Mission Im-pasta-ble

Mission Im-pasta-ble

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Alicia Ho
Alicia Ho

Aglio Olio with shrimps was great! Drenched in the classic dressing of hot olive oil, garlic, spanish olives, umami broth, chili pepper and parsley, this was absolutely fragrant and flavourful, with the shrimps giving much crunch to the bite.⁣⁣⁣

Hae Bi Hiam Conchiglie was decent, but I guess my palette got confused with the pairing, what with hae bi mixed in with pasta. The pasta was also a little tough to the bite too, so, meh. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

The Sun Dried Tomato Pesto pasta was a little underwhelming, with the chef opting for conchiglie mixed in with seasonal tomatoes, sun-dried tomato pesto, sprinkled with burrata and basil. I'm sorry but the conchiglie used looked more like maggots than seashells 🙈

The highlight of the meal has got to be this Truffle Carbonara. Tagliatelle cooked with truffle paste, smoked pancetta, parmigiano, topped with egg yolk and truffles, this was an absolute delight to have! The pasta was creamy and rich in flavours, trapping every bit of the sauce in between the strands of dough. Finish it quick though, as it gets clumpy and less delicious the moment it turns cold. ⁣⁣

Their Penne Mushroom Cream could have been better had they cooked their penne a little longer. It was served rather stiff and can get jelat after a while with all that cream going on 😶. ⁣

I got the 2 piece Grilled Prawn Aglio Olio which was really impressive. The prawns were huge and fresh, cooked to a nice char without being overly dry. The pasta wise, it was al dente and the fragrance was further amplified by the infusion of coriander. Coriander haters, you might wanna steer off their aglio olio hahaha

One of the better place serving authentic Italian pasta in my opinion. Anyone has any other good pasta recommendations? ⁣

Pasta was very well seasoned, with a generous amount of clams and sliced bits of garlic which my friends and I were scavenging around for after all the linguini was slurped up 😋

Can get pretty jelak after a while so I suggest you share this plate! Though, I’d recommended the tomato sauces pasta instead of the cream based ones because I felt that the former has a stronger flavour.

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Everytime someone asked me for good pasta in the business district I’d recommend Pasta Brava. But sometime back, I was recommended this cozy little restaurant just a little further up from where Pasta Brava is located. While the service is not comparable to Pasta Brava, given that the latter is more upscale and fine dining-esque; this homely Italian restaurant serves authentic pasta at an affordable price! ⁣⁣

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The journey to this restaurant was filled with frustrations. Located at a corner of Grandstand, it was rather hard to locate them until we got help from the concierge. Thankfully, their food made up for it 👍🏼 my truffle fungi ravioli was 💯 do not belittle the small portion, I was utterly full by the time I cleared half the plate. ⁣

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Came here for dinner after a long day and kinda just whacked the menu by ticking off all the ingredients that tickle my fancy. Might have went a little overboard, seeing as to how it’s so packed with ingredients I can barely see my pasta anymore. No ragrats tho hehe ✌🏼

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