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Fab Jap

Fab Jap

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Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

The usual tendon came with 2 prawn tempura and assorted vege tempura, but I asked to replace the vege with prawns to make this ebi tendon. The prawns were quite large despite not being Ooebi. Very satisfying.

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This was a new item, and since I didn’t want to eat ramen, this seemed perfect. I didn’t like it. Too bland for me. And the rice was on the soggy side, which meant zero wok hei. I think the colorful vege will appeal to kids. At least the koumi pork rib was yummy.

No difference in price for lunch and dinner. One of the best ebi tempura maki I’ve ever tasted, despite not being smothered in mayo/cheese. The seaweed flakes and roe worked really well together. I don’t use the shoyu provided, just the wasabi. So good.

I don’t understand why dinner is more expensive than lunch for the same thing. Different side dishes maybe? This fried fish side dish (for dinner) was extremely oily n cold. I couldn’t eat it. Katsu was well fried and very hot. Egg was good, with the white totally cooked and the yolk still creamy. The gravy had an instant noodle soup taste thou. Not my style.

The most expensive Don in their D range. Meat was not too bad but sliced very thinly. Amt of sauce was pathetic. The whole Don was pretty dry. Egg was too raw for me. Got a sharp pc of bone on my last bite. Sigh...

Was really looking forward to this, but bit into a sharp pc of bone on my very first bite. Totally ruined the whole experience. Egg was too raw for me. Not enough sauce so the rice was dry and unappetizing. Could have been wonderful...

Creamy garlic sauce on fried chicken! Even had chunks of fried garlic inside. Loved this bowl ❤️

Not the usual sweet & sour pork I’m used to. No vinegar, just a teriyaki-ish sauce. Not too bad. The pork was still crispy when it came. The only thing was that cos the dragonfruit was cold, the pork pcs turned cold really fast too. I usually enjoy dragon fruit, but paired with the sauce was a bit strange.

This was kurobuta black pig. Very tender but not too fatty, without foul porky taste. Very easy on the palate, I demolished this in a flash.

Quite mediocre, definitely couldn’t be compared to the yakisoba at Sora Changi Airport Terminal 2. Bought from the same stall as the Takoyaki.

This was a steal at only $4.90. I wasn’t expecting much bcos of the price, but it was really good. Hot and crispy. Well marinated too. Boneless thigh meat.

I requested for fully cooked eggs and again they delivered. The pork was really good. Not very fatty and the sauce used was so good with rice. Althou the wagyu beef Don was my fav, this was a close second.

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