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Hawker / Foodcourt

Hawker / Foodcourt

Featuring A Noodle Story (Amoy Street Food Centre), Chin Mee Chin Confectionery, Maxwell Food Centre, Amoy Street Food Centre, Golden Mile Food Centre, IKEA Restaurant (Alexandra), Food Republic (Wisma Atria), Lau Pa Sat (Telok Ayer Market), Albert Centre Market & Food Centre, Depot Road Zhen Shan Mei Claypot Laksa (Alexandra Village Food Centre)
Ikigai J
Ikigai J

12 Jan’19, Sat🌦
📍Beach Road Scissor Cut Curry Rice (Upper Thomson Rd)
~ Broccoli🥦
~ Bittergourd🥗
~ Clams with bean paste🥣

Don’t judge the taste by its looks, this not very appetising curry rice is actually yummy!

For ppl who can’t take spicy stuff, the curry is actually quite acceptable, not say very spicy...u can taste the spices and the coconut milk just bring the curry taste to a higher level, anything and everything mixed with the curry also taste nice lah (even bittergourd, ya, yes)...

I like la-la but not with bean paste, just too salty to my likings, so, wouldn’t recommend that dish...

Damage: $4.40

8 Jan’19, Tue🌥
📍Cai Ji Boneless Duck Rice Porridge 財記起骨鴨飯粥
- 鴨飯🍖

Like the tenderness of the duck meat, not like the usual dry dry cha-cha one (不像一般柴柴的肉質)...

For ppl who’s afraid of the duck meat smell, I think the stall-holder did a great job in handling the duck meat, I don’t particularly notice that smell, and the herbal sauce is like a best match...

The yam rice, the rice is not lumpy kind (粒粒分明), and quite flavourful, and the chilli is also yum!

The soup is those kind herbal soup style, nice...

For the price, it’s a steal! Keep coming back for this each time I’m at the vicinity~

Note: As the shop name suggest, their duck rice is boneless (no extra charge)!!!

Damage: $3

22 Dec’18, Sat🌧
📍Xin Peng La Mian Xiao Long Bao 鑫鹏拉面小笼包
- Shanghai Xiao Long Bao 上海小籠包🥟
- Fried Bean Sauce La Mian 炸醬拉麵🍝
- Red Oil Wontons 紅油抄手🥟
- Fish Soup 魚湯🐟

The xlb is rather disappointing, skin too thick, can skip...

The lamian still quite decent, for the price, can try...

Red oil dumplings can be a bit more sour and spicy, still decent though...

Overall, for the price, not bad for a try...

The fish soup, we got it from another stall, is pretty good, I can taste the lard in the soup, probably that’s why the soup is more rich, for those who doesn’t like it might want to skip this...

Damage: Total $19


12 Dec’18, Wed🌥
Seng Kee Fish Soup 成記 at 163 Bukit Merah Central Market & Food Centre~~~🐟

I like the batang fish! Bittergourd, bok choy and tomato in the fish soup making the soup rich, and bonus, the fried egg!!!

Go try it if you are around the area! (But long queue hor, don’t say I nvr say)

Damage: $4 + $1 (tray)

(Note: the owner will charge you an extra $1 for the tray, you can get the $1 deposit refund after you return the tray to the tray collection point)
#fishbeehoonsoup #fishsoupbeehoon #sengkee #sengkeefishsoup #成記 #魚片米粉 #instafood #sgfood #hawkerfood #hawkerfoodsg #hawkerfare #burpple #burpplesg #singapore

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11 Dec’18, Tue⛅️
Claypot Noodle (新香港街) at Blk 165 Bukit Merah~~~🍲
#claypotnoodle #砂煲麵 #sgfood #instafood #burpplesg #burpple #hawkerfood #singapore #月光

30 Nov’18, Fri
📍 Chiew Kee Noodle House
- Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle
- Dumplings Soup (3 Dumplings)

Often mistake this with their competitor (the one near traffic light), this is the one right the other end, nearer to Hong Lim Complex...

Find the noodle thinner and less of that alkaline taste, the chicken is pretty tender and the dumplings (filled with mushrooms, meat) is just a bonus!

Decent lunch (value for $) at CBD area, do expect crowd during lunch hour!

