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Love For XLBs

Love For XLBs

Having lived in Shanghai for a period of time, how can I not fall in love with these little steamed pork soup dumplings!
Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~

Hop over to Ah Wang La Mian Xiao Long Bao the next time you are at Zion Riverside Food Centre for some handmade noodles and dumplings. Priced affordably, the Xiao Long Baos, or steamed mini pork buns were pretty tasty even though they might not be the best around. Portion of meat wrapped within the thin bun skin was satisfying, with soup that was slightly sweet and umami packed. A stall that I would patronize when I am missing the XLBs in Shanghai!

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One 小籠包 shop in Shanghai that I will always recommend is 佳家湯包. A time-honored brand, it’s comforting to know that the quality of 小籠包s here has never been compromised. The last time I posted about it was when I had them 打包-ed, which was still as tasty. •

These bountiful soup dumplings are steamed upon order. Imagine how thin the dumpling skin is as you can could probably tell from the translucence, I had a hard time holding it up while taking a photo as I was afraid that it would burst any time. The soup was so full of umami with a combination of the tender savoury pork meat and crab roe. Packed to the brim, some of the soup was already almost leaking from the dumpling tip as I picked it up. Love the additional bursting of the roe! •

Long queues to be expected at the original shop at 黃河南路, but this newly opened branch at 世纪汇广场 has yet to be overly crowded. It’s slightly more pricey though, as compared to the original shop’s RMB 35.

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Compared to the much liked Sheng Jian Baos here at Ding Tele, it seems like the signature steamed pork soup buns (Xiao long baos) aren’t that impressive. The folds of the buns were rather untidy and uneven, such that the tip was crumply thick while the base was rather thin. The soup broth had a good sweet savory balanced flavour, but the amount was comparatively lesser as compared to the Sheng Jian Bao. Pork meat was tender. Shredded ginger was not served together, so you have to request for that. The service here was quite welcoming, and they were generous with the amount of shredded ginger upon request.


Maybe they should rename this as Da Long Bao instead. I have never eaten such gigantic xiao long baos in my life! For foodies with smaller appetites, this can definitely become a proper meal.

The quality of these soup dumplings isn’t compromised with their size; thinly skinned, entire spoonful of savoury broth and a chunk of flavourful pork meat. Cheap thrill that’s so worth checking out!


Pretty much an average Xiao Long Bao with rather thin dumpling skin. The porky soup broth was savoury, but could do with more as the soup that flowed out wasn't a lot. Minced meat was flavourful and tender. Overall not one that leaves a deep impression, but still, price and taste was reasonable.


Popularity gained for this stall selling wallet-friendly Xiao Long Bao ever since it was discovered and cited to be helmed by an ex-chef of Crystal Jade and Tung Lok restaurants. Sure, because it's XLB, I had to try it out.
Lucky us, it wasn't a long wait because we were earlier than the dinner crowd. Each piping hot hand made xiao long bao was stuffed with tender minced pork, but what's even better was the considerable amount of fragrant pork broth that flowed out so quickly with each bite. Unlike some that's on the sweeter side, the broth here has a delightful savoriness. The thickness of the dumpling skin was just right, easy to hold it up yet not bursting. My only complaint is the size of the dumplings, disappointingly small, leaving my tummy unsatisfied.

The Beijing Zha Jiang Mian fell below expectation; while the noodles used was thinner than usual but still chewy, it got a tad too dry and lumpy. I would definitely welcome more of the thick, fermented zha jiang sauce consisting a mixture of meat and mushrooms.
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It's the time of the year again when I particularly miss Shanghai. To satisfy my XLB craving, here's some 3-in-1 consisting original, and fusion flavors of salted egg and chili crab. While there was a satisfactory amount of soup in the dumplings, taste was generally mediocre. The chili crab flavor was slightly spicy and tangy, but the salted egg was a little too powdery. A major no no is I have no idea how do you eat XLBs when they are served cold. I miss you, 佳佳湯包!
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This is one huge XLB I have ever eaten. Each thinly skinned XLB was bountifully stuffed with spicy shredded crabmeat and minced pork. Not friendly for non-spicy takers, the soup was fiery and oily. Felt like my mouth was on fire for a moment, but oooh still good still shiok. Couldn't taste any citrusy pomelo flavor at all with all that spiciness.

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You know I'd never say no to XLBs (even when I can't walk properly now 😂). A friend brought me to try this out at Yuhua Market & Food Centre last night, where I was surprised to find a queue forming continuously. Piping hot out from the steamer, these little pork soup dumplings ($4.50 for 7 pieces) had a somewhat sticky bun skin that made the picking of them harder than usual. Despite its big size and big piece of meat, each dumpling had (fortunately) very little soup that was on the sweet side.

I also had a try on their zha jiang mian ($3.50). The noodle portion was generous, but not the minced meat and the soybean paste such that the noodles end up being dry and a little plain. The diced meat was actually tasty though slightly salty, and I like my greens, so it was a good thing that there was loads of shredded cucumber.
Looks like my friend's dan dan noodles could have been a better choice!
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Xiao Long Bao is a must-have for me in every Shanghai trip. I love going around the city to try different ones, from restaurants to cozy family-owned shops. This post dates back to my recent trip in May as I have decided to create a list just for XLBs.

The 全家福小笼 was a combination of the 3 different flavours that they had; original, salted egg yolk and minced crab meat with crab roe. Sounds cute and heart warming, especially when I had it with my family. Priced at RMB24 for 12 XLBs (4 of each flavour), the dumpling skin was thin but still, each dumpling was generously filled with soup melted from the solid meat aspic. As a seafood lover, I enjoyed the minced crab meat with crab roe flavour the most, also because it added a savory freshness to the pure meat flavour!

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Surprise find at Alexandra village food centre! The stall had a long queue even up to 8.30pm when they started packing up. $4.50 for 7 pieces, I had my craving for XLBs satisfied with these little soup dumplings with good skin-to-filling ratio. Taste was good for me, as the soup wasn't too sweet or salty. And the reason for its long queue: the dumplings were hand made and steamed on the spot as orders were placed.



Foodie for life <3

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