My Top Hawker Picks

My Top Hawker Picks

I'm on the hunt for my favourite hawker picks around Singapore!
Lionel Ong
Lionel Ong

A raining Thursday calls for a hot bowl of sliced fish soup to warm me up. I love mine with additional fish, "ti por" and fried yi mee, what about you? 😋
📍 Tai Seng Fish Soup
Blk 3024 Ubi Road 3
Ming Yuan Coffeeshop
Singapore 408652
Mon to Thurs 9.30am - 3.30pm
Fri 9.30am - 3pm
Sat 9.30am - 2.30pm

What more if it's a version similar to loklok!

Say goodbye to late night drives to JB to satisfy your cravings when you have a store that opens till 2am in the morning! 🙌🏼 Choose from 30 over ingredients (I think, cause I lost count) & choose between either soaking them into your soup bases, or have them deep-fried or BBQ-ed!
Thoroughly enjoyed the Tom Yum Soup & Dried Scallop soup bases that we tried. 🤤 Not forgetting the super addictive deep fried kway teow ($2). More on that soon in my upcoming post!

This Seng Kee outlet in Bedok seems to be more consistent with their soup compared to the outlet near kembangan! The bigger outlet at Kembangan has very spotty service as well and inconsistent soup flavour. It's like rolling a dice to see if you get a nice thick herbal soup flavour or pepper water. That is what makes the bedok outlet my "go to" place for this Mee Sua!


Warm comforting bowl of fish soup for a cold rainy day. No idea why there's lard served but it took an immense self-control to resist so I popped a few pieces in and what was supposed to be healthy became otherwise.

Best herbal style BKT to have on those cold rainy days! I mixed mine with pork ribs and kidneys! Throw in a bit of raw garlic (provided at the side) and some cut chilliest inside the soup and I'm good to go!!

$12 for this huge bowl of goodness! Can be easily shared by 2 people, but a greedy person like me can finish this and be really really full!!! Best place to have this dish in my opinion!! You can choose different levels of spiciness and medium always seems to be the best for me!


Indescribable!!! In Singapore we forget what fresh seafood from the sea really tastes like! Ladies and gentleman...THIS IS IT! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE SEABASS!


Keeping fit to eat.

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