Places I Tried And Share

Places I Tried And Share

Hunting for a place to try? Read and see what's good before u waste your trip😊

Overall clean & nicely deco newly open cafe but I would skip - Hot Matcha due to the overpowering “bitterness” can’t even finish half after add sugar.
But I like to recommend this main course - Dew Harvest Bowl, no is Plate 😂 didn’t came in 🥣 😆
~it is fresh and good mixed of kale, Japanese pumpkin, cranberries, sunflower seeds with pesto sauce like the Roasted cayenne cauliflower the pink color beetroot juice califlower 👏🏻
👍🏻 Well balance & healthy-balance meal selected the grilled halloumi cheese 🧀 yummy!
> Damage: s$34/pax
*Aircon quite cold so bring along a 🧣 or 🧥 😂

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A small hawker store at this market called Ghim Moh Hawker Centre (#01-01, Singapore 270020) recently saw they open at 9 Dalhousie Ln, Singapore 209678 but haven’t try yet.

Love their Thai mango ice dessert, big slices of mango super large portion lo - worth the price & just notice they do delivery too! YEAH!!!!

1st and last try. Super overpriced Taiwanese food especially ‘three cups shrooms’ at $17.9 with 40% of sliced ginger 😂 eat ginger or mushrooms? Fiery Chili oil shrimp & pork wonton as side dish prepare to pay $8.4 for 6 small wontons 🙊
Total damaged at least s$20/pax w/no drinks yet.

Feeling not satisfied after the small Portion meals but big hole in pockets
Not so full just 60% so hop to a nicer bar nearby for drinks n more food! One of the senior lady service is not bad 👏🏻

Overrated restaurant at this location, total damaged is s$90 with only 1 bottle 750ml bottle to share, alcohol on high side.

I thought found a nice to catch up but Quite disappointed with the salty beef but I can say presentation and platting is nice
(Maybe) just Good for IG photos but not the price, just once I guess
~same for us - First and last visit.

‘Semi fine dining’ priced restaurant along Robertson Quay

Enjoys the APPETISERS - Borani Esfanaj (spinach) & Homemade Cheese.
The grilled platters is good too - like lamb, fish & prawn portions not big but price is high to be having Middle Eastern food in Singapore.

Overall customer service is good but do give some time for customers to chit chat not too overwhelming approaching the table :)

Total damage: s$56.00 per pax

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Normal to have a little high expectations for burger, in a burger bar like what other reviews.

Was disappointing.. especially the patty it is just like a frozen patty heated up by microwave didn’t taste the cheese or pickers - didn’t finish it :( food wastage.

Overall experience was bad included a air freshener directed at the main entrance where we are seated. When we were eating - it spray toward us (and our food) can’t understand why it is used 🥺 my friend have nose allergic was feel uncomfortable:(
Drinks hot chai latte also average.
So we didn’t enjoy the whole lunch.

But the chicken wings was juicy, fresh & well deep fried 👍🏻 chef 👩‍🍳 👏🏻

Total damage each of us (main course + drink)

Food is ok
💕 Love the bread is soft and well heat up. Can bring your own bottle of wine 🍷 if want.
Raviole Du Royan was ok-ok
but $27 overpriced for the location inside a old condominium.
1 staff she need to take care all tables + wish for a welcoming when we enter but maybe that’s the ‘French way’ 😂 can improve Service if make a effort.

Look 👀 newly open nice decor cafe along North Bridge Road before Arab/Haji Lane But quite disappointed with the pricing offered - No set for this cafe, lunch just a main course Pasta + dessert to share. 3 items - Total damage: About s$35 per pax

Pasta prawns are fresh & quite a bit of mini tomato & French beans but pasta overall tasteless.
There are kids menu - 4 main selections for kids and a nicely setup table and environment. Guess that’s the price point?! 🤔

Was expecting well charcoal grilled Japanese yakitori but quite disappointed with the pork & grilled veggie for the price. Starter - deep fried soft chicken bone should be bite-size & soft but crispy outside but isn’t :(
Garlic fried rice ok so-so but ramen 🍜 can skip.
Overall good service from the 2 Malaysia server 👍🏻 very polite and helpful. Just not much selection for bottle of wines for 2, mostly all 750ml 😂
[Total damage: About s$50 per pax]

Looks good but small in size shellfish. Is quite small. Maybe it is too expensive to get those really fresh and big ones

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shell seafood so-so. Mussels okie. Lala can be fresher. Remember to take the sauces they need to match it if not tasteless.

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We are expecting fresh big prawns but only 40% are fresh and the rest is unable to get shell off 😒 isn't fresh!

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