For A Limited Time Only

For A Limited Time Only

Food I have enjoyed at pop-ups and events.
Veronica Phua
Veronica Phua

(Media Gifting)
Fancy a Chinese banquet at home? The best deal I’ve come across lately is from @famoustreasure. If you call the restaurant directly at 9730 7548 / 6881 6668 to order their Takeaway Menu, and pick the food up yourself (address: 13 Stamford Road, #02-27/29 Capitol Singapore, 178905), you enjoy a crazy-value 50% discount!
Having dined there before, I knew what I wanted for our family dinner.
The Braised Rice Vermicelli with Local Lobster and Leek in Superior Broth 上汤蒜子本地龙虾焖米粉 was at the top of my list and so was the Deepfried Marble Goby with “Cinchalok” Sauce. I was right to guess that the former would travel well since the noodles and crustacean were packed separately from the soup, and the latter which featured their signature funky-savoury-tangy-spicy sauce I’d had twice and enjoyed a lot, was also given the same treatment which helped retain the crunchiness of the fish. My parents and I enjoyed both dishes very much. They were particularly fond of the lobster noodle broth as it’s fragrant and concentrated in seafood richness. Thumbs up too for the large and uber fresh lobster with its firmly succulent meat.
I couldn’t not order Famous Treasure’s Roasted Honey BBQ Pork either as it has quite a reputation. And deservingly so, given that the fat-striped pork was very tender and the sticky black sauce it’s prepared with, finger-licking good. Luckily the restaurant gave a little more of it on the side.
Another Chinese restaurant must-have for my family is the Crab Meat with Fish Maw Soup soup. At only $10 a bowl if you do the order-direct-collect-yourself method (usual price: $20 per bowl), there was no way I was going to skip getting it.
Really, this ongoing promotion is quite wonderful. It would be a shame to miss.

If you enjoy #KoreanArmyStew, you ought to get your hands on this limited edition burger by It has their signature juicy USDA-certified Black Angus beef patty (having been grilled in the INKA charcoal oven, there’s a nice smokiness to it) stacked with a slab of Korean spam, housemade kimchi, gochujang butter, sliced Vienna sausages, American cheese, King Trumpet and Champignon mushrooms, baked beans and scallions between soft pillows of brioche buns.
Conceptually, I think the Korean Army Stew Burger ($15) is interesting, but more importantly, it delivers on taste with a good balance in the ratio of ingredients.
There’s also a tasty Kimchi Cheese Fries to go along with it (add-on: $5 / a la carte: $7).
Both items are available for dine-in, takeaway and delivery from now till end of May. You can order online via’s link-in-bio.

Thanks again @joannetohh and Shaun for sending these over for me to try.

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@regentsingapore will launch “Chef’s Playground” on 21st April 2021. It’s a creative space for all their chefs (from the Italian chefs at Basilico to the pastry chef for Tea Lounge and Dolcetto), to get creative in the kitchen.
Coming up first will be a Gold-leafed Truffle Ricotta Burnt Cheesecake topped with shavings of Norcia black truffles. The cake itself is incredibly creamy as ricotta seirass, a fresh cow’s milk curd from Piedmont, is used along with cream cheese. Since Italians have a flair for the dramatic, a knob of fresh truffle and a jar of Basilico’s coveted truffle honey (this is insane - I love it!) are also included for further lavishing to your heart’s content.
At 9pm on 21st April 2021, 30 of this Gold-leafed Truffle Ricotta Burnt Cheesecake Sets will be available for purchase online via @regentsingapore’s link-in-bio. So do mark your calendars to standby for this indulgent deliciousness.
To get first dibs on Regent Singapore’s chefs’ upcoming off-the-menu creations, please follow the hotel’s account as that will be where each exclusive release will be announced.

(Hosted Preview) Everyone who’s tasted this seasonal fruit will vouch for its extreme fragrance, sweetness, juiciness and superb firm-to-the-bite texture.
And in the hands of award-winning Pastry Chef Cheryl Koh (@tartebycherylkoh) and her team including Chef @kellycheah, it’s a win-win situation. They have unleashed their creativity in a fine display for the limited edition Afternoon Tea Set ($60 per pax) which sets the stage for the magnificence of the Jukhyang and MerryQueen, both Korean Strawberries so fabulous in their own way, to shine.
The set menu will be available daily at 3pm for one month, beginning on Monday, the 15th of March 2021. I would definitely recommend calling ahead to make a reservation because based on the number of people that slid into my DMs, many are very excited to try it.
To pair with the food, the team has concocted a selection of delicious drinks featuring Korean Strawberries as well. You do however, have the option of tea or coffee if that’s preferred.
What’s more, during this period, you can even purchase the fruit right there at the shop. How convenient for those who can’t get enough of the fruit and wish to continue indulging at home.

