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Hawker Food

Hawker Food

Featuring Springleaf Prata Place (The Rail Mall), The Curry Wok (Bukit Timah), Koufu (West Mall), Pak Mandor & Family, Heaven's Indian Curry (Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre)

Open late into the night, the rail mall branch serves crispy thosai, pratas and murtabak.
The menu is mind-blowing with a different twists to all their pratas. Savoury toppings like luncheon meat, chicken and mozarella cheese and eggs benedict vs sweet toppings like ice cream, chocolate sauce.... you name it!

This particular thosai had mushrooms and cheese hidden right inside and their food is absolutely affordable!

And let’s not forget the air-con and washroom where you could wash your hands at the back! :)

Will definitely be back for more :p

Fragrant nasi lemak rice with a wonderful coconut aftertaste lingering. Coupled with the sambal chilli and dried anchovies, I think I could just have the rice on its own! One of the best nasi lemak I have had!

The sides of chicken wing and fish cake make a good combination but the rice really steals the show :))


First time trying this:)
Assorted vegetables and meat with a kick of mala spice, went well with white rice
Something different from the usual hawker fare at the kopitiams and foodfares we see around :)

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Made on the spot and piping hot from the pan, this Thosai is definitely something to try at Ghim Moh Market. It has wonderful crispy edges and a softer floury centre. It does not have a sharp smell of fermented rice/lentil batter which is usually common amongst Thosai. Complemented with curry and coconut chutney (not in picture :( because it was sold out by the time I bought this), this is a wonderful Indian dish for breakfast and early lunch ;) just be sure to catch the shop before 1pm as they close when they finish selling their appams and thosais!

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For me, this Peranakan rice set is nostalgic of my school days. After some time apart and revisiting the dish recently, the combination of the 3 different dishes never fail to comfort my tastebuds. The fried fish fritter is not too oily and the fish to breadcrumbs ratio is just right. The chicken in the Ayam kecap manis was braised well and the meat was still chewy and does not disintegrate as what one expects from most braised dishes. The sayur lodeh balanced the mainly protein-packed dish and lends a spicy factor to the dish. The rice was drenched with the different sauces. The portions of this dish are huge especially for (ravenous) girls and would be perfect for the guys! Overall, a perfect peranakan blend of dishes! Ps: Definitely give their sambal chili a go!! It lends an entirely different kick to this wonderful rice set!


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