Korean for dinner last night at Three Meals a Day! The last time I was here it was when they just opened 😂 Very lucky we managed to get a reservation earlier in the afternoon cause their queue was non-stop!

This was hand pulled dough in a seafood soup. These noodles are like your hand torn mee hoon kueh pieces with a chew, but done thinner and smaller. The comforting savoury broth had a mix of seafood like clams and mussels - we liked that the broth had a slight thickness to the consistency. They also do this in Spicy Mushroom ($15) and Kimchi with Seafood ($15) if you’re craving something spicy.

Good to note though, that we found it quite hard through the meal to get the attention of the servers cause of how busy they were. Probably not a spot if you need a quick meal, but otherwise it was a satisfying one.

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This came with lots of kimchi and onions, with chicken and rice cakes. Thought there could definitely be more meat for a better overall ratio, but we can see why it’s popular with its strong kick of flavour and lingering spice. They do a similar cheese version at $35 or you can opt to add on additional cheese or glass noodles.

This stood out for us! Edges were crisp and while the centre was more airy, it still retained a good amount of crunch. We enjoyed that it’s not greasy and done in a good thickness, so you can easily go for more.

Had Korean for dinner yesterday, featuring Gyeo Kitchen’s homemade cabbage kimchi! To be honest, I don’t eat kimchi that often, but I enjoyed how crunchy, refreshing and clean tasting this was. Especially liked that it wasn’t as salty or heavily seasoned too - you can also choose to leave it out to allow it to ripen further based on preference.

They make these in small batches, so you can be assured of its freshness. More order details at @gyeo.kitchen, thank you for sharing your kimchi with me! ✨

Was at Wang Dae Bak for their weekday lunch set! 15 bucks and you get a choice of soup + bulgogi, rice and refillable side dishes. While the chicken bulgogi was just decent, the soups were comforting and overall, value for money for the amount you get - this lunch kept me stuffed the whole day! I picked the spicy tofu soup and it was a bowl well done with a good heat. Probably was just hoping a tad bit more vegetables in it.

Highly recommend to make a reservation especially for weekday lunches, else you might have to wait in the heat a while like us. Service was very friendly albeit the crowd!

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No regrets topping up from our lunch sets for this huge seafood pancake, cause it was easily our favourite dish on the table! It was thick, but had such a great non-greasy crunch and was well seasoned. The seafood ingredients were well distributed across the pancake too. Definitely one of the best one I’ve had in recent times!

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The pancake was unfortunately mediocre, it was thick and doughy, lacking the familiar crunch. A pity that there wasn’t that many ingredients as well.

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Kinda expected more from Pink Candy since they are so popular, but we’re guessing that it is probably down to what you order. Had their naengmyeon and seafood pancake. The cold noodles were decent but the broth got a bit flat half way through. Food aside, we were here in the evening and the rooftop alfresco vibe was quite nice!

Was surprised to find this on the menu! Bibim Naengmyeon made with cold capellini pasta in gochujang sauce with grilled sliced beef and a range of toppings - red onions, scallion, Japanese cucumber, soft boiled egg and crispy salted kombu. I don’t take beef so I was only able to try the noodles. It was a healthy rendition that tasted clean. The salted kombu was a nice crunchy touch but could be tad bit less salty. I would definitely prefer the dish to be spicier, perhaps fun if one could choose the spice level!

This dish is part of Supply and Demand’s Around-The-World menu that’s available on weekends for brunch between 11.30am to 4pm.

Thank you @supplydemandorchard for having us and @marque.sg & @cafehoppingkids for the invite! ✨

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Had lunch at Wang’s Family Kitchen and it was a really nice meal. They do their food buffet style, with a changing daily menu that you can check over on their Instagram at @wangfamilykitchen. Everyone’s first set comes like this with a little bit of everything that’s offered that day, then you can continue to ask for seconds, thirds, etc. before you end off with dessert and fruits!

Food was so good, you can just feel the amount of thought they put into them. It’s authentic, very homely and I especially love how ‘clean tasting’ they were. Some of the items we had were stir-fried egg plant, grilled seafood chives dumplings, dakgalbi, sweet pumpkin porridge and the super addictive fried sliced sweet potatoes. The service was superb as well, everyone’s friendly and checked in with us regularly to offer top ups. Prices are nett and is at $18.90 for weekends. Prices remain the same for lunch and dinner.

📍Wang Family Kitchen
Hillview CC #01-04
1 Hillview Rise Singapore 667970
🕦 11.30am to 9pm Daily, 5.30pm to 9pm on Sundays


Thought the Jajang sauce could be sweeter and more rich, but they threw in a good mix of ingredients - Mangalitsa pork belly, carrots, onions, zucchini and mushrooms. Noodles were unfortunately too soft for our liking.


Wasn’t really able to distinctly taste the other seafood bits other than the prawns and squid, but it was not bad. Pancake was crispy round its edges, but would have liked it seasoned stronger.

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FOOD. 🍴🍫🍜🍱 Instagramming at @cweizhi [email protected]

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