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Time Out For Brunch!

Time Out For Brunch!

Featuring Boufe Boutique Cafe (Tanglin), Atlas Coffeehouse, Curious Palette, Botanist, Tolido's Espresso Nook, PUNCH, KARA Cafe & Dessert Bar, Birdy's, Wheeler's Estate, Plentyfull (Millenia Walk)

Hits and misses for the food. Crab Benedict came with a generous amount of crab but I felt the croissant could be more buttery. The side of hashbrow was not warm, whereas our fish fingers had ‘smoke’ coming out and could tell that it was freshly fried. Ham and cheese macaroni felt more creamy than cheesy, so I guess it depends on one’s personal preference.

Having said all that, service was pretty prompt and the food was served very quickly. But I feel like the food doesn’t do sufficient justice to the pretty vibes of the place. I would still return for a visit to enjoy the vibes of the estate if I were nearby, but probably skip the food but give the pastries a shot the next time instead.

Back at flagwhite for a late lunch! Chicken Parmigiana was juicy, topped with cheese and some tomato-ish tangy kind of sauce. Tater tots was as usual a generous portion for 6 bucks! Flag white’s fast becoming my fav cafe in the area! They are available on grabfood too.


Curious Palette was crowded as usual. Two of my preferred dishes are the mentaiko belacan pasta with prawns, which was creamy, rich but the fine texture of the pasta prevented it from being overly heavy. The addictive fried cauliflower with curry provided a pop in the mouth. Something that my friends and I all agreed on was that the coffee/ tea provided was of good standard!

This plate of cauliflower salad was found on almost every table today. Really loved the texture of everything put together, the cauliflower, the kale the sauces and it was a very appetizing starter!

Had the lobster roll too but nothing much to shout about in terms of price, taste nor portion. The chips were also extremely salty.

Having said that, I may still return to como for bunch menu (which many seem to rave about) and it is no doubt a pretty place and service was also good.

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Generally a good lobster roll with warm brioche bun that was quite big and a reasonable portion of lobster. I enjoyed dipping the roll in the buttery sauce that came along in the set. There was a sufficient amount of salad and fries given too.

But honestly I really wouldn’t wanna queue 1.5 hours for this again. There are other places with good lobster rolls of similar standard. Jewel Changi is also way too crowded for my liking so I’ll probably only return when the hype goes away perhaps half a year later.


Without entertainer, I found KARA Cafe rather pricy for the quality of food. The avocado and the slaw did not look nor taste fresh. The fish was reasonably battered and the rest was so so. On a good note, my tropical mango smoothie was well blended and refreshing.

Hope KARA cafe can refine the quality of food because I remembered it to be better previously.

Back to one of my fav brunch places which does a good rendition of everything on the menu. This fluffy pancake came with a generous dose of cornflakes to add to the texture. I added just a little a syrup which was good enough for me.

Boufe has been around for some time and it’s still doing pretty well with its winning formula. Spacious location, bright environment, reasonable food and prices. Only peeve is that I wish my croissant could have been bigger. Added additional hash browns to complete the Triple B breakfast. Very filling meal even without any additional sides!

I’m a creature of habit and once a place does it well, I’ll return and return. Creamy mushrooms went well with the sourdough which was quite easy to eat. I find many places having sourdough that’s too hard and too sour but Atlas’ was really not bad. Added scrambled eggs (the runny kind) and Italian sausage.

My mom had the croissant with scrambled eggs which I’ll consider having for a lighter option next time.

Botanist serves a hearty breakfast at a very very reasonable price. This came at 23 bucks(no GST or service charge) and it even came with a full small bottle of jam. Enjoyed the scrambled eggs and toast but felt that the rest was so so. The bacon was quite salty for me. Having said that I would return to botanist for the portions and reasonable price.

Service was good but another point they could improve on was the timing they served the food. All our mains and brioche came at around same time (when we intended for the brioche to be dessert since it came with ice cream) so could have timed it to come a little later.


I’ve long given up cafe hopping but Birdy’s was quite well reviewed by my foodie cousin and decided to give it a go. My burger or Breakfast Sanga (slang for sandwich in Aussie apparently) was a very wholesome meal to me. It had the right amount of protein and veggies. The brioche, bacon (being not too fatty) and beetroot pickles stood out for me. Paid 14 for this, no GST and service charge for now. I like this, a just nice portion for brunch, not excessive in ingredients - simple and fuss free.


Stumbled across Atlas when it first started and I’ve been going back for this.

It’s the perfect ‘feel healthy’ kinda brunch w the salmon. I love the sweetness of the mushrooms and the fried egg and the crispy bits on top. Would have preferred the salmon skin to be a bit more crispy!


Eat eat eat repeat! Perpetually thinking about my next meal 😌

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