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Keurimu 🍡
Keurimu 🍡

Oh, this was so delicious, especially the juicy nutty satay at the side. The fried rice was really savoury too and tasted great together with the fried egg 😵 but a small 美中不足 was that the fried rice felt a tad too salty to me :(

Other than this, I also had strawberry virgin margarita and cheesy waffle fries. The virgin margarita was nice and very berryish but maybe I should have ordered the alcoholic one instead cos the size of mine was quite small for $12 (the alcoholic margarita was quite huge and had alcohol haha and was $16). The waffles fries was crispy and the criss-crossiness of the fries was interesting! But I also found it a tad too salty :(

But all in all, it was a nice dining experience complimented with rather good singing at the side heheh.


Saw this restaurant on Burpple a few days ago and went there heheh since it's somewhat near my workplace. The restaurant was quite quiet as there weren't many customers. This combined with the relative spaciousness of the restaurant made for a rather good eating and chilling experience.

This dish is basically a rehashed version of the Taiwanese Lu Rou Fan. I had my steak well done and it was really delicious - chewy but not too chewy :) the egg was runny as well and the gooey yolk matched well with the meat. The veggies at the side added a different 口感 to the dish as well, as it was crunchy. It was a great meal and oh yes it's $10 🤡

I had pulled pork dip, shortrib grilled cheese (without the meat HAHA) [$13] and pizza fries [$14] at alter ego :) the pulled pork dip was very nice, with the pulled pork being v flavourful and cohesive with the savoury toasts at the side. The tenderness of the pork just mashed very well together with the crispness of the bread.

The grilled cheese was also delicious. It's basically toasted sandwich with cheese in the middle. Sadly, I didn't order the shortrib which imo might have brought more flavours and textures to the sandwich. The cheese was oozing out from the sandwich which made for both an aesthetical and gastronomical delight LOL. I had both 眼福 and 口福 heheh.

The pizza fries were also an good addition to my meal and were really cool in general. There was lots of cheese in it which was nice (though quite unhealthy I think haha) and there were a number of bacon-like things sprinkled on top. I must say though, the food in general tasted a lil 重口味 at times but overall, I'll recommend alter ego!


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are my favourite times of the day.

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