a certain level of quality; that being said, it remains to be seen if its existence would be more of a novelty that wears out after the newness has died down — still worth a try for those whom are all curious about Japanese Sandos nonetheless.

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Coffee bombs are the best. Those friends who ate it love it 💪💪💪

I’ve always enjoyed their Off the Bone crepe. A pity that the egg white wasn’t fully cooked this time unfortunately. The fig & camembert crepe was well done - soft, moist and it came with plenty of fruits and fig jam.

Used the burrple beyond 30% off for our lunch. The place itself had very limited indoor seating but we managed to get an indoor seat as we came before the lunch crowd.

I had the steak and eggs while my gf had truffle mushroom pasta. The steak was a little tough even though it was cooked medium-ish. Also, I think the meal could use more salt as the meat tasted abit bland. However, when paired with the sauce it was much better. The bread was also quite nice as it tasted quite fresh/soft(?) despite the appearance.

The truffle mushroom pasta had quite a strong taste as well but also a little lacking in salt. Maybe it’s the trend for less salty food in CBD. It still tasted quite nice due to the natural taste of mushrooms but my gf felt quite jelak and didn’t finish it.🤡

Overall still a decent meal with the 30% discount but don’t think I’ll be back because I don’t like the small tables there.

Overall rating: 6.5/10 (couldn’t bring myself to give a 7)

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Truffle Sandwich (S$14)
Truffle cage-free soft scrambled eggs, truffle mushroom ragout, topped with arugula in a warm brioche

Green Grape & Rosemary Craft Soda (S$5)

House-made Buttermilk Biscuit (S$6)
House-made buttermilk biscuit served with honey butter

Need to wait quite awhile for biscuit which was slightly drier than preferred. Love the honey butter that served with it.

That cross section of a sandwich that tasted every bit as good as it looked. A special mention on the tangy rich aioli like sauce that was impossible to resist and went well with the classic combination of avocado, scrambled eggs and melted cheese.
You’d dream about this vegeterian sandwich.

1 for 1 with Entertainer. otherwise I don't feel it's worth it.

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superb sando.
good for 2 pax if also sharing sides.