Western Food🍔🍕

Western Food🍔🍕

Mouthwatering western cuisine at an affordable price!!
Joslyn Koh
Joslyn Koh

Had an amazing buffet at Rise!!😍 Decided to post this even tho I have alot more photos haha but it was a great experience and food was delicious😇 Selection was between asian and western cuisine and desserts was great too💯 Customer service was a little slow but worth the wait haha. Would come here on special occasions hehe ratings 9/10!!🤪😍

Went to Daizu Cafe 3 days ago for dinner and ordered

- Mentaiko Fries ($12)
- Miso Beef Striploin Rice Bowl ($18)
- Garlic Butter Sakura Ebi Pasta ($16)

Mentaiko Fries were GREAT!!!!😍 Pasta and rice bowl was decent but not fantastic (maybe the pasta felt a little like aglio olio while the rice bowl had not much flavour as i hoped for)

Service was great as well as staff was friendly and helped me and my friends to take photos haha😅 Would come back here for the mentaiko fries💯 Ratings 7/10

Went to Kreams Krafthouse and ordered

X1 Dalgona Milk
X1 Vanilla Latte
X1 Blueberry Cake

Total per item was about $8 estimated!! Overall would say that the cake is light and tasty, while my dalgona milk is refreshing!🤪 The Vanilla Latte was mediocre tho😅

Overall felt that it was slightly overpriced but the views were 🤩 Ratings are 7/10 and would come again for the other cakes!!😇

Read my reviews for these Matcha and Passionfruit Cruffins in Bread Yard (1)😇

Read my reviews for this Steak and Egg bowl in Bread Yard (1)😇

Went to Bread Yard yesterday for lunch and ordered
- Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict ($14)
- Steak and Egg Bowl ($14)
- Matcha and Passionfruit Cruffins ($5 each)

All the prices above are before GST😇 Do look out for more photos to be posted in my feed!!☺️

For the Steak and Egg bowl, theres a few soft bones in the beef so if youre not a fan of that, I recommend the Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict🤩The yolks were runny, bread was crispy and the pork was well marinated!

Also, I loved my passionfruit cruffin as it is stuffed on the inside and has the blend of citrus flavour + the crispy sweet outer layer🤤 It tastes a little like Kouign Amann on the outside🤯 Matcha cruffin is good too for matcha lovers!!

Ratings would be an 8/10 overall as prices are affordable and food tastes good!💯👍🏻 Would definitely come again if I am near the area🤣


Visited While Honey recently and ordered the Boulevard St Michael ($25 before GST)! It consists of french toast, eggs, tomatoes, bacon and spinach😄

I would say that the portion size is super filling and the menu has a good variety to select from. Would also mention that it is one of the more pricier cafes I have been to but for the portion you are getting, it is pretty worth the bang for your buck☺️

Overall ratings a 7/10 and would head back if I have the chance to👌🏻💯

Went to AMK coffee shop to have El Carbon for dinner!!😋

I ordered the truffle chicken pasta($6.80), sweet potato fries($4) and a charbroiled chicken chop($7.50)

Overall ratings would be a 9/10!!😂 Reason being, I find that the prices are affordable and the portions for the mains were good. The food is also cooked deliciously😋

The only downside is that I feel that the menu looks a little like Collins Menu, just simpler. But as long as the food is good, ill be sure to go back for more!!😇

Went to 49 Seats for dinner few nights ago for a friend's birthday party😋

Firstly, I just wanna say that the size of their restaurant did not look like 49 seats hahaha (or is this just a unique name for the restaurant :/ who knows right?)

I really like the simple marble + silver interior, along with the decor😇

Food wise, I know everyone is raving over this Seafood Tomyum Pasta - $14.90 (i added + 49 level spiciness hence the massive amount of chilli padi) but I honestly felt that the Fish and Chips with Tomyum sauce is more worth it(huge portion + comes with 2 sides) - $16.90. All pasta portions are lesser in my opinion😅

Food here has no further GST and Service Charge if I am not wrong? Staff was also super accomodating to helping us plan for the surprise.

I would definitely visit again as food was affordable and delicious🤪 Ratings 8.5/10!!

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Went to Morganfields to try out their signature sticky bones ribs🤪

Went there on a one for one promotion that they are having on Facebook for baby back ribs! However, by the time we got there the ribs were finished and thus, we ordered the signature ribs instead.

Overall ratings would be a 7/10. I ordered the ribs with their garlic sauce and I would say that the ribs itself is a little cold. (Maybe it is due to the large crowd at 1 for 1). I had also waited for an hour before my food arrived (once again due to one for one). Id say though, that their sides were good and portions were huge! Do try the fries and mac and cheese🥰

I would visit again to try the baby back ribs instead, but would never go for the one for one due to the long waiting time and deproved quality of food😢

Went to shake shack for the second time after trying it half a year ago!😅

In addition to the Shrooms burger and cheese fries I bought, I also bought the peanut butter shake😋

Consistency is good, queues are shorter and food is prepared faster now☺️👍🏻 However, i always recommend 2 people to share the shake as I bought 2 burgers + 1 cheese fries + 1 shake and it is very filling for 2 people😅

Do head to jewel and tried it out if you havent yet!!😄 I loveeee the Shrooms Burger!!

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Went to Collins just last month and ordered a Grilled Whole Squid($13) and Chicken Baked Pasta($13)!

I am a fan of Collins as portions are always huge, price is affordable and food is delicious😋 I will visit again and would definitely recommend it to people who wants an alternative to Astons haha🤣

Can I say that Cafehopping around SG is my hobby?🤣 Leaving personalized reviews everywhere I go😇

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