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Cause it's the IN thing now.
Nobelle Liew
Nobelle Liew

And by hardcore, I mean eating lotsa raw fish with little to no shoyu or wasabi. If so then Sweetfish'll fall right down your alley. 150g of fish at just $9, and 300g (yep DOUBLE) for $14? Such prices I don't know how they're profiting from this! Considering that Sweetfish's intention is to bring attention back to the raw fish, the copious portions of 🐟 becomes understandable. Toppings then, interesting as they may sound, are really little to avoid detracting from the fish.
Quantity they've got for sure, but unfortunately the taste's rather lacking. The simplest shoyu salmon here, for example, had barely any shoyu flavour - even the pungent onions were more prominent. Cubes of salmon were smaller than their peers, a little too squishy in texture and less 'meaty' as well ie. people who're afraid of fishy-tasting salmon should avoid this. But if you're looking for a chirashi-like bowl, got lotsa shoyu in your fridge and just want cheap sashimi to go with, then this is your jam man.


Yet another poke spot! Great intentions by the owner — who's Hawaiian by the way — to share poke that he grew up chomping, though I'm not too sure if it'll please the locals. None of the fish are pre-marinated, instead tossed in your chosen sauce on the spot upon order. While that means you can really taste the quality and freshness of the fish, I for one found the sauces way too mild (read: could barely taste anything!). Perhaps I'm used to more aggressively seasoned poke that we've been exposed to so far? If you're popping by anytime soon, I'd say give the Alakai Ho'ono seasoning on salmon a go: it's by far the tastiest, though considerably milder than competitors' renditions.


The food line and pace may seem Subway-esque, but you step into A Poke Theory and you'll be getting the freshest, the tastiest and the best produce. From sizable chunks of premium sashimi-grade fish, healthy toppings like kale chips, housemade spiced cashews, to the sweetest Peruvian pomegranate — step aside salad bars, this may be just the place to head to for a truly healthy and quick lunch. Of the four 🐠 options, my fave's the Spicy Sesame Tuna. It packs just the right amount of punch to stay refreshing and discernible amidst all the other ingredients. Those who like something milder and creamier, yet no less tastier, may enjoy the Avocado Miso Salmon.

Spending all my time eating (and eating) cause what else is there to do in small 🌞🌞 Singapore?

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