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What's so special about this restaurant, though, is the constant 1-for-1 beer deals all day! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Definitely more value for money with 1 for 1! The cheese and the scrambled egg is soo good.
Will go for it again ✨

Located inside 100am mall, near the entrance, Morettino is a spacious cafe with many seats.

Ordered their seafood pasta and carbonara. Their seafood pasta looked appetizing when it came and true enough, the prawns tasted very fresh. The sauce was slightly acidic, but it made the dish tastier.

The carbonara wasn’t the usual cream-based pasta served in most places, which is good as the taste wasn’t overwhelmingly rich.

Both of the pastas were firm, yet chewy!

Tried the iced mocha this time round and it is pretty good! It isn’t too bitter, but just nice. The staff are also very polite and friendly. Only downside is the store is quite squeezed, so it is best to get a takeaway.

An all time classic of soft macaroni with cheese fondue, shredded mozzarella, cheddar and Grand Padano. My only qualm was the portion seemed a little small but I understand why because if you were having it alone, you’d probably feel jelat after a while. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

💚 Each dish cost only $9.90++ for lunch. Just make sure you don't go too late in the afternoon because you'll be left with only a few choices left 😬 I ate the lamb leg with pan fried potatoes and capsicums. The meat was a little dry but still pretty good with the mushroom sauce. And I always love being in the European market environment of Marché the most!
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Buttermilk chocolate sponge with vanilla valrhona opalys crémeux and valrhona guanaja light mousse. Very chocolatey, smooth, earthy and not too heavy. Gotten the melona mankupu tea to try which turned out to be refreshing, sweet, fruity. Each cup of tea is also entitled for one time hot water refill.

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Tangy and fruity cake that is made with light cotton vanilla sponge between layers of yuzu meringue mousse and serbian raspberries, covered in valrhona ivoire. The cake is very light and refreshing which pairs quite well with the lychee oolong tea that was light, fruity and floral. Each cup of tea is also entitled for one time hot water refill.

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Such a beauty. Salmon & cream cheese never disappoints. Love this combi with the red onions instead. It’s mildly sharp (if you geddit, you geddit) and cuts thru the fattiness between the smoked salmon and cheese cheese.
The newly revamped place is much spacious with more seats. Definitely took the pressure off me to wolf down my bagel.

This dish was tart with warm (spicy) undertones. It would be great for those who love sour foods. There are candied walnuts... but they are just sprinkled with sugar. Perhaps because of the cream, this dish got surfeiting after a while. But it was quite filling!

Back to try other items on their menu and was certainly not disappointed. Both items were executed well and very enjoyable!

This cafe-bar previously shared a space with Maxi Coffee Bar, and now has its own spot on Keong Saik Road. Fill up on the Smoked Mackerel on Toast ($20) — oak-smoked mackerel and kale smothered in avocado butter — and the zesty Linguine with Pickled Crab ($22). On cocktails, have the Hay & Apples ($20), which sees whisky soda mixed with peated whisky and fermented apples, or the tangy Bloody Mary ($20) spiked with wasabi distillate. Otherwise, their smooth and light White Coffee ($5) is a great non-alcoholic option.
Photo by Burppler Xing Wei Chua