55 Lengkok Bahru
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10:30am - 05:00am

10:30am - 05:00am


10:30am - 05:00am

10:30am - 05:00am

10:30am - 05:00am

10:30am - 05:00am



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Reviews at Ye Shang Hai Teochew Porridge 夜上海潮洲粥

Reviews of good food at Ye Shang Hai Teochew Porridge 夜上海潮洲粥

It was my first time eating teochew Mui! Didnt know their porridge was the rice with water kind. All these food for $10+! but I didn't like that most of the dishes were cold (as I really dislike taking cold food when they are supposed to be pipping hot). Only their porridge was hot + the fish (as it just came out from the steamer, which we specifically choosed haha) #burpple #burpplesg #burpplesghawkerfare #yeshanghai #teochewporridge

You're still the one that I love ... the only I that I dream of ...

Finally had the chance to visit ye shang hai after they moved to lengkok Bahru - a six minute walk from redhill mrt ( I followed a guide there this time Son not sure if I would be able to locate this place on my own again next time given my very ah hem..... sense of direction )

Every dish was spot on . To me , the porridge here is cooked to perfection and you can trust me because I am a Teochew ah hia . Yes - I have very very fair skin and yes I love my fish steamed with sour plums ...but sadly I don't speak Teochew Nor comprehend it 😵

The rice grains were cooked well with each grain perfectly preserved and with a good bite - nothing close to a mushy porridge. The porridge water was creamy and had a nice rice fragrance.

All the dishes tasted so home cooked and special mention to the Hae bee hiap which is probably the best I have tasted so far ( no overly sweet Nor oily and it had a nice spiciness). Even the braised peanuts were cooked and stewed in house.

A pretty worthwhile place have a bowl of hot comforting bowl of porridge ( served pipping hot ! ) and home cooked dishes.

Tried out this stall situated at bukit merah estate! It was at around evening when we craved for porridge and we found this awesome stall that sells a huge selection of dishes that caters to porridge! Be it duck meat, salted vegetables..etc! The selections was really heartwarming with the feeling of being at home, having a spread of wonderful home cooked dishes with porridge! The porridge was thick and good! Worth the try!! #BurppleMajulahMakan

Been coming here for many years. Being able to feast like a king yet not worry about the wallet is such a good feeling, also one that is gradually becoming hard to come by. Their new location is still popular as ever. Worth a try!

🚫Warning: Expect killer queues🚫

This is definitely one of my favorite spots in Singapore. Extremely affordable (the meal in the picture only costs $11.70!) and with a wide variety of teochew dishes, this place is a popular spot, especially for Taxi drivers! I always love how non-watery their porridge is, as compared to many other Teochew shops and my favorite dishes are the handmade fishcake, minced pork and the salted vegetables. The salted vegetables are really salty though, so do it eat with your porridge!

They just moved to their new location and have closed down at their old location!

📍55 Lengkok Bahru

The whole meal of a fish, 2 vegetables, half a salted, a bowl of porridge plus rice soup costs only $6. On top of that you get overall quality food that are well cooked and not too salty. Yummy yummy yum yum. Posted by Ah Leong San. 2016 December 5.

This place earns an authentic tick from a true teochew here. Every dish brings me back to ahma house and its rare for teochew porridge to cost under $18 (prawns and fish included)! Opens thru the night, good for supper with yr khakis! Dont say bojio! #burpplecheapngood

They open late late at night. Real comfort food. Fresh and yummy and cheap. This cost under 20.

9 dishes for $30?? A really huge variety of dishes to choose from (including braised duck, braised intestines, steamed fish, etc), at really affordable prices. Perfect for a rainy day ☔️

BILL: $13.90 for 2 pax
8 dishes, 2 porridge, 1 rice

WAITING TIME: 15 minutes with more than 10 people in the queue ahead of us

Large intestines are da bomb. Dishes here are full of flavour. Comfort food.

Wide variety of dishes, everything is good here. Always a long queue, but the movement of queue is fast!

Tze char plus this famous porridge!! The queue for this porridge stall is never ending! It's reasonably priced and delicious!!! Everything on this table from the porridge stall was lesser than 10 bucks!!! I'll def be back for more porridge:>

my favorite teochew porridge is finally back under the banner of "kim san leng"! that dollop of steamed minced meat with slice of salted fish is prolly the best part of the meal - a pinch of the savory meat and slurp down the thick warm porridge water. shiok! stirred fry pig liver, long beans, stewed cabbage, piece of steamed minced meat + porridge for 2 all for under $10.

Supper at 2am with mum and her cousins after a visit to tanjong pager cc tribute for LKY.

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