Mission Im-pasta-ble

Mission Im-pasta-ble

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Alicia Ho
Alicia Ho

Being the gluttons that we were, we ordered a bolognese on top of the 2 pizzas that we got and it was a little lacklustre. Give this a miss if you’re here, since the portion was small too. I could be bias too, seeing as to how I lack the foresight and ordered 3 mains that have a tomato base 😱

The Truffle Mushroom Pasta was really good too in my opinion - rich and creamy with a prominent truffle fragrance wafting through the air the moment it was served. This dish can get a little jelak after a while considering how cheesy it was but that's the perks of eating with a friend, where you can share the food (or the calories) and try some of the chicken or waffle for a change in flavour!

My favourite dish of the night - Umbrian. The truffle scent hits you the moment this dish is served, evident of the copious amount of truffle paste and oil within. The pasta was cooked al dente, with the dark mushrooms and pork sausages as well as garlic bolstering its Umami factors.


Their regular bolognese pasta was pretty normal, nothing impressive to shout about. I would go for their signature capellini instead! That’s definitely the best dish in the house!

This, my fellow foodies, have got to be the best pasta I've tasted! Read so much reviews online about this dish and I already came with high expectations and yet, it went above and beyond. Was initially surprised to see it as a starter instead of a main, seeing as to how it's a $88 pasta. The chef have very kindly helped us split into sharing portion for easier consumption and boy, on the first mouth, I was speechless and could only stare at my dining partner with joy. This angel hair, scallop and sea urchin truffle emulsion pasta is such an indulgence. The coldness from the chilled pasta surprising you as you slowly warm it up in your mouth, the whiff of truffle fragrance permeating the air, the taste of the ocean from the uni and scallop lingering in your mouth, ahh, heavenly. Da Luca is a gem of a place, which can be classified as neighbourhood dining, considering the slew of bars and cheap finds surrounding it; but can also be promoted to the 'atas' restaurant level instantly, considering the quality of ingredients used here. The service provided here was warm and friendly, and the food feels homely. In fact, I was seated at a quiet corner, with Italian (?) music serenading us during the meal, it was a very Lady and the Tramp moment. Clearly, I'm the lady. I might have just found my favourite pasta restaurant ✨


Equally tasty is their Cajun Chicken Curry Pasta, a flavourful plate of linguine served with tender, cajun spiced chicken thigh. ⁣

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And the seasonal menu doesn't just end there! A spinoff from their signature Tom Yum Seafood Pasta, CBTP has come out with the different rendition with this Tom Yum Seafood Baked Fusilli which was a pan of cheesy madness comprising of shrimps, squids and clams. Just look at that cheese pull :)

An extremely disappointing bowl of vongole which tastes more like aglio olio, with a lack of the briny juices from the clams which was suppose to give this dish more flavour. The ambience made up for the food though.⁣

For my mains, I chose the Homemade Linguini, which was pretty value for money. Served thick and creamy, one does get jelat after a while and I cannot bring myself to finish the dish.⁣

An all time classic of soft macaroni with cheese fondue, shredded mozzarella, cheddar and Grand Padano. My only qualm was the portion seemed a little small but I understand why because if you were having it alone, you’d probably feel jelat after a while. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

Aglio Olio with shrimps was great! Drenched in the classic dressing of hot olive oil, garlic, spanish olives, umami broth, chili pepper and parsley, this was absolutely fragrant and flavourful, with the shrimps giving much crunch to the bite.⁣⁣⁣

Hae Bi Hiam Conchiglie was decent, but I guess my palette got confused with the pairing, what with hae bi mixed in with pasta. The pasta was also a little tough to the bite too, so, meh. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

Alicia Ho

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