Japanese Food Cravings

Japanese Food Cravings

Featuring Tendon Kohaku (Suntec City), Tendon Ginza Itsuki (Tanjong Pagar), Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant (Keong Saik), Kanshoku Ramen Bar (orchardgateway), Marutama Ra-men (Liang Court), Salmon Samurai (100AM), Nantsuttei Ramen (Orchard Central), Menya Kokoro (Suntec City), OMU (Suntec City), Kogane Yama (Jem)
Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~

Besides the Okonomiyaki, Tsuruhashi Fugetsu serves really delicious yakisoba. In fact, I think the yakisoba here is actually more tasty and you should really not miss it! The thick egg noodles were Q, and full of smokiness. Not to mention the savory sauce was flavorful without being excessively salty. As the sauce coats each strand of noodle, the entire taste experience just made me crave for more especially when it’s served on the hot plate where you can evidently taste the slightly char flavour. In this yakisoba, there was a mix of prawn, squid, beef, pork topped with a sunny side up.

A pity we weren’t given the table with the grilling pan to watch our food sizzle as we eat. Recommended to make reservations as this place is pretty crowded although hidden.

Hidden within the Japanese Food Street Eat at 7 just opposite Una Una, Tsuruhashi Fugetsu is indeed the place to go for a taste of Authentic Okonomiyaki since we still can’t travel to Osaka for the real deal yet. Self-proclaimed as Osaka’s number one Okonomiyaki restaurant, we had pretty high expectations for them.

We chose the grilled pork tama Okonomiyaki since we were also getting the yakisoba, hence skipping the modanyaki. With the generous heap of fresh shredded cabbage that retained crunchiness, the Okonomiyaki here was also rather crispy on the outer flour batter with the drizzle of a sweet-savoury sauce and bonito flakes. Although the pork slices weren’t too many and it got slightly jelak (as do many other Okonomiyakis), I was really delighted with the limited special mentai Mayo which elevated the Japanese pancake in terms of creaminess and umaminess. I would really recommend the add-on.

We were quite lucky at Tenjin’s second outlet, which is located in Raffles City, where there was no queue despite the limited seats due to social distancing measures. It was just a short wait before we were ushered to our table.

Note that each diner has to order a set meal individually. I had the special set also known as Jo, which is the typical standard tendon bowl that you will come across, consisting of prawns, vegetables, crisp Shiso leaf and an egg. The egg used here is a freedom range co. egg by the way. There are also more superior choices such as the premium set which has additional anago, fish and crab leg, or the prawn set which has 5 prawns as compared to Jo. I especially enjoyed the deep fried lotus root tempura as it retained the original crunchiness of the root even after frying. There’s also pumpkin, eggplant, mushroom and 2 prawns, all fried in a light tempura batter. You could also choose between spicy or regular tare. I had the regular tare which I felt was slightly saltier than sweet. It’s consistency also seemed more watery than those that I have come across. Each set is served with miso soup and kyabetsu salad, which you can drizzle the amount of sesame sauce over of your preference, since they generously provide a bottle on each table.

Similar to the signature Tonkotsu Ramen except that this flaming hot Tonkotsu ramen was served in a fiery broth made of locally blend of chili and spice. I could actually see chili flakes in the broth that reminded me of the red cut chili, although the spiciness was already as good as that of chili paid. Definitely not for the faint-hearted like me, as the heat rushes up immediately. 🥵 Both ramens were served with crunchy black fungus, seaweed and spring onion. Btw, Kanshoku means ‘to finish eating every last bit of your food’ in Japanese. Surely, I did!

The chilly weather lately calls for the need of a bowl of belly warming ramen! While @kanshokuramen is known for their truffle ramen, I decided to give their signature Tonkotsu ramen a try as I was craving for a classic ramen. You get to choose your preferred ramen texture and add-ons such as the Ramen egg. All it took was the smooth milky Tonkotsu broth, that was boiled over 8 hours without added MSG, to satiate my craving. The saltiness was just right with a hint of roasted nuttiness from the white sesame seeds. Might go for the soft ramen texture in future as the normal was still a little hard for me. What was peculiar, on the other hand, were the Charshu slices that tasted sweet. I’d prefer my meat to be savory. Other than that, you can tell how tender it is as it started falling apart once picked up and notice that fat pull. 😂

Is Man Man still your to-go place for an unagi fix? It certainly is for me!

