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Featuring Fynn's, Two Chefs Eating Place (Commonwealth), Hatched (Holland Village), Chikuwa Tei, Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司, Asia Grand Restaurant, Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle 阿宗麵線 (Ximending), Taipei, Taiwan, Kau Kee Restaurant 九記牛腩, Tai Hwa Eating House
Casey  Tan
Casey Tan
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I generally like putting a mix of light and dark soy sauce and one pat too much pepper.

One things I like about Toast Box is that if the eggs aren’t cooked perfectly, you can take It back and they will replace it for you without complaint.

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Cooked in butter before being roasted, their homemade ricotta and apricot purée adds silky richness and acidity respectively. The additional of rosemary and pine nuts also contribute to the earthiness of the dish.


Their 6 course dinner ($158) comes with some noteworthy dishes. I was very impressed with their snacks. Their reinterpretation of black olive is showcased via a black olive crisp, tomato jelly and Roma tomato tartare spiced with cinnamon and honey. Labneh, a middle eastern staple is swirled in before being topped by deep fried kale. Expect a symphony of different flavours and textures all in one.

There so much to showcase so I’ll be sharing more in later posts! 🙌

While I almost always try to get the quintessential japanese flavors like kinako or black sesame. Even something as common as strawberry and milk are much better than what we usually get at home.

While eel is often steamed in Japan, with Nagoya-style cooking, its grilled, and the smoke and flames do the work.At Hitsumabushi Bincho they only use the finest quality bincho charcoal, which is made from oak, giving the unagi extra flavor. After it is cooked, the unagi is served as hitsumabushi, which is eaten in three different stages, each one highlighting a different aspect of the flavors and textures of the charcoal-roasted unagi. •
While delicious there are, fortunately similar ones here in singapore. Man Man and Uya both do a mean hitsumabushi. and while there are definitely differences, its not that vast making me have no qualms about skipping this the next time I’m in tokyo.

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Icing sugar Is dusted over a chewy mochi, wrapped over sweet red bean paste. A giant strawberry sits almost genially on top for a classy finish.

Places at the 10-seat counter are at a premium. Not only do you get to see and smell the wood burning in the squat black-metal oven, you are also treated to an up-close master class in the craft of pizza preparation.

There are 5 pizzas available and they are all fantastic but their Pizza Y is hand-down my favourite. Featured on Ugly Delicious, it’s topped with a ball of Pacific bluefin tuna from Yamayuki before being flash-baked in their wood fired oven for about 60 seconds before serving. You get a mayonnaise sauced pizza, a slightly charred airy af crust and delicious textures of tuna all in one bite. Top it with a little bit of grated wasabi for a pizza experience like no other. Unbelievable.

Nohara-yaki, their in-house special is a special marinated sirloin cut thats grilled for a few seconds. Urged to dip it in beaten raw egg before eating, it’s legitimately biting into a piece of heaven. Despite each slice being priced at almost $30, it was definitely a magical experience worth trying at least once.


It lists a total of over 57 different varieties of largely Japanese premium pork, such as Imo-buta from Chiba, Akan pork from Hokkaido with the varieties and cuts listed given you options from light and lean, fatty and dense, to juicy and full of umami.

In Japan, tonkatsu is served in 2 cuts: ロース ‘rosu’, which is pork loin, and ヒレ’hire’, the leaner fillet.  We got the Golden Boar Pork loin from Hyogo and it.. honestly blew me away. The breading was unreal. Crisp and light like snowflakes while the hunk of meat had none of that dryness but instead was super juicy and fatty. The meat is seasoned with Andes rock salt and organic white pepper from Ponape island in Micronesia, and the chef uses a special blend of Taiyu sesame oil and cottonseed oil to achieve that perfect light and crisp exterior. Even their Koshihikari rice from the Ibaragi prefecture is organic and steamed in a custom-made pot. •
Such attention to detail goes a long way as its def the best tonkatsu i’ve eaten, far outstripping Maisen.

You’d need a over a month to make it through all the highlights of this cosmopolitan city. Come see what i did in a week.

Good food must share

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