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Angeline Kang
Angeline Kang

Not spicy enough for me but what do you expect from a Japanese restaurant?! Oh, they have free flow eggs and beansprouts too. Waitresses there are very enthusiastic in refilling your water as well. So I can live without that much spiciness (or just pour some chili powder to upgrade the hotness). All in all, it was good. Portion was frigging big for normal portion, so if you ask for upsize, it might be a little too big. But then, if you have enormous appetite, or going through puberty (AHEM, yes, you!!!!), please do yourself a favor and upsize!!!

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Fucking glorious. I love it. But really, I wonder what's the logic behind the burger being $5.40 on its own while the meal is only $6. 🤷🤷🤷

This is kind of too sweet for me. Matcha taste was strong but lack the familiar bitterness to it. The cheese taste was super subtle, would wish for it to be stronger though I wonder if it'd be weird should the taste be stronger. Anyway, it's not expensive as well, which I think it quite worth it as compare to the smoothie.

I didn't quite expect the tacos to look like this. Feels more like mini wraps than tacos because I was expecting hard shell tortilla style taco but this came in this... soft... thing, I said thing because I couldn't remember what exactly it is but it's not the usual wheat tortilla you get from Mexican wraps as well. Nevertheless!!! I really liked the crunchy chicken within, the wrap is soft but surprisingly really good. Other stuffings include the corns, lettuce and avocados. So be warned that it can be quite a mess when eating this!! And my advice would be JUST USE YOUR HAND.

LO AND BEHOLD... The star of the night goes to the prawn hor fun!!!
Even though this plate looked like a gooey plate of incoherent mess, it was supeeeeeeeer on point. The prawn hor fun was flavorful—the essence of prawn (lmao, what) infused every drop of the sauce, generously coating the broad strips of hor fun. Also, they are pretty generous with the prawns. Of course, the wok hei had a big part in the making of this legendary (wut?!) dish. Would totally go for this again the next time. Okay, maybe I'll try something else since I've heard great stuff about the soup version as well.

Other dishes are not bad. I loved the claypot yong tau fu because of it bouncy texture of the paste, and the savoury taste of the sauce, istg THE SAUCE!!! It's as though they have magic when it comes to concocting the sauce of the dishes. The claypot chicken was average for me, would have tried the prawn paste chicken if given a chance. Cereal prawn was there because I was craving for it. That's about it I guess. Many thanks to my buddies in Suntory for putting this farewell dinner together. Can't even string a coherent speech because I was as much a mess as the hor fun but love y'all!

Picture taken when I finished more than half of it. 😂😂😂 Tasted pretty good though it'd have been better if they used fresh strawberry instead of syrup (pretty it's that unless they soak the strawberries in sugar to preserve it and blend it which explains how the gooey pink substance gets stuck to the cup, highly doubt so because too much effort). Anyway, was sitting in the cafe and there's this lady who kept standing near my table because apparently Nathan Hartono and Lee Teng was at a table nearby. I was about to ask the waiter if they could ask her to leave since she wasn't even a customer there when a security did.


Came here with @nmt.a and chose this place only because it's been featured on Chope exclusive. I was quite disappointed when the first dish came because I didn't feel like it matched the price tag but THIIIIIIS is well worth the money, especially since it's one for one (THANKS TO CHOPE!) The portion is big and the beef is 👌

Anyway, it was a great night catching up and also realizing we are both fans of Infinite!!! Let's meet up again before we both leave for our destination! ❤️ 🇪🇺🇹🇼

😭😭😭 Ordered Peppermint Kopi-O Kosong instead and added my own coconut milk since I'm refraining myself from taking anything dairy (inflammation is getting from bad to worse because I was a defiant kid who refused to heed my body's call 🙃) when I was back in the office. Had their toast as well, ordered their Raspberry Compote and wished that I tried their kaya one instead since I wasn't especially impressed. But guess this might be the last time I'm buying from them before heading off to Taiwan, or at least not the toast. No more anything gluten!


My friend really liked the ramen here and so he dragged me and another friend here for dinner. Opted for the upside ramen because my friend wanted my extra noodles. Topped up on char sore because WHY NOT?! I love char siew!!! I didn't imagine it to be so good!! The noodles was springy and it was very flavorful—the fragrant of the crunch of greens (and mind you, I'm not a fan of it but this complemented really well with the noodles), lightly marinated mince meat that didn't succumb to the victim of sodium with a sprinkle of spiciness. Not to forget the egg, though wasn't too obvious after the chaos of mix but played it role in clinging itself to the various ingredients, sneaking in a mild eggy taste. All in all, I really enjoyed this bowl! You can also opt to get a reaaaaaal small portion of rice to mix with the remnant of sauce and probably some mince meat. It's pretty nice!!!


This ramen is the bomb!!!!!! The soup has a very strong prawn flavor which is so addictive then I drank it to the final drop, and I don't always finish the soup of the ramen so this goes to prove how much I like this! The tori karaage is super crispy but still moist and tender on the inside, definitely hit all right spot! I've gotten the petite lunch set and it's just the right size for me. It comes with a dessert as well but nothing beats the ramen!


Healthy dessert and latte!!! The taste of the cake might take a bit of getting used to, probably because of the avocado but it's actually pretty tasty. The base of the cake is made out of nuts. Red Velvet Latte is actually coffee blended with beet root. The hues of pink is pleasing to the eyes that it elicits small squeals of delight because it's so frigging cute!!! The taste of beet root is quite subtle. For those who prefers strong coffee taste, this might not be something you'd like since I find it quite milky but I think this deserves a try—you don't find beet root latte at a lot of places, and with such a pretty pink!


The dish came with pork collar steak set atop freshly made pumpkin mash, with a crunchy slide of slaw and freshly fried fries. I love the coleslaw even though it's just well, purple cabbage and pomegranate but it's so refreshing!!! Together with the mash pumpkin, they go pretty well together. The pork collar steak came in an average serving, already severed into relatively smaller slices so that you don't have to go through so much work to cut them—which I was glad because the meat was frigging tough to break that my jaw had to put in some hard work to masticate the protein. Fries was quite addictive though but I'm not exactly a fan of shoestring cut fries. I think I might try the chicken leg dish instead the next time but I think I do enjoy this dish to a certain extent. Oh, and the latte is nothing spectacular. I only opted for it because the majority of the drinks on the menu are already sweetened by default.


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