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Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

Part of the set meal. Very frozen and super cold. Nice matcha flavor not very sweet. Remember to ask for it after finishing your meal. I almost left before I remembered this.

I added the curry for extra $3. Salmon was very well fried, super crispy yet not dry. Quite fresh no odd fishy smell. Tartar sauce was cold and very delicious. Miso soup was very good, seasoned just right. Satisfying end to the meal. I would come back for this.

The cold cabbage was free flow, just ask for refill. Chawanmushi was steaming hot, very flavorful with the dashi broth.

Came in a set with cold cabbage and chawanmushi. The pork was a little fatty, nice to chew the crispy fried meat and have the oil from the fat intensify the flavor. Egg was fully cooked very nice. I asked for extra tartar sauce.

The bowl of curry was abt as big as their rice bowl. Made the whole meal less dry. Tasted really good too.

A generous amt of sliced chicken with chewy mushrooms in a pool of thick creamy sauce. I didn’t expect to like this so much. Will be on my to-buy list from now on.

Just when the chargrilled pork belly from the spicy tonkotsu was making me regret not ordering the char Siew Don, this arrived. I had requested for hard boiled eggs and fully cooked meat. Smelled amazing. Meat marinate was on the heavy side, which made it perfect with rice. I loved every bite. The oil from the beef had melted into the rice, which was exactly what I liked. Superb bowl of Don from a ramen place.

Feel kinda silly ordering don in a menya, but this was really delicious. The curry was flavorful and sauce aplenty. I liked the extra flavor from the chives and spring onion. Full cooked egg was a special request. Otherwise the usual was a soft boiled egg. Beef was good, not too fatty.

Deep fried chicken thigh chunks with skin. Juicy inside. So good.

Pork cutlet was fried till crispy and covered with well cooked egg. Rice was covered in sauce thou not really enough for me. Nice.

A huge bowl with lots of thin pork slices. Perfectly marinated, very yummy. Went really well with the rice. Pity the rice was on the hard side.

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Of cos must order what they are famous for. I always get the fried ebi one. Absolutely gorgeous sushi. Everything came together so perfectly. I never ever dip this in soy sauce. Just slather on some wasabi and stuff in your mouth. Mmmmm

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