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Inexpensive option that always got your back by opening till late ;)
Amelia PW
Amelia PW

Please forgive me for the horrible pun, but I just couldn't help myself considering how pleased I was with this meal!
I was all ready to tuck into a greasy thosai but was pleased that this was not- the batter here had a very pleasant tang from the fermentation (reminds me of a sourdough pancake) and though the sides were nicely crisp, it didn't feel oily at all! The egg was also beautifully embedded into the layers of the thin thosai.
I find myself frequenting their other branches more often, but based on this dish alone, I'd say the Thomson one is the place to hit to satisfy a thosai craving!


I knew I would be in for a treat when they asked me to pick a choice of Masala chicken, fried chicken or curry chicken.
The Nasi Biryani appeared and tasted different from the other Nasi Biryanis I had; but while the fluffy long grained rice were spiced differently, they were by no means any less flavourful. Everything on this plate worked well together, and I found myself preferring to dip my prata in this curry instead. I think this dish had a greater influence from Malay cuisine, but I welcomed the variation.


I've walked past this store countless number of times when I shop at the nearby wet market but was never compelled to try until I saw the Jurong East's outlet appearing in one of the Burpple Guides.
And wow have I been missing out on so much! It came thicker than the usual pratas, and for a second I was worried that they would be dense and heavy. My worries were for naught as I dug in- this prata was made with thin layers that were fried to crisp perfection. While it looked very oily, I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't taste greasy at all! Plastered with a beautifully cooked egg complete with a runny yolk intact, this made for a super satisfying prata.


I don't doubt that there's probably going to be better thosais out there, but Casuarina's will always have a special place in my heart. It was their version that got me acquainted to the dish for the very first time, and I've been hooked ever since. This was my first time dining at this outlet, and it seems that this was made even better here than I remembered! Thin and crispy, while not overly greasy and apparent with that lovely tang that I love. My favourite way to consume is to first mix a little of the coconut chutney into their curry sauce, tear off a piece of the thosai and use it as an edible spoon to scoop a generous amount of the chutney mixture. Using hands, of course. ;)
I truly hope that this outlet will deliver in consistency because I foresee myself coming back for more often!!


My friend said the prata is usually flakier so we were quite disappointed that today's was quite cold and limp. It may have been because we were sitting under the aircon but oh well, I choose to believe that the steady stream of customers is proof of its popularity and that this may just have been a one-off incident. The good thing is, while it arrived glistening with oil, it didn't feel greasy at all.


The table was divided on this one. I thought it was nothing special at first, but the more I ate it, the more I found myself enjoying it. Floss and Mayo has always been a winning flavour combination for me (thanks to the Breadtalk floss buns) but it was true savoury goodness when you get a part of that, paired with the salty luncheon meat and creamy cheese.
For a whole new experience, try having it with sugar too! I liked the balance between sweet and salty when the latter got a little too much.

I'm glad this flavour is here to stay.
The ingredient mix may sound quite weird to some but hey... don't knock it till you've tried it ;)


Unfortunately not a fan of their rendition. While it came huge in size, thankfully the portion was still manageable because it was really thin. I really appreciated the fact that it was crispy and held the chutneys well but missed the tanginess from the fermentation in other thosais I've had.
It was a little oily (though I really wasn't expecting otherwise) but all's good when washed down with a glass of es limau.


Because today shouldn't only be about fine dining. Dining is always fine when food is good.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


I followed my heart & it led me to the fridge.

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