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Time Out For Brunch!

Time Out For Brunch!

Featuring Atlas Coffeehouse, Botanist, Tolido's Espresso Nook, PUNCH, Birdy's, Plentyfull
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I’m a creature of habit and once a place does it well, I’ll return and return. Creamy mushrooms went well with the sourdough which was quite easy to eat. I find many places having sourdough that’s too hard and too sour but Atlas’ was really not bad. Added scrambled eggs (the runny kind) and Italian sausage.

My mom had the croissant with scrambled eggs which I’ll consider having for a lighter option next time.

Botanist serves a hearty breakfast at a very very reasonable price. This came at 23 bucks(no GST or service charge) and it even came with a full small bottle of jam. Enjoyed the scrambled eggs and toast but felt that the rest was so so. The bacon was quite salty for me. Having said that I would return to botanist for the portions and reasonable price.

Service was good but another point they could improve on was the timing they served the food. All our mains and brioche came at around same time (when we intended for the brioche to be dessert since it came with ice cream) so could have timed it to come a little later.


I’ve long given up cafe hopping but Birdy’s was quite well reviewed by my foodie cousin and decided to give it a go. My burger or Breakfast Sanga (slang for sandwich in Aussie apparently) was a very wholesome meal to me. It had the right amount of protein and veggies. The brioche, bacon (being not too fatty) and beetroot pickles stood out for me. Paid 14 for this, no GST and service charge for now. I like this, a just nice portion for brunch, not excessive in ingredients - simple and fuss free.


Stumbled across Atlas when it first started and I’ve been going back for this.

It’s the perfect ‘feel healthy’ kinda brunch w the salmon. I love the sweetness of the mushrooms and the fried egg and the crispy bits on top. Would have preferred the salmon skin to be a bit more crispy!


Punch has the usual items with a slight twist on its menu, like this earl grey pancakes. We had this as a shared ‘dessert’ cause we all got our own mains. The earl grey taste was stronger for my first few bites but kinda lost it after that, but perhaps cause I was kinda eating a little of everything and the other flavours overwhelmed the earl grey taste. Other wise, love the busy brunch vibes here, will return again for the cheese toast!

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I rate this as the better dish among those we ordered because of the plum salted tomatoes. Great vegetarian option!

Really love the presentation and colours for this plate. Scrambled eggs were a little too runny for my liking. Truffle taste was not super strong but that was alright for me. Overall, I felt this was quite reasonable but drawback was that this was not considered as a main under entertainer one-for-one.


Pandan, gula melaka and vanilla ice cream - the winning combination. Tolido's pancakes never fails. Definitely a sweet ending to my lazy sunday brunch.

Eat eat eat repeat! Perpetually thinking about my next meal 😌

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