Thank you very much @brandfit for inviting us to the preview. And congratulations again Chef Cheryl on your new location. Love how gorgeous and comfortable the huge space is.


Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the “Laksa Lobster Burger”!
Available NOW, this limited edition, saucy seafood sensation is a collab between myself and the team at Shocking, I know since I don’t cook 😆 But after intense brainstorming, R&D-ing and taste-testing with Head Chef @kurt.sombero and his team (thank you guys for being so patient), we’ve come up with a burger that I hope you will enjoy. Allow me break it down for you:

1. Customised brioche buns by Head Baker @tart-tatin and the @burntends.bakery_sg team with a smear of chilli butter.
2. Laksa sauce made from scratch - There’s plenty of it.
3. Tandoor-roasted lobster tail - The smoky, springy and succulent chunks give a really satisfying mouthfeel.
4. Crispy cubes of pork fat because I love me a little lard.
5. Basket-grilled bean sprouts - Often found in a bowl of #laksa, the vegetable is prepared in an alternative way to complement the burger.
6. Laksa leaf and marinated cucumber - More laksa ingredients represent! And they add oomph and a refreshing crunch.

On the side is a heap of crunchy-fried rice noodles seasoned with laksa leaf and prawn powder, plus a belachan aioli dip to use as you please.

Get your hands on this limited edition burger today by tapping on the link-in-bio on Meatsmith Xpress’ or my Instagram account:

P.S. I am not making money out of this. It is purely my honour to be invited as a Guest Chef and besides, I knew it would be fun creating something really tasty with Chef Kurt and the Meatsmith LittleIndia / Xpress team 😄


This special Valentine’s Day Gift Set by @laderach_singapore is a real treat! Not only does the beautiful blonde wooden box contain a dozen large Swiss Miss Strawberries, but also a heap of large 56% dark chocolate buttons. Meant to be melted into a thick silky liquid for dipping the fruit in, these are essentially the same chocolate used in most of #Laderach’s hugely popular dark chocolate #frischschoggi variants. And just like wine, chocolate too possesses tasting notes. In this, you can expect to encounter hints of plums, berries and bananas on your palate as you bite into the juicy strawberry.

Pre-orders have begun. To place yours, just tap on @laderach_singapore’s link-in-bio on Instagram.

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I have been extremely impressed with everything @twgteaofficial has kindly gifted me over several occasions. Yes, their tea collection is world-famous but I also found their mooncakes creative and scrumptious (they were my favourite collection of 2020), and now, it is their Christmas goodies that have me wreathed in smiles.
Besides the Grand Christmas Tea Flavoured Chocolate Bonbons which my niece has pretty much hijacked the box of, and the Grand Christmas Tea-infused Pistachio Macarons with their perfect soft crunch, it is the Hazelnut Caramel Log Cake with its layers of hazelnut and white chocolate crumble that has bowled me over. Flavours are rich yet it’s not too sweet. And to top it off, this festive cake has the most luxurious mouthfeel.
Highly recommended.

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For someone who only recently learned to appreciate and enjoy lamb, I must say, I found this LIMITED EDITION Lamb Burger ($18) by @burntends_sg’s Executive Chef @patrick_leano, very good.
Top marks for how tender he got those double lamb patties. And whatever subtle gaminess my sensitive nose picked up, the luscious feta and mint aioli he loaded on, in and all over, did the trick of neutralising it. Needless to say, the soft #burger bun by Burnt Ends Bakery’s Head Baker @tart_tatin was the bronze gloriousness (barely) holding everything together.

Available only via online order, it is the first collab of the “Guest Chef Series” by (they are part of @meatsmith_sg). Tomorrow’s the last day you can get your hands on it, so hesitate and you’re too late.

