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Local Noms

Local Noms

Featuring Takashimaya Food Hall, ENG's Wantan Noodle (Tanjong Katong), Tangs Market, My Favourite Cafe (Lucky Plaza), Zion Riverside Food Centre, NTUC Foodfare (The Clementi Mall), Food Junction (Bugis Junction), A-One Claypot House (Junction 8), Kaffe & Toast (Singapore General Hospital), Tiong Bahru Yong Tao Hu (Leisure Park Kallang)
starmist 06
starmist 06

I ordered cos anything hotplate should be nice, right?

It came hot, but not bubbling sizzling hot. Gravy was minimal. Apart from the thin layer of egg beneath the food, the hor fun tasted the same as normal hor fun (which was delicious, don't get me wrong, but still).

The kicker was that a glass of cold water and this cost me $17.90 after all the ++. Not worth it. 2.9/5


Woah woah woah! When sister first ordered this at Northpoint during CNY, I was less than impressed. She was given cabbage, a few pieces of minced meat and noodles. Everything looked colourless and meh.

But this! I never thought I would react this way about u-mian (I changed it) in a food court. This is so SO good! I could tell that the u-mian was made in the traditional way. They gave so much ingredients, especially the vegetables. Soup was also better than I expected.

I foresee myself eating this often... $6 and 4.1/5

#local #qiulian #banmian


Do not be deceived. This isn't the regular curry chicken noodles you can find at Toast Box or Ya Kun.

It was like a mix between Singapore Chinese curry and Kuching laksa. One spoonful sent my stomach into turmoil. I mean, it was good yet it was bad (for my weak stomach) because it was so hot and spicy.

It has a unique taste I didn't expect. Kudos to them. $5.20 and 3.2/5. You can find this at Food Junction, level 4 of Bugis Junction, along the stretch facing Watsons and the connecting bridge.

#laksa #curry #local #bugis

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I ordered this with enthusiasm and was surprised it looked so...dull.

However, the meal turned out pretty alright. Serving of rice is huge. The salted egg yolk gravy was plentiful and tasty. Soup was also tastier than I expected. Hungry boys should go for this.

$6 and 3.3/5



Bought this at Ion Orchard Food Opera at basement 4.

For $6, I was really disappointed at the pathetic serving. It might look like a lot but it actually wasn't. On top of that, it was a 22-minute wait and there was NO queue to justify that. To add insult to injury, there were two other available cooks hovering around not doing anything!

Okay, the taste now. The black carrot cake was delicious, though a tad overdone with the dark sauce. The exterior of the white carrot cake was good, but the insides seemed a bit undercooked. I was still not full after finishing the dish.

So. $6 for this entirely meh experience (only for the half-half, the other stuff look good)? Only if you have loads of patience and also craving for it. Go for the Hokkien Mee instead.2.5/5

#carrotcake #chyetowkway #local #thyehong


Literally in town, on the 6th floor of Lucky Plaza.

Tips: Try their fried meatballs and get the dish dry so that you can drench it in their signature red sauce (non-spicy). Heard that their mushrooms are good too.

The only other YTF which I truly love is the one at Chinatown market. Even so, it is difficult to compare these two as they are cooked differently. And both are AWESOME. For a dish of 8 items and a choice of mee pok, yellow noodles, kway teow or beehoon, it costs $5.40.


#ytf #yongtaufoo #local #noodles


Not all hospital food has to be bad. Try the wanton mee if you happen to be at SGH. I don't usually eat chili but this dish is better with it. Noodles are springy, and ingredients are plentiful. Don't drink the soup though; it can be pretty salty.

I forgot the price of this but it's less than $5. 3.6/5

#wantonmee #noodles #local

If you're a lost clueless tourist who wants to find authentic local food in Orchard, (which should be the last place to find actually) you can try this $5 char kway teow at the basement of Tangs Orchard. Eat it piping hot for a good fulfilling lunch. 3.8/5

#local #charkwayteow

I had high expectations of this due to a close friend always going there and tempting me with the thought of it. It lives up to expectations.

I first ate it without any chili to test it. Absolutely delicious. Chili is really hot and a little goes a long way. $5.50 for a large bowl and it was enough for a starving me.

4.5/5 I want to have it again...

Nestled at the basement of Lucky Plaza is a fish soup stall with really nice fried fish bee hoon. The serving is huge, with plentiful ingredients. Surprising find. 3.8/5 Only $5.00.

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We ordered 8 of these after having our mains. And demolished them all in record time. They are delicious! The right kind of crispy in the right places, juicy on the inside, absolutely tasty! No regrets pigging out. $1.40/piece, minimum 2 pieces. 4.4/5

#chicken #friedchicken #grill #zionroad

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As with the title, my eyes arrow for hokkien mee 90% of the time when I go to a hawker centre. This stall has the option of $4 or $5 per plate. (To have or not to have) fried pork lard and lime is entirely up to you. Taste-wise, it was alright, not fantastic but not bad, if you get what I mean. I simple felt that the taste was not "deep" enough? That being said, I will eat it again if I ever drop by there again. Hokkien mee ftw. 3.5/5

#hokkienmee #local #zionroad

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