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Featuring Mad For Garlic, Fish & Chicks (Ang Mo Kio), Oxwell & Co, IKEA Restaurant (Alexandra), The 1925 Brewing Co. (Jalan Besar), Fatty Bom Bom Sizzle (Toa Payoh), Cluck Cluck, WaffleTown, Working Title - Burger Bar, Fatburger (Velocity @ Novena Sqaure)
Xinyi Lim
Xinyi Lim

Steak served with tarragon bearnaise and hand-cut chips. Worth the money especially with the lunch set. Steak was beautifully cooked, chips were nice, not too oily but might be better if they were crispier. But overall still a very good meal

Crackled Belly Pork, with savoy cabbage, clove & apple sauce, roasting juices. The pork was well-roasted, full of flavour. Wished there was a bit more veg, or sides to go with the pork, but otherwise, a very tasty meal.

Not many burgers available in the 1-for-1 promo, left with the lamb burger and cheese burger (this one), but it's fine as it's one of their popular items anyway. The service staff was helpful and friendly. As for the burger, I was very pleased with the bun (crispy on the outside and soft on the inside), as well as the fries. Overall this dish wasn't particularly outstanding but for the price I'd definitely be back one day. Plus, it's halal!

Definitely worth the money, hands down, especially with Burpple's 1-for-1. The chicken was juicy and tender and fried to a nice crisp. A very good pairing with the syrup and waffles although I found the waffes to be a little dry. Overall it was a very pleasant and filling meal and the staff were very friendly as well.

Old school. Just by stepping into the place itself and seeing the signboards, the swingy rotating chairs, was enough to give me the old sku vibes. Their fried chicken and waffles was really nice and comforting and even their burger, the buns tasted old school (not a very helpful description but it really was like that). Would definitely be back.

At $10.90 it's probably one of the cheapest impossible burgers in SG so it's a good place to try. The patty REALLY tastes like meat it's amazing. Overall the burger was pretty good, I have no complaints, the bun was fragrant. May not be enough for huge eaters though! You could "fatten" your meal by making a set however I felt that it wasn't very value for money, given the price of the set add-on. Overall a good experience, would recommend :)

Not a bad place overall, the sauce was rich but the chicken could have more flavour. Fries, bun, coleslaw were good though. I'd recommend coming here anyway because the ambience is very nice, spacious and dimly lit and good for conversations or just chilling out

True to its name indeed. It doesn't taste like your ordinary pizza - the sauce used for the base of this thin crust pizza, is some cream sauce that tastes slightly sweet, yet not too thick or jelat. Topped with fries shrimps and tons of fried garlic as promised, you can smell the aroma from far away! And of course, they are very generous with the cheese. Even the staff happily sprinkled tons of grated cheese on our pizza to create the "snowing" effect. I really loved this and I believe that everyone should give this a try, the sweet and salty combination is perfect.

Mad for Garlic seems to have a few ongoing promotions - I got a nice voucher on Fave, so do check it out!


I'm not a fan of fries at all and truffle fries hardly impress me, but when I actually Burpple about truffle fries, it really says something. The thickness of the fries was just right, not as fat as wedges, also not as stick thin such that it becomes too crisp. Softness was just about right too. Best part is that the truffle smelle wafts from a distance and also doesn't taste too greasy! Only at $9+ guys, mai tu liao. The mains are not bad but I find their sides more interesting and delicious! So make sure to save stomach space!


This Western stall, located at a humble AMK neighbourhood, serves up pretty decent Western meals at affordable prices. Its concept is similar to Astons whereby you order a main meat and two sides. I got the grilled fish but they have other stuff like chicken cutlet, even salted egg yolk fish and chips! The fish was not bad, it didn't have a strong fishy taste and definitely full of flavour! Sides were pretty generous as well. So would I recommend this? Sure, if you happen to be nearby, but I wouldn't queue up for 45 mins or travel all the way down for this 'cos it's really similar to Astons.


The portion is a bit small for $9.90, but the staff were very generous with the sauce! The hollandaise sauce was quite thick and creamy, I think they added a bit of cheese inside. But surprisingly I didn't get sick of eating it! In fact, it complemented the salmon and beans and potato well. The salmon had a rather fishy taste and the sauce helped to make it more palatable.

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Okay this was really, really good. $3.50 well-spent. This cake is layered with, well, cake, as well as soft biscuit and cream and a layer of nutty butterscotch. Love how there wasn't an ingredient that was too overpowering, and the butterscotch wasn't too heaty or sweet!