My fav to-go Japanese joints! Stuff my face with sashimi any day!

Lightly seared scallops, a good portion of rice to salmon ratio, this bowl not bad for a TGIF meal. With the one for one using Beyond, it really works up to be a good deal! Free flow water at the restaurant too.

For now, payment by cash only though.

Took me a gazillion years to come here for lunch and definitely won’t be the last. The lunch sets are so value for money and def a great place to go along the orchard stretch. The meat were all well marinated, the Yakitori came out very nicely grilled. I would 💯 return for another meal.

One for one donburis for lunch via some telegram promo. I had the jewel chirashi which had a good mix of seafood. Also tried char siew grilled unagi which was interesting some char siew flavor. The char siew flavor filled more like it was just grazed to the unagi rather than ‘infused’ in it. Not too sure what the restaurant was going for. Either way, a worth it bowl for TGIF lunch!

Too hungry so only took a pic of the tamago. Not the fluffiness around but well cooked nonetheless. The donburis served have the right ratio of rice to protein which I really appreciated. I had the tonkatsu which was not of a big portion but still juicy and tasty. Definitely a good deal to redeem on Burpple beyond!

I first had Mikawa at the Siglap outlet and was so happy to see another outlet opened in the west. Ordered the Yakitori Platter (both pork and chicken). One for one platter on Burpple beyond ✌🏻The Yakitori was seasoned with salt. I enjoyed the platter even though the flavors were not intense with mentaiko or Tare. Good for my pregnant belly which can’t take food that’s too oily or intense now.

We also had the stir fried yaki soba too - my friend preferred it with more sauce but I enjoyed the lightness of the dish and it was packed with quite lot of vegetables!

Will return to Mikawa again for its convenience, good service and affordably priced food of standard :)

This ebi don is plated so nicely with ikura and various roe. While the ebi was well breaded and fried, the dish was a little too salty for me overall. In fact, I found many of the dishes here on the salty side perhaps of the stronger seasoning used. My friends and I enjoyed the okonomiyaki which was nicely pan fried and could taste the crunch of the cabbage. Known for the premium ingredients at affordable prices, I would say that Misato does an above average job in all. BUT the restaurant doesn’t serve water (must get the Evian bottle) which is a pet peeve of mine.

Pork slices plated nicely like a flower. The tonkotsu broth was rich and I liked that it wasn’t packed with too much ingredients, just ramen with 4 huge pieces of pork, spring onions, fungus and an egg. The simplicity of the dish really allowed me to fully ‘immerse’ myself in the richness of the tonkotsu broth, which I truly appreciated.

Decided to go for Boruto’s New Menu and sighpie, I miss the old one. But must give credit to this sio bak that was very well cooked, almost has the melt in the mouth feeling and the skin was crispy. Other dishes that were similar had some ingredients replaced but I preferred the old one. One of which is the pulled pork with rice cracker has been replaced with focaccia instead. May give is just another try, perhaps for the thin crust.


New concept by PS Cafe with a more Japanese take. Two items I enjoyed in particular. Firstly, the nest of fries. Had rather high expectations of this since PS Cafe is known for the truffle fries. Didn’t disappoint it was crispy and the distinct truffle smell remains through the ‘nest’. Udon goreng was another favorite with rather thin and flavorful noodles, felt like a good rendition of a special Indonesia mie goreng hahah. Overall, JYPSY will be able to get a return visit because food is reasonably priced and the good ambience for girly dates haha

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This thin somen is my favourite dish of the night. Love the texture of the somen and especially in love with the crispy Sakura Ebi. The 5 of us polished the whole dish off in a matter of probably minutes or was it seconds?! It’ll be great if they could serve the ebi as a side dish, it’s the addictive type!


Basically assorted seafood with porridge. Porridge wise it’s the kind that’s not mushy but you can taste the rice grain by grain. It’s not super out of the world but I like the flavourful (slightly sweet) soup.

I would only order this if we came in a bigger group and if it’s a cold day cause it does feel rather comforting for the stomach.


Ichiban may be a casual chain but there is no doubt the effort they put into plating. This set was super value for money at 27 plus. I had both sashimi and sushi, mini chicken salad, vegetable tempura, chawamushi, teriyaki flounder fish & miso soup.

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Eat eat eat repeat! Perpetually thinking about my next meal 😌

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