As the title suggests!! I am on a mission to eat the different kinds of ramen in Singapore.
Hui Xin 😁
Hui Xin 😁

-Tonkotsu Ramen[$6-$8]
P.S : I forgot the price but I don't think it's over $8!
This TONKOTSU Ramen came with one large piece of chashu that was well cooked as the meat was succulent and tender. The Ramen was quite a good texture, more of the bouncy kind that also soaks up the taste of the broth and thus the ramen has the taste of the soup! My partner had their Oyako Don[$5-$7] and add on a set of hot green tea with 2 pieces of Inari sushi for $2.20! This is one of the most affordable and legit japanese food chains in Singapore I ever been to. Their menu also includes curry udon, salmon sashimi don, etc.

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- Suan La Ramen with Paiku Set with sides(Fried chicken) and Drink(Hot Ocha) [$17+]
- Shoyu Ramen with Pork Belly set [$17+] with sides(Fried Gyoza) and Hot ocha drink

My ι…ΈθΎ£ soup broth was really salty and the spicy and sour taste was not as strong as I expected it to be. It was tasty due to the high salt content in the broth which was quite a let-down. It was my choice of order could be wrong, which i had a great lesson learnt: Ordering chinese style food items in a japanese restaurant is just wrong. But Ajisen Ramen chains of restaurants normally have quite a salty soup broth or is it just me? πŸ€” Well at least it's pretty worth it for a ramen set but I probably won't be back again as the saltiness level scares me. Well, at least the hot ocha was the saving grace as it quenches my thirst.

I crave good food at the expense of my wallet

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