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Mission Im-pasta-ble

Mission Im-pasta-ble

Featuring Hyde & Co., The Masses, Group Therapy (Duxton), Xiao Ya Tou, Drury Lane, Maru Japanese Restaurant, Pasta Brava, The Wicked Garlic (International Plaza), Whisk & Paddle, On The Table
Alicia Ho
Alicia Ho
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Back here again for a comforting meal of homemade pasta over light conversations with close friends. Funny how adulting has made a normal dinner a rare indulgence with all our busy schedules.

This Pappardelle Pasta was pretty meh 💁🏼‍♀️ they were generous with their braised beef cheek ragout and sautéed mushroom, with kale and a dash of parmesan cheese but overall the dish was pretty dry and not as flavourful as I’d like it to be.

The tagliatelle was al dente and and done in red wine tomato sauce which was pretty yummy. Albeit decent, I thought it could be more flavourful though. Would go for the other pastas the next time round!


Haven’t had this in a while and, I still can’t quite get my taste buds accustomed to the taste of angel hair pasta.🤷🏼‍♀️

A5 Wagyu Cannelloni Pasta with whipped parmesan cheese on the side. Not quite a pasta dish that I expected as it was a thin sheet of pasta that kinda just wrapped the beef bolognese sauce nicely with the tender wagyu beef enhancing the flavours. Didn’t enjoy the cheese on the side quite as much as the smell was too strong for me. Cheese lovers will love it tho!


Served chilled, the C&C pasta was done al dente and came with a generous portion of crab meat and caviar served in lobster bisque. This dish wasn’t as impressive as I imagined it to be. 🙁

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Disappointing bowl of pasta here. Black pepper taste was overpowering and I couldn’t taste anything else. Go for their pizza instead !

Serving was unexpectedly small as compared to the beef don but we understand why the moment we took our first mouth. This mentaiko prawn and baby scallop pasta really lived up to its name with the generous amount of mentaiko, making us Super jelat after a while.

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Second visit here and guess I had the bad luck of choosing the wrong dish yet again. My truffle sausage carbonara was rather dry and clumpy, and they seemed to just drizzle truffle oil on the dish. They were really generous with the sausages though, which kinda make up for it?? My friends all enjoyed their food though, so I guess it’s just this dish 🤷🏼‍♀️

Food was mediocre, but the ambience was good tho!

Quite possibly the most disappointing salted egg yolk seafood spaghetti

Thought this Pasta was pretty decent, nothing fantastic about it. Will come back and try the other pastas and risottos tho!

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