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I am familiar with @chefshentan’s twice-steamed nasi lemak rice. In fact, my familiarity goes back more than a decade to when I first had it at her stall in Maxwell Road Hawker Centre in 2008.
Her gently fragrant, moist but not clumpy rice forms the “foundation” of Nasi Lemak Bento Sets by newly-launched @tginasilemak. You can place your order online for their food anytime but please note delivery is only available from Thursdays to Sundays weekly.
Each set meal ($15) comes with two pieces of thick, fluffy omelette, crispy ikan bilis, lacto-fermented rainbow pickles plus a “hot main” of your choice. Because I got to try two sets, I decided on the Crispy Chicken which lived up to its name and was convenient to crunch on as it’s boneless, and the Beef Rendang, which I ended up favouring as it really impressed with its fall-apart tenderness and lip-smacking rempah. I topped up $10 to purchase 2 extra “hot mains” of Sambal Goreng (a stirfry of beancurd with vegetables in a spice paste) and Sambal Brinjal (priced at $5 each). Both were really decent and I wouldn’t mind ordering them again.
To enjoy with the #nasilemak were not one but two housemade sambals - a dark, earthy Coffee Sambal and a bright, sharp and spicier Sambal Belachan. They were both terrifically addictive. I had a lot of fun trying them together in different ratios.
The dark horse from this meal though was the dessert of Double Valrhona Fudge Cake ($8 for a piece / $64 for a whole cake). This is not to be missed. The large square of fluffy and moist deep chocolate cake tasted incredible on its own but when I had it with the caramelised-coffee infused 64% Valrhona chocolate fudge sauce, it made my jaw drop.
@tginasilemak also offers their food in larger servings for sharing under the a la carte section, and even retails a couple of items on their website too, such as the aforementioned sambals. Do tap on their link-in-bio to find out more and to place orders. I would also suggest doing it sooner rather than later because it seems there is an end date to this and it falls on 9th August 2020.

On Sunday, 8th March, three female chefs banded together to present a 6-hands menu in celebration of International Women’s Day. Held at @tonocevicheria, the dishes that Tono’s Head Chef Tamara (@tamarachavez_chef), @restaurantnouri’s Sous Chef & Head of R&D Culinary Ashlee (@ashleemalligan), and Chef-owner Petrina Loh (@pe3na) of @morselsinsingapore came up with, were every bit as spunky and vibrant as they are.

To whet appetites, it was their takes on Ceviche, a Latin American marinated raw seafood specialty first. Each imbued it with her own culinary style (this was to be repeated for their respective Tacos and Main Courses that followed). So while Chef Petrina served a distinctly Southeast Asian Ceviche with a slightly “lemak” Thai Tom Kha-dressed Hokkaido scallops, Chef Ashlee’s octopus and prawns in tamarillo broth boasted a clean and bright flavour profile, and Chef Tamara’s tortilla-scattered creation hit the highest level of intensity as she had tossed prawns, octopus, clams, crabmeat and avocado in the zingy citrus of “Tiger’s Milk”.

For the Tacos, different proteins were showcased, making things more interesting. Chefs Petrina and Ashlee decided to use Asian ingredients but their delicious results were a world apart. The former’s aromatic and rich Angus beef rump rendang with raita and pickled green mango was decidedly Southeast Asian, but the latter’s ventured further afield, into the South Americas actually as her Taco had lamb shoulder in an earthy buah keluak “mole” and finished with pickled jalapeños. Roasted chicken marinated in “Achiote” sauce, black beans and pickles were what Chef Tamara chose to fill hers with. Frankly, all three Tacos were stellar - yes, even the lamb, a meat I don’t usually order myself. I would have been very happy to continue inhaling more of them but there were the Main Courses to consider.

These too turned out to be really enticing and well executed. There was a grilled snapper by Chef Ashlee (its texture was absolutely perfect) accompanied by amazingly done purple sweet potato and polenta fritters, salsa verde and mint. Chef @johnjohn0822 from Morsels represented Chef Petrina to explain her dish, a very juicy take on “Har Jeong Gai” (the popular fried shrimp paste chicken you find at every “zi char” stall). I love how she had marinated it with Cinchalok (fermented tiny shrimp), imbuing it with funky savouriness. The final course of Arroz Con Cangrejo by Chef Tamara triggered an “OMG” moment because the spicy crab meat-laced yellow rice exploded with larger-than-life flavours.


Whether you are visiting for lunch or dinner, I recommend starting with the other ongoing promotion: “Any 3 appetisers for $20++”.

You get to select from a list of 10 which means there is ample choice. We tried the chilled marinated lady’s finger with spiced sauce, the deepfried mushrooms with salted egg yolk and the wok-fried carrot cake with Chinese pork sausage, beansprouts and X.O. sauce. I found the former two good but the carrot cake was my no-fight favourite. It had a mochi-like texture and was extremely flavourful from the sauce and the way it was fried.

What I also appreciate is the complimentary herbal drink every guest gets. The lovely brew is made from herbs that help with boosting immunity (the Head Chef had gone to source for them himself) and sugarcane for some sweetness.


Originating from the Jura region in France, the Mont d’Or is a soft-ripened cheese which is made from raw cow’s milk. It is washed with white wine and baked to a sublime gooey-ness which stays pretty much the same even when it has cooled down. This cheese has a subtle funkiness but that is what makes it irresistible.
Head Chef Balaji served it on a board with assorted cold cuts, toast and some impossibly delicious potato grenaille. We could not stop ourselves from dunking the latter two in the creaminess even when the other dishes started showing up.
If you want to give the Baked Mont d’Or ($36++) a try, do note this item is only available until 15th March.


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