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吃 CHInese

吃 CHInese

Noodles, rice and everything nice.
Eatssentially .
Eatssentially .


WAITING TIME: Got it almost immediately on a Public Holiday around 2PM

- 2 pieces of really good and crispy chicken wings
- Rice can be more fragrant
- Loved the chilli sauce
- Loved the free flow soup


Chicken wings at $1.20 each

$6.80 XO Egg Fried Rice with Pork Chop
$6.50 Egg Fried Rice with Pork Chop
* No GST and service charge *

Definitely wasn't expecting this long a wait on a weekday at 3PM.
Reason? It all started with the guy taking orders. He gave us a number tag different from the order number he written down in their system. It was off-peak hours and we were the 3rd group of customers. Those before us received their fried rice. And then the many groups after us all got theirs too. Our order number never got called.

When we enquired at the counter, another guy asked for our order tag, looked at their order sheet, and then nonchalantly said they must have gotten our order number wrong. I informed him we had ordered 25 mins ago, long before the other groups arrived. There was no apology. Just a shrug.

- Objectively speaking, yes the fried rice, the fried rice, the chilli were all good. Really good. On par or maybe even better than DTF.

WILL WE RETURN? No, because of the bad service recovery.

PRICE: $6.50 Biang Biang Mian
Canned drink $1.80 😑

WAITING TIME: 20 minutes on a weekday 3.15PM. Ridiculously slow and inefficient.

- Food does not justify waiting time
- Objectively speaking, we did not exactly love the two different bowls of noodles we had here


PRICE: $126 (5 adults)
Inclusive of medium steamboat $43, half chicken $19
*No prices on menu, yikessss*

WAITING TIME: What waiting time? Everything came within 5 minutes. Even the cooked dishes. We were seriously amazed.

- Soup was totally bland at the start, I had to add soya sauce into my own bowl of soup
- Soup became really pretty salty towards the end
- Standard old-school steamboat ingredients. None of that fancy fish glue, prawn glue and whatnot.
- The youngsters at our table liked the Hainanese pork chop, the older folks not so
- Loved the chicken rice
- The omelette reminds me of pancake in a good way. Hated the bittergourd though.
- HOT AND SWEATY cos we were seated near the kitchen. There was no fan nor aircon near us. NEED to pick our own tables next time instead of getting assigned to such a bad table.

Sesame chicken $5.80
Qing Long veg $6.80
Rice $0.60
Canned Drink $1.60


WAITING TIME: No queue at 8PM on Saturday. Food arrived very fast. 5 minutes or so.

- Ordered the sesame chicken countless times from both outlets. It's never failed us.
- First time ordering the qing long veggie. Loved it! This price for this somewhat rare veg is such a steal! There are only so few veggies that I like, and this is now added to my very exclusive list.

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Chicken rice $4.50++
Chicken thigh rice $5.50++
Onion omelette $6.50++

WAITING TIME: No queue to enter at 3.30pm on a weekday. Rice took less than 5 mins to arrive, onion omelette just slightly more

- Addicted to the soup that is served with each plate of chicken rice. SO GOOD. A kind Auntie gave us two bowls of refill.
- The chicken rice itself -- not that impressive. Still prefer our local hainanese chicken rice (more savoury and fragrant)
- Don't quite enjoy the sauces either. Too sour for me.

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Fried Rice (Small) $6
White Beehoon (Small) $6
* No GST, no Service Charge YAYYYYY

WAITING TIME: No queue to enter when we went past 9.30PM on a Friday. Slightly more than 5 minutes for food to reach the table.

* Portion for the small fried rice is big
* Fried rice isn't fantastic, nothing to shout about
* Prefer their mee goreng but they ran out of mee and horfun
* White beehoon tasted a little bland this time; wasn't as enjoyable as it usually is
* Couldn't help wishing there was fried pork lard to go with the white beehoon
* Sitting outdoors along the parallel parking lots isn't quite ideal though. The smell and noise from cars entering and leaving the lots, yikes.

PRICE: $12

WAITING TIME: Slightly more than 5 minutes on a weekday afternoon past lunchtime

- Only a few visible pieces of crabmeat
- Average plate of fried rice

PRICE: $3.90
For 2 veg (curry chap chye + brinjal long beans) and 1 meat (chicken feet)

WAITING TIME: Less than 5 minutes on a Sunday at 9.30PM

- Tender chicken feet
- Serving is very generous
- Probably will order other veggies next time

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WAITING TIME: Ordered slightly past 9pm on a Saturday, food was served 7 mins later

- Above average
- No sambal or belachan chilli though, only green and red chilli with soy sauce

PRICE: $9.80++ each for the HK Beef Brisket Noodles Soup and Congee with Pork Liver and Meatballs before applying Burpple Beyond 1-FOR-1

WAITING TIME: Between 5-10 minutes from ordering to receiving our food

- Soup was flavourful
- Portion of noodles was somewhat small
- Beef brisket was slightly tough
- Congee was great after adding soy sauce
- Very generous amount of meats and liver
- Overall, a filling meal with attentive staff

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PRICE: $4 (Actually we ordered $3 portion but was given and had to pay for a $4 plate)

WAITING TIME: Slightly over 5 minutes on a Friday night

- maybe a whole plate of YouTiao isn't such a good idea after all haha. He found it 'jelat' and had trouble finishing it.


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