Damage: $5.50 (per plate with 3 dumplings)

20 Oct’18, Sat⛅️
📍Feng Zhen Lor Mee 鳳珍鹵麵 (Yew Tee)
- Lor Mee 鹵麵🍜

When in doubt, go for the one with the longest queue...
It may not be always true but high chance the food shld be not too bad one right?

Saw this with long queue and juz go for it, nice!

The fried fish is crispy and the Lor Mee sauce is gao enough, I like~~~ with chilli, garlic, parsley & vinegar, enuff said...

It’s nice and would recommend u to try it if you are at the vicinity but this is not say super nice that worth u travelling all the way down just for it lah...u know what I mean...🙊

Damage: $3
#fengzhenlormee #lormee #鳳珍鹵麵 #鹵麵 #sgfood #instafood #hawkerfood #hawkerfoodsg #burpple #burpplesg #singapore #yewtee

18 Oct’18, Thu⛅️
📍Gourmet Corner (15 Philip St)
- Char Siew Rice🍖

Best value for $ lunch at CBD area! I like the char siew as it was more of lean meat than the fatty portion, the sauce is sweet and the pork doesn’t have that “piggy smell”, yummy indeed!

Damage: $3.50
#gourmetcorner #sgfood #instafood #charsiewrice #charsiew #叉燒飯 #叉燒 #burpple #burpplesg #singapore

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4 Oct’18, Thu⛅️
📍Chiew Kee Noodle House 釗記油雞麵家
- Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle 油雞麵🍗
- Dumpling Soup 水餃湯🥟

Keep mistaking this with Original Chew Kee Eating House, both sell the same thing, same same but diff~

The noodle here is thinner than the one at OCK, more q if I rmb correctly, but chicken wise, I think OCK did a better job by a slight margin...

Must order their dumplings, I like them with mushroom!😋

Both were equally good, I usually just go to the one with less queue...😜

Bonus: Chiew Kee is more spacious and more systematic in terms of queue and getting seats...

Damage: $5.50
#chiewkeenoodlehouse #chiewkee #soyasaucechickennoodle #dumplingsoup #釗記油雞麵家 #油雞麵 #水餃湯 #sgfood #instafood #burpple #burpplesg #singapore

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29 Sep’18, Sat🌤
📍Tiong Bahru Lee Hong Kee Cantonese Roasted 李鴻記廣東燒臘
終於吃到不見天叉燒, 其實也就還好啦...🍖

不見天叉燒 is pig armpit meat, not bad, balanced thin and fat part, but not sure is it me expecting more from it due to the online reviews, I find it normal normal lo, no need to make a trip over to Tiong Bahru just for this...

But it is still value-for-money, if u are at the vicinity, u may want to try this~

Damage: $3.50 Char Siew Rice / $1 Kopi’o Kosong Peng
#所謂的不見天是指豬的胳肢窩 #李鴻記廣東燒臘 #charsiewrice #tiongbahruleehongkeecantoneseroasted #tiongbahru #leehongkeecantoneseroasted #叉燒飯 #不見天 #不見天叉燒飯 #armpitmeat #sgfood #instafood #kopiokosongpeng #kopiokosong #sgdessert #instadessert #burpple #burpplesg #singapore

28 Sep’18, Fri⛅️
📍Food Republic + Takashimaya Japan Food Matsuri
原來我可以不吃飯, 但不能沒有咖啡...☕️
#cannotlivewithoutcoffee #coffeeaddict #justneedonecupperday #一天一杯咖啡頭痛遠離我 #如果沒有你日子怎麼過

13 Jul’18, Fri🌥
📍Claw Mookata (Bukit Merah View)
- Clams set for 4pax

What makes this mookata special is the chilli sauce and nicely marinated chicken! Seriously, so nice can!

The chicken is really tender and yum!

As for the pork collar, find it a little rough and the garlic taste is a little too overwhelmed, garlic lover can go for the pork...

There are also cheese meatballs, cheese tofu, thai fishcake, luncheon meat, crabmeat, dumplings, squid, crabstick, hotdog, vege, tunghoon, corn, cabbage, enoki mushroom etc...

You can also add-on crayfish etc!

Generous portion, definitely full, without rice!

Damage: $45.90
#clawmookata #mookata #thaimookata #clamsset #sgfood #instafood #burpple #burpplesg #singapore

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