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Angeline Kang
Angeline Kang
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Pork Collar Steak with Pumpkin Mash and Coleslaw.

The dish came with pork collar steak set atop freshly made pumpkin mash, with a crunchy slide of slaw and freshly fried fries. I love the coleslaw even though it's just well, purple cabbage and pomegranate but it's so refreshing!!! Together with the mash pumpkin, they go pretty well together. The pork collar steak came in an average serving, already severed into relatively smaller slices so that you don't have to go through so much work to cut them—which I was glad because the meat was frigging tough to break that my jaw had to put in some hard work to masticate the protein. Fries was quite addictive though but I'm not exactly a fan of shoestring cut fries. I think I might try the chicken leg dish instead the next time but I think I do enjoy this dish to a certain extent. Oh, and the latte is nothing spectacular. I only opted for it because the majority of the drinks on the menu are already sweetened by default.

The Market Lane Latte.

It has a strong acidic taste and I didn't quite like it at first... but after a few stir of the drink and a few extra sips, it grew on me and I thought it wasn't that bad. I liked it better than St Ali since that is too bitter for my liking.

Coconut Soft Serve.

What's better than a cooling dessert to cool down your day??? Totally love this! And the serving is big enough for a dessert monster like me!

1 Base + 1 Protein + 2 Sides.

I opted for quinoa as the base, chicken as the protein, zucchini and mushroom as the sides. The chicken is tender and not dry, though I think it's not that cooked? It actually looks a little pinkish to me. I was pondering whether I should eat it but it didn't taste raw so I thought it should be safe to eat. The zucchini is nice though it tasted a little cold to me (same goes for quinoa, which I thought should be warm but well) and there was a weird crunch in it though I'm not sure exactly what it is. I think the one that tasted the best is the mushroom, warm and flavorful!!!! I opted sambal belachan as the sauce but it was a tad too spicy for me. Given an option, I wouldn't come back here again because honestly, at the price tag ($17++), I would rather go to The Daily Cut that would give me more serving of protein and food that tasted waaaaaaay better than this. Or Grain Trader, which has an equivalent price tag but obviously has a better quality than what I had here. This is just me though.

Lemongrass Mint Tea and Lychee Cold Tea.

Arteastiq offers a huge range of beverage and their tea sets are really awesome. The lemongrass mint tea offered is soothing, and the lemongrass scent isn't too overwhelming, very much to my liking. The pastry that comes with it isn't as tasty as I hope it'd be because the texture kind of reminds you of plastic. My friend's tea set however is SO GOOD I CAN'T EVEN APPREHEND. The lychee cold tea really exceeds any expectation (which is none since lychee tea is lychee tea so what do you expect really!!!) But it tastes really good with a saccharine lychee flavor to it, or maybe because it came cold as well so it's exceptionally refreshing. And I was super grateful that he shared a cup of two with me because I was regretting not ordering that instead!

Salmon Wellington.

I've been wanting to try this and I finally did!!! I'm a little disappointed though because the pastry crust at the bottom is a little hard to break through. The salmon, however, is moist and nicely done but I'd have preferred it more if there's more seasoning done to it because there was a bit of a fishy taste to it but I'm usually very sensitive to it so others might not think the same. The sauce is savior in covering up that taste even when I didn't put too much of it—it's creamy but light enough so it doesn't get jelat. Salad is just pretty much standard. The tea served is stellar as compared to the main course. So do order the tea when you're there!!

Rubber Ducky.

Aesthetically pleasing rubber ducky that is actually made up of mango sorbet, it came perching atop thecreme fraiche pudding, sago pearls, mango puree, taking a lemongrass bubble bath. The mango sorbet is a little hard to break in with the fork but surprisingly isn't too hard on the teeth, melting within our warm cavern with a strong sweet scent of mango. The lemongrass foam complements well with the mango sorbet and I liked it a lot. There's also the sago pearls sinking right at the bottom of the bath and have a chewy texture to it though I'd prefer if it's softer. This definitely surpasses my expectations and I prefer this more.

Egg Prata and Plain Prata.

It was a weekday morning and there are quite a number of people getting their pratas!!! It was super addictive and indeed super crispy. Much prefer the plain one because of the crispy exterior, since the egg one isn't as crispy. There were three types of curry being served with it and all of them tasted good from what I remembered, and not too spicy too!

Cold Brew White.

Chilling during lunch and trying all the cold brew that I can get my hands on. Nothing too special about this, I preferred Old Hen's one than this. I'm not that good at telling what kind of coffee is good but this didn't leave anything especially memorable. Come here for their sandwiches instead because you won't regret it at all!

Green Tea Latte and Pistachio Toast.

This is what I called Green Tea Latte. Wasn't overly sweet and has a nice balance of bitterness. I can drink this literally everyday but I try not to because $5 per cup isn't exactly cheap either!!! Pistachio toast was really nice. Generous slab of butter slotted in between the bread. This is what I call a good Singapore breakfast.

Death Cream.

This'll be the death of me. Seriously creamy coffee which left me wanting more. This small cup wasn't enough but it's also frigging expensive. Once in a blue moon indulgence.

Just an assortment of food that my friend and I had.

She's from Israel and was here for EXO's concert. So brought here here after all the walks in the conservatories in Garden by the Bay. Food wasn't bad at all and my friend thoroughly enjoyed Singapore's food!