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Wei Zhi Chiang
Wei Zhi Chiang

Saved this spot for a long time and just got to pop by to try! Went with the set lunch and it was very value for money. Apart from this carbonara, they have 4 others to choose from - Creamy Chicken ($9.90), Puttanesca ($9.90), Arrabiata ($11.90) and Ragu Ala Bolognese ($11.90). Each also comes with a refreshing cup of cold brew earl grey tea infused with lemon and rosemary, originally priced at $5.90.

Tipo serves handmade pasta and you get to pick from 3 daily offerings upon order. I went with the squid ink mafalde. You also get to choose to top up parmesan cheese, chilli flakes and olive oil at no extra costs, unless you want an extra portion of any. I added the first two and enjoyed my plate. Would have just liked the mafalde a touch bit less soft, but the cheesy and creamy sauce coated each strand nicely. The chunky mushrooms came in a satisfying portion as well!

Pasta upsize is at $3, and set lunches are available from 12pm to 4pm on weekdays, excluding PHs.


These were lightly battered and tender.

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The Big Breakfast had slices of bacon back, potato, vine tomatoes, egg and baby spinach. Decent pizza, though their crust is more biscuit-y, and I like the chewier and crunchier sort. We came by with a Shopback promo for 1-for-1 pastas and pizzas.

Risotto with seasonal mushrooms and parmesan cheese. A tasty vegetarian option to go for - it wasn’t mushy at all, was creamy, sufficiently cheesy and had a great bite. Enjoyed the variety of mushrooms for both their earthiness and textures.

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Went with a béchamel based pizza - topped with mozza, guanciale (Italian cured pork jowl) and egg. The slices of pork jowl had a really nice crisp around its edges and added a nice savoury touch. Found the crust a little too chewy for our liking though, and would have liked it a teeny bit less burnt.


Really enjoyed this Mac & Cheese and we think it’s one of the best ones we’ve had thus far! Though no meats, it came with forest mushrooms, truffle oil, crunchy breadcrumbs and very generous amounts of cheese. It was seasoned well, not overwhelmingly salty, but sufficiently cheesy. It didn’t get too heavy too, so it was actually ok for one to wipe clean!


Bed of mascarpone pearl barley risotto with soy and coriander cured Norwegian salmon fillet, plus sweet peas. Salmon fillet was flaky, moist and very tender, pairing well with the cheesy base. Liked the added ikura and tobiko that gave extra pops of savouriness.


The Carabineros prawns were slightly overcooked, but we slurped down that delightful savoury broth that was done with white wine, garlic, chilli and garlic butter. It was also served with two slices of toasted ciabatta that were good for dipping.

Crunchy toasted ciabatta topped with pan fried soaked scarmorza cheese, parma ham and balsamic marinated cherry tomatoes. Was an easily likeable appetiser! Even better if you’re a fan of stronger tasting cheese.

Wasn’t a fan of the side salad with noodles similar to konjac noodles, but the Thai style home-made spicy tangy sauce was great with the slices of fresh sashimi salmon. They were served in pretty thick cuts!

Haven’t seen a presentation like that for ravioli before! You get six pieces of spinach and ricotta ravioli in truffled mushroom cream, with a dome-shaped bread cover that’s cut open upon serving. Found the ravioli skin to be a bit too thick, but we still enjoyed it a lot as a whole!

Truffle was subtle, but the sauce was more like a thick and creamy mushroom soup with generous chunks of mushrooms. It was great for dipping with the bread cover that was crisp on the outside and fluffy inside.

La Pizzeria was a little out of the way, but we sat outdoors and was rewarded with a pretty sunset. Another plus point, Burpple Beyond is available here for 1 for 1 pizzas/pasta!


Tried a tasting portion of the salad with green lettuce, parma ham and grated parmesan cheese. Really enjoyed the slices of parma ham - they weren’t overly salty and had little fats!


FOOD. 🍴🍫🍜🍱 Instagramming at @cweizhi [email protected]

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