Causeway to JB

Causeway to JB

It’s just across the sea, where you get all the foods under the radar. This list should able to guide you around for the best foods around.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

Found this new gelato shop in this mall called the Gio Gelato, which you could easily spot it as you enter the mall from the custom.

Highlighting their gelato made from 95% fat free, all natural and less sugar. But I find the wildberry sorbet a bit blend with the taste, much like ice with flavour.

Hidden cafe located within Horizon Hills estate which you would be greet by a fish tank at the entrance.

Very spacious and greenery here, which some time they will close the place for wedding hosting. So do follow their social media for their operating time.

Offering western fusion style of foods here. They open for dinner only during weekdays but will open for brunch on weekend.

Their seared barramundi is very tasty and cooked well, grilled perfectly while the meat inside remain soft. It also comes with 2 slices of bread to go with as well. The chic pea ragout would be a good combination for the fish.

Located within the housing estate of Horizon Hills, you could find this interesting Japanese bakery.

Although the location is pretty away from city area, you still see people driving all the way here to grab some of their breads.

Their hot cross bun is consider one of their signature here, made from nutmeg, cinnamon powder, raisins, whipping cream, butter, milk and lemon zest.

Next time if you passing by the area, especially going toward second link; do drop by to grab some of their breads here.

One of the breakfast spot in this neighbourhood that attracts people for their Malaysian local flavours.

Xiang Ma Seafood Nasi Lemak open early in the morning and you already see there’s people here for breakfast.

Since they named this place, so I definitely must try their seafood nasi lemak. I would say it is really taste much like a home cooked style, which is very rare to find similar style back in Singapore.

Decent sambal mixed with the nasi lemak, accompanied with fish and prawn. Very simple meal to kickstart your day here.

That’s have been a few new commercial areas around Iskandar Puteri and Sunway Emerald Boulevard 88 is one of it.

A few F&B options have opens here such as this vegetarian restaurant. A good option for those meatless eaters in this area.

They have a much Asian focus on their foods here, with this being one of their signature on the menu.

The chili sauce taste good and spicy enough, together with fragrant chicken rice and mocked chicken made from soy.

Sadly I just felt the portion was a bit too little for me, with just a few slices of the meat. Paired with egg, cherry and cucumber.

This time I’m exploring further in JB, visiting the town close to Legoland.

Asking the people of Getang Patah for breakfast places and this would be one of it.

A popular noodle place for the local here, and it is almost full house when I reached here; even they just shifted their location recently.

The big bowl of kuey teow thng came with lots of ingredients. It has my favourite pig blood in it. Their fish cake is one of the highlights, came in super soft texture.

I could see people ordering their fish cake separately as side dish as well.

A kopitiam concept offering Malaysia local foods, good place to grab some decent nasi lemak here.

Offering a few different options of meat to go with the nasi lemak. I definitely recommend the fried chicken.

The first bite of fried chicken really taste like KFC, crispy and juicy.

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Daun Kitchen is consider a much hidden vegetarian restaurant as the shop facing behind from the main road.

Located at Taman Bukit Indah, a very big and comfortable space serving meatless foods.

Almost Asian inspired dishes here and you could expect the pumpkin curry rice comes with creamy pumpkin sauce on the top of broccoli. The pieces of mocked meat are fried but remain tender.

This dish is accompanied with a bowl of soup of the day.

Kinsahi has a few outlets across Johor Bahru in many places.

This weekend I was here for movie and grab some lunch over here. Offering a wide range of Japanese cuisine.

Their curry rice options also lots of choices and the mixed fried comes with the tempura, vegetables and fried chicken.

The chicken curry sauce come separately and you can pour on the rice at once or by your choice.

Creamy and not too spicy.

There’s a few bakery and pastries shops around Paradigm Mall and Miku Bakery is one of them, located near to the entrance of Mr D.I.Y.

They sell Chinese pastries like egg tart, char siew bao and this milk cake.

The milk cake comes in 3 flavours, which is lotus, red bean and pandan. Great texture and soft, with generous fillings in each of them.

Purchase 8 pieces of them (can mix) to pack it in a box.

Once you stepped into the shop, you won’t find the usual rice cream display; instead you choose your flavour from the menu on the wall and they make the ice cream on the spot.

Using liquid nitrogen, you could expect wholesome ice cream from this popular ice cream place in Johor Bahru.

The portion actually generous, enjoy the crunchy bites with the strong matcha taste.

Finally after more than 2 years, I get to revisit Johor Bahru once again.

Came on early morning, so of course you would want to grab some breakfast around the custom.

This place has been on my list since pre-COVID time and sadly couldn’t come after we entered the lockdown.

So this is definitely my first place to go when I get to come back.

A long time beef noodle place in this area, serving comforting bowl of beef brisket noodle soup.

I ordered the medium size which comes with lots of beef pieces, juicy and delicious.

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Distance never stop me from hunting for good foods around the world.

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