Western Food🍔🍕

Western Food🍔🍕

Mouthwatering western cuisine at an affordable price!!
Joslyn Koh
Joslyn Koh

Recently went to Peperoni Pizzeria and had a really delightful dinner there😇

Ordered x2 L half and half pizzas (shouldve ordered x1 XXL instead😅) This is quite filling for 2 people if you do not order any other sides!

Got a mix of
- Prosciutto Di Parma + Burrata & Prosciutto for a half and half red-sauced pizza
- Crispy Bacon and Potato + Portobello for a half and half white-sauced pizza

I really like the pizzas here as it is thin crusted and made of good quality cheese🤩 Fillings to crust ratio is good as well and I enjoyed all 4 flavours! Service was mediocre but overall ratings 9/10 as its one of the best pizza places I have been to😇👍🏻

Recently went to 49 seats to catch up with some friends😄 Paid $16.90 for this fish and chips with tomyum sauce set!

Food was decent and portions are hugeeee (as u can see from the photo)🤣 You have the options to choose two sides and I chose garden salad + mashed potatoes! Was really full after this but affordable meal and decent quality and quantity👍🏻Wouldn't say its very special in any sense but woul definitely go back if I am craving for seafood tomyum pasta or fish and chips!

Overall ratings are 7.5/10😇

Went to Hans im Gluck and tried the Kase Beef Burger with a side of sweet potato fries!!🤤 I also ordered a lemon tea to quench my thirst hehe😇
Would say that the price is decent (about $25 after gst and service charge) but the ambience is a refreshing sight to see (very unique😍)!! The portions are also huge and very satisfying🤪

Overall ratings 8.5/10👍🏻💯

Went to Marche for the first time in my life and ordered a rosti with calamari rings🤤 I would say that the food there in general is more on the oily side but its really good if you are feeling sinful🤣

I cant really remember the price but I would estimate both of those items to be $8 and $15 respectively😅 Would visit again if im craving for the rosti because its honestly sooo good😩 Ratings 9/10 overall😇

Went to The Dempsey Project during CNY 2021 and was sooo glad its still opened🥰

Ordered the Truffle Mushroom Risotto + Grilled Chicken ($28+$5), Spicy Seafood Aglio Olio ($29) as well as Wagyu Beef Nachos & GF Tortilla Chips ($20)!🤤 Service was good and the place is very cozy and spacious!!😇

I honestly felt that first look at the price, it is a little steep compared to other cafe food priced items😅 However, I was taken aback as the portion and quality you pay for actually speaks for the hefty price paid! I really enjoyed my food a lot and would really recommend it to those who want to dine in a western food restaurant that serves pretty good meals😍💯

Overall ratings are a 9/10 as the location is a little inconvenient to travel to and the pricing is a little steep, but overall good experience👍🏻🥰

Went to Supply and Demand for a short catchup session with my friend and ordered the Panna e Aglio with Chicken and Mushroom ($21), All Arrabbiata ($18) and a side of Fries ($9)🥰

In general I like the restaurant vibes and service was pretty good! Food that I ordered was pretty mediocre and I do kinda find the pricing to be a little steep. I would however go there for date nights if I feel like trying out other items on the menu and spending more haha🤣 Overall 7/10 for ratings😇

Visited Black Tap again after about 3 years from my previous visit haha😅 Ordered the Mexico City Burger with a side of fries ($25) and also ordered a cookie shake ($12)

I am obsessed with their fries, its so cripsy and well seasoned🤤💯 The portion size is also huge haha I couldn't finish my food but I will remember to go there on an empty stomach next time🤣

Good burgers amazing fries and decent service! Ratings overall will be a 9/10 (Had to wait about an hour during peak hours) but will definitely visit again🥰

Went to TCC to get their Wagyu Beef Charcoal Burger with a side of fries for $25.90 before gst and svc charge. Hands down one of the best burgers ive had in my life because its so juicy and full of flavour🤤 I would also say for wagyu beef and ebi prawns, the price is also decent and not too expensive!!

Would definitely want to visit TCC again in the near future to try out their other dishes😇 No complaints or any downfalls so ratings is a 10/10!!🤪

Went to Five Guys and had the little cheeseburger, cajun fries as well as the oreo shake!!

To be honest, im not a huge fan of it and i prefer shake shack😅 I would only come back for the oreo shake which is damn thick and creamy so 💯 just for the shake.

Food wise in relation to the price, id give it a 6/10

Had an amazing buffet at Rise!!😍 Decided to post this even tho I have alot more photos haha but it was a great experience and food was delicious😇 Selection was between asian and western cuisine and desserts was great too💯 Customer service was a little slow but worth the wait haha. Would come here on special occasions hehe ratings 9/10!!🤪😍

Went to Daizu Cafe 3 days ago for dinner and ordered

- Mentaiko Fries ($12)
- Miso Beef Striploin Rice Bowl ($18)
- Garlic Butter Sakura Ebi Pasta ($16)

Mentaiko Fries were GREAT!!!!😍 Pasta and rice bowl was decent but not fantastic (maybe the pasta felt a little like aglio olio while the rice bowl had not much flavour as i hoped for)

Service was great as well as staff was friendly and helped me and my friends to take photos haha😅 Would come back here for the mentaiko fries💯 Ratings 7/10

Went to Kreams Krafthouse and ordered

X1 Dalgona Milk
X1 Vanilla Latte
X1 Blueberry Cake

Total per item was about $8 estimated!! Overall would say that the cake is light and tasty, while my dalgona milk is refreshing!🤪 The Vanilla Latte was mediocre tho😅

Overall felt that it was slightly overpriced but the views were 🤩 Ratings are 7/10 and would come again for the other cakes!!😇

Can I say that Cafehopping around SG is my hobby?🤣 Leaving personalized reviews everywhere I go😇

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