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吃 CHInese

吃 CHInese

Comforting Chinese meals. Noodles, rice and everything nice.
Eatssentially .
Eatssentially .
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$4 Zha Jiang Mian - Nice

$4 Sliced Chicken Mala la mian - Mala soup is nice, but the chicken bits were tough

$4 Chilli oil wanton - he likes it but i can't stand the vinegar

The Chinese chefs hand pull the noodles upon ordering!

$5 Mala intestines noodles
$3.50 肉夹馍 (1pc)

WAITING TIME: 5 min (fair bit of queue on a weekday night past 8.30PM)

- Authentic taste, cooked by China staff
- The pork intestines tasted amazing!
- Loved the Mala
- The meat bun is great but not cheap

* Need to remember to request for 刀削面 upon ordering, otherwise it would be the default lamian

PRICE: $3.90
(Very reasonable price given that I ordered chicken feet!)

WAITING TIME: Long queue but moved very fast

Loved all these dishes. Esp the potato.

Beef Horfun -- Says $7 on the menu for the small portion of beef horfun but auntie insisted to make it an $8 portion for us. Is it really worth the $1 difference? Probably not.

Sambal potato leaves -- $8

Canned drink -- $1.60

WAITING TIME: Got a table immediately. Food was served around after 5 minutes.

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PRICE: $3.50

WAITING TIME: ~ 5 min on a Monday 8.30pm

Omelette is good.
Comes with 3 oysters.
Like the sauce as well.

Dry version was already sold out when we visited at 2+pm on a Friday

I like the soup, not so much the chilli, beef balls and beef slices (too thick and chewy, not tender).
Prefer kuay teow to thick beehoon.

BILL: $22.20nett inclusive of 2 rice and 1 canned drink

WAITING TIME: Started queuing at 7.52pm on a Friday, food served at 8.36pm

Pity they raised the prices here. Now it's same menu as the air-conditioned unit at Punggol Oasis Terraces. Used to be cheaper.

Chicken thigh rice $5.50++
Additional plate of rice $1.50++
Onion omelette $6.50++
Thai red curry chap chye $8.00++
Iced rose milk tea $3.00++

WAITING TIME: Short queue on a Sunday early evening. Got in fast because we only needed a table for two. Food came amazingly fast too.

- Will not order the chap chye again because the veggies are not the soft, tender kind we get in our usual chap chye.
- Fragrant rice. Normal chicken.
- Can't compare to BTK

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PRICE: $5.50 + $0.50 to add vermicelli

WAITING TIME: About 5min on a weekday evening

* Looks like a new stall, saw quite a number of people eating this so we ordered one to share
* Generous amount of fish slices
* Can choose from chicken, tomyum, herbal soup
* Other types of hotpot include chicken, beef, seafood
* Herbal taste of the soup is not very strong, but still pretty nice
* Good variety of ingredients inside, e.g sausage, egg, meatball (with fillings), fishballs, cabbage, mushrooms
* Especially like the chilli sauce


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PRICE: $3.50


WAITING TIME: Less than 10 min (quite a bit of a queue on a weekday evening)

* Very well-marinated charsiew, very flavourful
* Slightly tougher than the usual charsiew
* Charsiew is not the kind that's charred on the outside
* Wantons are nice
* Love the seasoning mix of the noodles
* Generous amount of charsiew


[ This stall's unit number is not #01-120 though Signage at #01-120 shows another stall's name. This stall looks new, and is at #01-52, at the back, near the sundries goods stalls. ]

PRICE: $5.50

WAITING TIME: Less than 10min during weekday after lunch peak hour

VERDICT: This time we find that roast pork > charsiew. That crispy roast pork skin is everything. Charsiew was a little too charred.

WILL WE EAT THIS AGAIN? Yes, again and again.

PRICE: $5.80 for Seafood White Bee Hoon, $14 for Crayfish Horfun (apparently the horfun is free, they only charge by the number of crayfish you want. Crayfish rate varies.)

WAITING TIME: 8-10 min on a Friday night

- Seafood white bee hoon is decent but we still prefer the Original Sembawang White Bee Hoon which is thicker, has more egg, and more seafood taste
- Crayfish horfun is quite nice, but cannot be compared to Uncle Leong's horfun

WILL WE RETURN? May return to try other dishes from this stall

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Chronicling places and prices for our own reference

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