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Ethel Tan
Ethel Tan

@pantler is one of the dessert places I love but don't visit enough because their new location is further from me 😅 Visited again when I was in the area and got their signature chou de la crème which was still light in texture with that crisp chou pastry. I loved how the crunchy nougatine added that sweetness and crunch too!

The La France tart had such fragrant pear slices from Yamagata and crisp flaky puff pastry too. Looking forward to visiting again for more! 😍

Managed to get @elijahpies' Happy Box during the last launch and got to try Hojicha Speculoos and Wild Berry Lavender. It's good if you want to try many different flavours but I think the pies lacked consistency in terms of how much pie crust there was and that affected the taste quite a bit for me. I liked both flavours I tried but I enjoyed wild berry lavender more because of the more balanced filling to crust ratio 😋

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From left to right:
• Hazelnut Friand & Glaze, with Passionfruit ganache
• Chocolate Friand, Raspberry Ganache & Pistachio Glaze
• Black Sesame Friand Hojicha Ganache & Glaze

I liked all the Friands as they had a variety of contrasting flavours in each friand but my favourite flavour was the Chocolate because I liked the combination of flavours the most with the sweet, tangy and nutty flavours together 😋

For the dessert course of our meal at @spagosingapore, we got the Tarte au Chocolat and cheese. The Tarte au Chocolat was decadent but not too rich and the Chocolate Frangelico Ice Cream brought a nice creamy touch to it complementing it very well. We loved this a lot and it's definitely one of my favourite tarts in Singapore. They were also so cute to write happy birthday and came with a candle so this is a nice place for celebrations too! The cheese brought a nice contrast to the rich chocolate we had and I appreciated how it brought that savoury touch 😌

Finally tried @sourbombebakery! Shared a box of 6 so I only tried 2 flavours, Hojicha Caramel Crunch and Cinnabombe. These donuts were fluffy and had a good amount of filling in them. I liked both flavours I tried and appreciate how they weren't too sweet too! There was a bit of the doughy aftertaste but didn't put me off much. Will be back to try their croissants one day! 😋

The wait for seems to be longer lately but I'm glad I ordered these because these brought us a lot of joy! The Nutella Doughnuts were a bit more doughy than usual but still fluffy and filled with a generous portion of Nutella! We liked how it wasn't too sweet too. The Gruyère Cheese & Scallion Scones were fragrant and buttery and I loved how it was crispy after toasting it. The cinnamon roll was huge and pretty good too, just that it had too many raisins in it 😅

Had these peach gum desserts from @longchengdesserts on a hot day and they were refreshing! Each bowl is packed full with a variety of ingredients ranging from longan , goji berries and of course peach gum. These peach gum desserts have a rather light flavour and are not too sweet too.

Thank you @longchengdesserts for sending these over! 🤗

I didn't know there was a @wacaisg hidden in the food court in bugis junction. The acai here is refreshing as usual and I love how we can add cookie butter now too! It's a better deal when we have these with drinks at one for one with #burpplebeyond 🤗


Tried @cafecocosg's choux puffs recently and I like how they have a slightly crisp choux au craquelin along with a wide variety of flavours. My favourites were Earl Grey Lavender and Salted Caramel Espresso for their well balanced flavours 😋 Tried their chocolate and mocha and they were pretty good too! ☺️

These sweet treats were from's menu last week and I found the pecan tart to be pretty unique! It wasn't a typical tart but more of a danish but the textures were on point with that crisp exterior after toasting it. There was a fragrant nutty flavour too. The peanut butter and jelly bun was good as well and I liked how it wasn't too sweet with the flavours balancing each other nicely 😋

Received this Single Origin Dark Chocolate Chunky Cookies & Brownie Tasting Pack from @discoverthedark recently and my favourite item was the dark chocolate ice cream sandwich! The biscuits were still crisp and the dark chocolate ice cream was rich and smooth too!

Thank you @burpple for sending this over! 😋

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