Western Food🍔🍕

Western Food🍔🍕

Mouthwatering western cuisine at an affordable price!!
Joslyn Koh
Joslyn Koh

Food was slightly overpriced in my opinion because this pasta was $19 aft gst haha.😅
However for lunch, they have a 1 for 1 promotion for an hour and I think it is more worth to go then.

Ordered the tom yum seafood pasta and it was not bad and was quite filling for me!😋

Went to TLGC for dinner through eatigo reservation(50% off all items except for drinks and desserts) and it was sooooo worth it🤪

Ordered a few times,
- truffle mushroom risotto
- truffle mushroom pizza
- truffle mushroom pasta
- mentaiko fries
- angus beef patty japanese curry rice
- chilli crab pasta
- chicken chop

Everything is affordable with the eatigo booking and portions were pretty huge(except the risotto). I would recommend the angus beef patty japanese curry and the chilli crab pasta!!😍💯 The rest was decent but nothing special or to my liking.

Ordered this crazy cookie shake($19) and it was superrrr sinful!!😂 Topped with whipped cream, chocolate chip, a huge vanilla ice cream, two cookies and some fillings at the side of the jar🤪 It is very filling for two to three and good when you feel like indulging in something sweet💯

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Went to Black Tap for lunch today and I ordered a 'Mexico City'($24)😋 I liked how they asked how i like the doneness of my patty because it really makes a difference based on my personal preference😂 The burger patty was juicy and youd get to stack your own burger up(as shown in the pic)

It was honestly delicious and the portions were very filling!! I would say its worth every dollar as they really provide quality for what youd get💯

Overall would recommend people to try the different burgers as it all looks delicious☺️👍🏻 Also ordered a crazy cookie shake which would be posted in another listing!!☺️

For the price of $16 before gst and svc charge it is of decent quality and i would purchase this again if im craving for it😋

Collins portions are huge!! So its definitely worth the price☺️👍🏻

Also ordered the half rack of ribs($17) and a chocolate banana smoothie($8). Both are also of decent quality and very filling!! Do try different items on the menu according to what you like😄

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Went to have lunch at Fuel Plus+ on a weekday afternoon☺️

Ordered the truffle bacon mushroom farfelle($16), chilli crab pasta($18) and the caulinuggets($9) (cauliflower made into nuggets shape)😋

Food overall was not bad and caulinuggets was something new that was surprisingly tasty!! The Farfelle pasta was also made into cute bowties😍 Menu selections were also plenty and would rate this restaurant a 7/10!💯👍🏻

the only downside was that the location was a little ulu and we needed to get our own utensils and condiments😕

Finally tried Shake Shack at Changi and managed to get my food within an hr😋 (because i went on a non peak day + hour)😂

Bought the SmokeShake(angus beef burger + bacon), Shroom Burger, Half Half shake and cheese fries🤩

Honestly I am a very carnivorous person but the Shrooms Burger to me was really good!!🤤 The rest of the food was great too but I felt that the shake was a little expensive for its quality($6.90) 🤭

Overall rating was an 8/10 but would visit only when it is non-peak because I wouldnt queue for 1.5 hrs just to get my food😂

Went to P.S Cafe for lunch and tried their truffle string fries($16) + Chicken Pomodoro($27)☺️ Portion size was huge as the truffle fries could feed 3-4 people!! Ambience was amazing and staff service was great too!!

Worth a try when you feel like having a fancier dinner😍🤤💯 Overall ratings is an 8.5/10!!

Went to have dinner and the food here is pretty decent☺️ Worth to try!!😆 Bought the Ocean Haddock Fish & Tempura Squid($18) and portion size is very filling for one! Would rate it an overall score of 8/10 and would try other items on their menu next time💯👍🏻

Had dinner at this restaurant and ate Garlic Halibut set with overeasy eggs☺️ The fish was a little bland to my liking😅 Also tried Kalua pulled chicken burger (this picture) and it was not bad honestly. Overall ratings is an 8/10!💯 Spent about $40 after gst and svc charge.

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Went to Timbre yesterday evening for dinner and the live band😂😍

Ordered a slow roast red wine beef cheek for $20 and it was good! Meat was soft and not rock hard, fries were crispy, there were also vegetables at the side and mash potatoes underneath the beef cheek!

Overall however is an 8/10 for me. I started getting a little sick of eating a huge portion of beef cheek😅 For meat lovers however, this is a treat u would not want to miss!☺️

The ambience was good tho! Live band was great and the songs played were great as well. Do come down and enjoy drinks with ur friends for a great TGIF and more with the live bands and decent food here😄

Went to TPC to have lunch after school! Ordered the spicy sausage creamy spagetti, fries, chicken karaage, chicken nuggets and lastly, vanilla and chocolate icecream. Total was about $18 and honestly, the food here is pretty affordable☺️

This shop however, is self-service which is why there is no gst and svc charge(which is great)!! Would rate it a 7.5/10 in terms of food, coziness of the ground level and pricing!☺️

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Cafehopping whenever im free☺️💙 Leaving some personal reviews when trying new food😛

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