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Featuring burger joint, Grain Traders (100AM), Marina Square, Morganfield's (Suntec City), Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe (Westgate), Châteraisé (ChinaTown Point), Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh, CM-PB Contemporary Melting-Pot & Bar, Pan Pacific Singapore, Sin Hoi Sai Seafood Restaurant
Siming T
Siming T
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Burrata is heaven, but it probably might not kill if there is a few more leaves of wild rockets on the plate.
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Who would have expected the eatery to welcome a full house even during weekends?
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Using Boston Lobsters in a buttery brioche, I was delighted with freshness with sufficient flavour. This visit had further proven that d’Good Café offered an extensive menu that often left me spoiled for choice.
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The cream was very light and the mango cubes were just sweet enough, but it would be perfect if the Mille Feuille crepes were fluffy and not hard.
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But their Penne Al Pomodoro with Ham & Cheese was not too cheesy, just that I wish the ham was a little firmer (like bacon).
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Brown Sugar operates as early as 7.30am to nourish us with their rendition of traditional breakfast.

Their Classic Toast Set (S$4.80) was available in 9 possible combinations, and what I tried was their Crispy Brown Sugar Toast Set A2 which came with Kaya butter toast, a cup of coffee or tea and two half-boiled eggs. I admit that I did not do justice to the toast, as it had lost its crisp after neglecting it for 20 minutes or so, which probably also suggested that it should be eaten hot on the spot for the best experience. Coffee, on the other hand, tasted sweet and did not capture the aromatic essence of traditional local cuppa.

That said, if the price were halved using Burpple Beyond, this portion of breakfast could possibly position Brown Sugar on the competitive edge along this belt of food haven.


Don’t get put off by the big price tag of S$15.88 for this plate of 10 pork skewers. In fact, I found that this alone would already suffice as a complete meal together with their complimentary Achar.

If you were not a big fan of innards, I would suggest going for 4 sticks of sweet marination, 4 sticks of savoury and 2 sticks of pork skin. Special mention to their pork skin for being chewy, gooey and surprisingly yummy when eaten hot (collagen perhaps?). The only downside to this dish was that it was chunky but tough, so those who did not have strong teeth might need to rest their jaws for a short bit at the end of the meal.

Just a pity that Indonesian-Chinese style Sate would not come with Satay sauce, but that was easily forgotten when I imagined myself having a Char Siew kind of meal.

The inaugural Donburi Revolution, held between 19 and 21 October, was the first of its kind in Singapore, with visitors carrying a bowl of rice and walking around booths manned by 6 local Japanese food operators to create their dream Donburi.

While all the booths were serving some mouth-watering items to go with the bowl of yummy Hokkaido rice, my eyes were fixed on the Tempura Combo Set (S$8.00) curated by Tendon Ginza Itsuki, which was part of the Ramen Keisuke concept restaurants. With a prawn, a slice of chicken breast, a seaweed cheese, vegetables and an onsen egg each prepared as Tempura, the meal was already perfect. And that Sakura Cola (S$3.00) was quite interesting too, like having a Coke Clear with some flavourings and colourings in a bottle.

Well I would really hope that WAttention Singapore would be able to bring in more of such events in the near future, to satisfy the growling tummies of the Japanese food lovers. 🤤

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First world problem: What to eat for the next meal?

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