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Cheap Cheap Good Good Many Many

Cheap Cheap Good Good Many Many

Featuring Roots Kitchen Bar, White Restaurant - The Original Sembawang White Beehoon (Sembawang), Ye Shang Hai Teochew Porridge 夜上海潮洲粥, Beerfest Brewery
Shan Yeo
Shan Yeo
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The hand made tortellini filled with cheese was soft yet chewy, combined with shitake mushrooms, and more cheese shavings, drizzled over with truffle oil was soooo good. Portion was just nice for one, at the price of $22 (NO GST and SERVICE CHARGE) which is considered cheap for a decent italian dish. P.S: this is only avail at IP outlet!

And if cheese is not your cup of tea, do try their plain aglio olio ($7, or add-ons mushrooms, bacon, squid or prawns $2-7) which was really really good even on its own.

The garlic bread as a side was also worth mentioning, and a must order for garlic lovers. The home made garlic spread + freshly chopped garlic bits is sure to make go wow. ($3.70 for 4 slices).

The smoked duck squid ink pasta was really good! Mixing up that poached egggg~~~~ It just make you slurping for more. Pasta was cooked well and squid ink was really thick and sticky. (P.S. not a good dish for your first date 🙄)

Sweet potato fries ($15) - loaded with stew pork, jalapenos and feta cheese!! The fries are baked with alot of cheese melted on it so they are not as crispy but it taste pretty awesome still!

Porcini mushroom rice ($18) - Italian rice cooked with yellow boletes, oyster mushrooms, black fungus and porcini with shaved parmigano. Thought the rice would be as soft as risotto; but it wasnt... BUT, the whole makeup with the ingredients mentioned gave it a very fragrant and additive taste!

Btw, Everything is nett, no GST no service charge!Sadly, the boss would be leaving soon and the main dishes will no longer be served.. so do check it out before oct ends!

Cheap and good craft beers (Golden wheat, IPA, Stouts etc) at $4 before 5pm, $5 before 5pm and $7 after 7pm!! Selected towers (3L-ish) at $62 with mega platter (soft shell crab bites, fries, calamari, fries and wings UP: $32)

Finally got to try what my boy has been eating since young! Not a fan of white beehoon ($5, $8 and $10) which is why this trip has been delayed for so long but hey, its good, and so are the 虾卷($10) and sambal kangkong($8)! Queue can be long but turnover rate was pretty fast. Worth a try!

This place earns an authentic tick from a true teochew here. Every dish brings me back to ahma house and its rare for teochew porridge to cost under $18 (prawns and fish included)! Opens thru the night, good for supper with yr khakis! Dont say bojio! #burpplecheapngood