While I have heard some people find the unagi here having a muddy taste, I actually didn’t detect that but felt that the smokiness from the chargrilled unagi was perfectly on point. Famously known for the 3 different ways of eating; original, drizzle over some sauces (sweet, unagi and spicy sauces) and pair with self-grated wasabi (which was really fun), nori and lastly, scoop some into the bowl provided, pouring over some dashi stock and sprinkling some spring onion over like an unagi porridge.

Personally I preferred to have it original as that allowed me to taste the different elements of the unagi; the crispy skin with moist eel meat underneath, smoky aroma, and its freshness. Gentle reminder that there are soft edible bones, although I chose to still swallow them. 😂 Surprisingly I find that the sweet sauce was more savory than the unagi sauce which was more sweet teriyaki-like. You can also sprinkle some chili powder to heat things up. There’s also miso soup served on the side. The Dashi stock was comparatively lighter but umami-filled.

Seats were readily available at 12pm on Saturday when we went, but of course if you would like to sit by the counter to watch them handle the unagis, it’d probably be a longer wait.

Said to be born in Obihiro in Japan, this hearty bowl of Butadon comes with Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi rice, grilled kurobuta pork belly, mizuna, green onion, homemade teriyaki sauce, sprinkle of shicimi togarashi and served with miso soup.

Although the portion was a little small, the kurobuta pork belly slices, that was laid on top of the fluffy Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi rice, had a balanced meat-to-fat ratio. Drizzled with some teriyaki sauce to add sweetness to the savoury dish, I felt that it would have been better if the pork was grilled slightly longer for the additional smoky flavour. I especially enjoyed the sprinkling of the Shichimi togarashi, a seven flavoured spice blend, that complemented the meat so wonderfully with a kick of spiciness and delicious umami taste. Mouthwatering overall, but I wish the portion was bigger.


Not just simply an impresser, but this appetizer from Gake, by award-winning Chef Angus Chow, has done a splendid job in toppling the preconception of a Chicken Karaage. Think juicy chicken morsels wrapped in their famous charcoal-infused batter; it’s nowhere near the usual thick batter but a tempura-like crispy exterior, which you might just have thought it look like seaweed. This crispiness is a wonderful pairing to the dipping Tobiko Mayonnaise side, that adds a touch of umami and popping texture. Thanks to this, I would never see a Chicken Karaage in the same light again and reminds me to not be trapped by boundaries, even in food.

Comparing to the Le Shrimp Signature Trio Shrimp Ramen, I preferred this dry Le Shrimp Trio Tossed Ramen. The noodles were more flavorful as they were tossed in a distinct mix of chili and vinegar, which had a little extra zing. A hearty bowl that led to some continuous noodle-slurping and comes with a small bowl of soup. Ingredients you would find are exactly the same as the soup version; 2 pieces of handmade ebiko prawn paste, prawn dumplings and fresh sea prawns. It’s a pity this tossed ramen would only be available till 30 June at the 2 new outlets, so do catch them in time!


Celebrating the opening of 2 new outlets at The Star Vista and Changi Airport Terminal 3, Le Shrimp Ramen by @paradisegrpsg is running a 2-day 1-for-1 promotion of their signature Trio Shrimp Ramen and a limited time special Tossed Ramen which will only be available at the 2 new outlets till end of the month.

Simmered over 8 hours using fresh sea prawns that were first baked at 180 degrees, expect a rich, smoky Japanese Shrimp broth. Also contributing to the umami lusciousness were pork bones and Chinese spices, accompanied by sweet sliced cabbage. One point worth noting was that the prawns came intact with the heads, something essential for the super shrimpy broth.

The chewy handmade ebiko prawn paste, juicy prawn dumplings and jumbo fresh prawns were fulfilling, as they were paired with al dente Chinese ramen. However, the ramen was a little bland.


Looks can be deceiving, especially when it comes to the size of a rice bowl. Probably filling only a quarter of the bowl, the oyako don here fell short of expectations in both portion and taste. Chicken chunks here were dry and bland. Instead of the watery egg blanket that drapes over the rice and meat, the egg here felt like a mess, mixing in between chicken and onion slices untidily. Overall taste was salty, probably heavy on the soy sauce marination.

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Generally I would say that the standard of food at Tokyo Joe is average. Tried the signature joe maki for the first time other than trying their donburis. Rice was soft and chewy, wrapping the tempura prawn in it. Topped with torched salmon slices, finished off with mentaiko sauce and flying fish roe. Though being a seafood sushi roll, it was not fishy. However the size of each maki piece was a little small, and for the same price, there’s probably other bigger and more flavourful maki rolls offered elsewhere.


Foodie for life <3

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