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Tried And Tested_Asian

Tried And Tested_Asian

Featuring Tan Yu ([email protected]), Fat Bird (Bugis), The Naked Finn, Hai Di Lao Hot Pot (Clarke Quay), Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant (Paragon), Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant, Spring Court, Por Kee Eating House, Paradise Dynasty (VivoCity), Hansang Korean Family Restaurant (Square 2)
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Had the promo lunch set - Soondubu chigae with pork. They advertised that their soondubu is made fresh daily, using good quality beans so i had to try it!

Verdict, the tofu is good! The entire dish is well done and I enjoyed the meal. I opted for the brown rice. Sadly, when I asked to refill the sides, the waitress said โ€˜$2โ€™ ๐Ÿ˜”...

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้’้พ™่œ tastes like a cross breed between chives and spring onions. Homemade Tofu was good but the green vege was still a tad raw and the sea cucumber taste was still a bit strong if you ate it. The small corn and squid in the Hor Fun were a bit fishy but the Hor Fun itself was sufficiently flavourful. Fried Rice was a tad tasteless and the rice was a bit too hard. Don't like Yu Sheng in general, but this one was still okay. The food not bad, although have to issue MSG alert.

The Marble goby is deep-fried till the skin is golden brown, then drizzled with a slightly salty sauce. Crispy outer layer with tender and juicy meat inside.

Captain K has undergone a revamp, with the introduction of NEW Korean meets local style hotpot. .
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Finally tried this hae mee tng at naked finn! The broth was really thick and packed with grilled prawn flavour. The somen is like a thicker version of mee sua and the two thin slices of pork left me wanting more. The prawns were fresh and sweet, but the last one I got was a tad mushy. Definitely tastes different as the hawker versions.

Most seemed to think $30 after GST for a bowl of prawn noodle is too expensive but the price is actually close to some expensive ramen places. So why the reluctance to pay more for prawn broth thatโ€™s simmered for hours? So #worthtotry for me.

#lunch #solodining

Had the grilled fish with beancurd! As all the other fish were sold out, we had the qing jiang fish which was pretty good! the texture was great and complimented the spiciness well. We ordered too much additional sides like the golden combo, luncheon meat, seaweed, rice cake, noodles, rice. and we were tooooo fullll~ so refrain from adding so much sides (though itโ€™s tempting) if u r not big eaters.

queue was long~~ be prepared to wait. OR get a queue number, go shop around and scan the QR code to see if itโ€™s ur turn yet :)

#bepreparedtoqueue #dinewithfriends

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โ€˜It better be good cause this is hawker foodโ€™ is what my friend said.

Dry laksa and dry mee siam were interesting and enjoyable. The pork satay was good but nothing amazing.

We were not โ€˜wow-edโ€™ by the rest of the dishes. The chap chye and kueh pie tee tasted like dishes we could get at home (perhaps our parents are really good cook!).

Other diners probably wouldnโ€™t agree based on how crowded this place is

#crowded #reservationrequired #dinewithfriends

I visited this place thrice so I could try all 3 kinds of boat noodles. There are only 3 main choices in the menu - beef, pork or tom yum. The beef and pork noodles comes in mini bowl ($1.80) or big bowl ($6). The tom yum version is only available in the big bowl.

[+] You can choose either egg noodles, Thai noodles, glass noodles, rice vermicelli (bee Hoon) or thick noodles (thick kway teow)
[+] I ๐Ÿ’œ the mini bowls as Iโ€™m fickle-minded and I canโ€™t decide what to choose.
[+] The broth for both the beef and pork version was flavourful. I preferred the beef version more as I feel that the beef balls were nicer compared to the pork balls that were quite average.
[+] Winglets were quite tasty but also pricey at $4
[+] Can add peanuts and chilli flakes to your heartsโ€™ content
[-] Takes a while for the food to be served.
[-] Cashier/waitress not the most friendly staff.
[-] Skip the spring roll. Nothing fantastic
[-] the tom yum noodles was more sweet than spicy. Itโ€™s still pretty decent. Wish it comes in a mini bowl version too.

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How can you not order this when you're in a Thai restaurant?! Thumbs up, cripsy hot and flavourful! Not too salty as well!

So we finally made it down to Paradise Dynasty to try these colorful award-winning little blobs. My word. We were not disappointed. Just look at the steam coming off these soup dumplings!

Szechuan, ginseng, foie gras, black truffle, cheese, crab roe, garlic, and original. Eight handmade soup dumplings that made our tastebuds tingle and yearn for more. Especially delish was the crab roe, black truffle, garlic, and our absolute favorite, foie gras! The rich and intense broth injected in the soup dumpling leaves little to imagination, its sweetness puncturing our thoughts with happiness, and all we can do is smile.

And stuff our faces with more.

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