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Chinese Yums

Chinese Yums

Featuring Sungei Road Laksa, Ri Ri Hong Mala Xiang Guo (People's Park Complex Food Centre), House of Happiness, Good Year Seafood Village, Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant (UOB Plaza), Golden Spoon Restaurant, Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh (Bedok), Traditional Haig Road Putu Piring (Haig Road Market & Food Centre), Yu Cun Claypot Curry Fish Head, Ri Ri Sheng Mala Pot 日日昇麻辣香鍋
Lickscreenfortaste .
Lickscreenfortaste .
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The 100th @lickscreenfortaste post gotta be for a hidden find in my hood (east side is the best side)! Never knew such gem existed in this ulu part of Tampines.

Their coffee pork ribs (S$20) and curry fish head ($28) are #lickscreenfortasteapproved. A must order if you are dining here. The rest are pretty ordinary zichar fares. They served bak ku teh (not in pic), good to try if you prefer the peppery version.

You can opt for outdoor sitting if you prefer the rustic fweels. If not, they have an aircon area too. Reservation can be made at this place!


New weekend brekkie place found! Good prawn noodle and ngoh hiang under one roof. Plenty of seats available but not the parking lots. If you are driving, parking can be an issue so take note!

Made a mental note to try these traditional dessert after watching the SG episode of @netflix ’s Street Food. Stoked to stumble upon their Simpang Bedok branch one day later! Critics who are feeling salty abt Putu Piring being featured in this show shld really try these steamed rice flour cakes. Their quality gula melaka filling will def bring some sweetness to them 😜

Fans of Eng’s wanton noodle and Geylang claypot rice rejoice! You can enjoy both dishes under the same roof at this branch. Best!

Happy Labour Day! I love bak chor mee but dun have a fav stall for return visits. Where is your go to BCM stall 🤔? LMK!


Had this famous laksa without much queue! Love the fresh and fleshy (heh) cockles. Why do I’ve this feeling there are better bowls of laksa out there 🤔

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Long queues at hawker centres are never a pleasant experience (think hot weather and dozen of humans excuse me-ing you with their tray of food). For those who dread queuing for Xin Mei Xiang Lor Mee at Old Airport Road, go try this stall near Eunos MRT. Way shorter queue and yummy bowl! The gravy is v flavourful on its own, so go easy on the chilli paste as it might be a lil salty for the taste bud. Wrack the chilli padi if you want the heat for your noodles 🔥

For those looking for authentic Hokkien fare, do visit Beng Thin Hoon Kee restaurant at OCBC Centre! Love their crispy oyster egg (mad dope), claypot tofu, crispy roast chicken, prawn roll and yam paste. Pretty generous w their portion. Recommended for chinese family/big group meals!

@house_of_happiness_sg offers creative twist to claypot dishes where diners get to try unique combinations of this local delight. We had teriyaki pork jowl (S$7) and pork lard bacon with furikake (S$7). Perhaps in an attempt to reduce cooking time to feed hungry diners like me, I personally find the flavour from the ingredients did not seep much into the rice and there was a lack of “wohei” a good claypot shld have. But on a whole, the claypot dishes are still enjoyable. The star for me gotta be its elder sibling —> signature lor bak ($9)! Super tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture that makes you go mmmmmmmm. Love that they also offer three types of chilli to go with your food. You got me there! 🤪

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Affordable zichar fare + splendid service + deliciousness + aircon (oh yay) = @lexiaochu.sg ! Enjoyed my dining experience here and def lickscreenfortaste worthy 👅 👅 👅

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Spoilt by the choices available at Hong Lim food centre, I decided to go for the queue that has more elderly folks (they really know their food).
This lil food hack pays well! Love the al dente mee pok and their home made fish ball (S$4.50). Even the lil detail like pork lard is frequent. Def one of my fav fish ball noodle. The only pain is the long waiting time (abt 30mins for mine) as care went into cooking each bowl. Go try it!


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