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The Places For Booze

The Places For Booze

Featuring Super Boring Club, Gallo Wine Bar (Sri Petaling), Supperclub Kuala Lumpur, Coley Cocktail Bar, Bar Trigona, La Bodega (Pavilion Kuala Lumpur), Pacific Standard Bar, Opium KL, Le Bar (Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara), 61 Monarchy
Jesuis Enamourez
Jesuis Enamourez
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This light plate is seriously addictive and I’m totally hooked with it. Tempura Nori Seaweed topped with spicy salmon, Salmon roe and loads of shaved Parmesan. I’ve tasted a hint of ginger in it and it goes well with some aperitif and in my case cocktails. RM28 per serving.

A very feminine drink with St Germain elderflower liquer, white vermouth, strawberry cucumber mint shrubs and sparkling wine. There’s a prominent taste of sweet wine. RM42 per glass.

With more than 200 whiskeys to choose from, 61 monarchy curates different whiskey tasting flights for amateur or connoisseur who wish to taste the various whiskey and get to know their tasting profile. I opted for the vintage Speyside single malt tasting flight which consist of 60% of Mortlach 2008 8YO, 54.8% of Dufftown 1997 17YO, 52.9% of Benrinnes 1995 19YO and Glenlossie 1992 22YO. They all has their unique own character but I personally like the Dufftown. Smooth on the palate with a hint of vanilla and caramel. RM80 per tray.

Gin based cocktail shaken with finest French Citadelle, yellow chartreuse liqueur, dash of orange bitter and lemon twist for garnish. If you’re a gin and tonic fan, this would be one of those drink that you’ll enjoy. Smooth, citrusy and opens up your palate. RM42 per glass.


Sipping cocktail doesn’t seems right in a whiskey bar that houses more bottles than you could imagine, however their French Martini is something that makes you return for more. A vodka based cocktail shaken with pineapple juice, raspberry liquor garnish with a fresh raspberry. Easy light drink that opens up your palate before going into something more serious. It’s an off the menu item. RM 47 per glass.

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A refreshing starter made up with baby octopus, watermelon, shimeiji mushrooms tossed in a cold spicy lime sauce. Really wets the appetite and the spiciness in the octopus wash-down by the sweetness of watermelon. RM16.80 per serving.


Super Boring Club’s Special cocktail shaken with Japanese saké, sour plum and syrup served in a old fashion glass garnish with salt, birds eyed Chili and plum. I find the cocktail light and suitable for a pre-meal drinks. RM26 per glass.


Where has the time gone? 2018 is coming to an end which means it’s time to feast and drink on this jolly season! Anything Cinnamon will just bring out the best of Christmas feel. This creamy cocktail is nicely composed with Burnt Cinnamon infused Cointreau, lemon juice, house made ginger cordial, egg white and peychaud bitter. I’m intrigued by it! RM40 per glass.

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My first experience with this classy chic bar inspired by the old glamour of mid 20th century in LA is definitely an enjoyable one. Ruben, their head bartender recommended Beat The Dealer for someone who loves bourbon and whiskey like myself. Bourbon base with bianco Vermouth, housemate spiced pear liqueur and loads of mint leaves. He added slightly more bourbon to give that extra kick. RM45 per glass.

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Although fried chicken wings seems to be an ordinary essential in every bars and pubs, the ones over here definitely distinctive from others from taste wise and large portion. They were brined in Chinese cooking wine prior to deep frying which leaves your palate that bitter linger taste of alcohol and sprinkles of Tzechuaj pepper gives you that kick. They are serve with a pineapple hot sauce. Definitely great munch to go with alcohol if you’re feeling peckish. RM25 per serving.


This plate of sinful bar bite consists of dehydrated red cabbage, crispy nori and fish skins, fish maw and tamarind dusted with curry powder is terribly addictive. Served with a sambal mayo dip that makes it irresistible to decline. RM25 per plate.


Whiskey based cocktail with Jameson, honey, salted plum, lime and ginger ale. I find it refreshing due to the lime and plum but it was slightly salty and alcohol content is low. RM25 per glass.

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