Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Sinful yet perk me up items
Kugel Kaffee
Kugel Kaffee

A decent set with teriyaki salmon, half boiled egg, pickle and rice. Can go for Unagi $9.90 if you feel a bit indulged and don’t mind torching food. We prefer simple& tasty and go for salmon.

Apology that we already fast forward to Friday vibe...😆 just visited Burger King this lunch to try off the menu item “BK veggie Burger” it was launched in March this year for a limited time and back again this month. We decided to try using the coupon to buy a whopper.
So here they are (side by side). The BK veggie burger ala carte can’t make one of us full. With a tiny finger food size, the patty is made with potato, corn, sweet edamame and carrot, coupled with tomato, crispy lettuce and mayo served with a sesame bun. It is quite dry and you also need condiment to amp the flavour! Whereas whopper is just good on its own. 🍔 We will wait for their new non-meat burger menu.😼

Unlike other fast food chains, buying the meal set here won’t save you much. That’s why we are going for 2 Triple ebi fly rice burgers! (No frills 🤑)
We had an ebi burger before but this new version ebi is tripled & quite a big mouthful glazed with dark sauce. Note that before you eat, do squeeze the lime on ebi (it’s a Nagoya specialty!). We are in love with this burger that we totally forgot the big fries 🍟

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Cheers to The classics as it delivers what we ask for: Beef patty, caramelised onion, American cheese & pickled green chilli. 🍻
All burgers come with fries but for something fanciful like cheese fries $3.50, seaweed fries $3.00, okonomi fries $3.50 you can of course top up! 🤑
Let’s the countdown begin when they open their outlet at Timbre+. We might have to queue but will definitely worth it! ✌️

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A throwback post before their official launch at Timbre+ which we can’t wait!!! 🤩
Here we enjoy this Japanese Tempura prawn, Homemade Coleslaw, sweet chilli mayonnaise. Unbelievable that the ebi prawn is still crunchy after half an hour commuting time 🚊 🤤

Don’t say we bo jio, this $1 Bun deal is valid until 21st July. Avoid grabbing at rush hour cos queue is extra long since this deal is on! Total 3 buns for $3 (Potato Bun, plain croissant, chocolate croissant)
P.S. we were informed by staff that the deal applies only after 12 pm so watch out!!

This item is the only one we repeated order. The whole garlic is poached along with spinach and salted egg cubes. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea and to be honest, we have never seen this dish in its original branch in Bangkok. However, it is much more unique that we won’t mind to enjoy it again!! Spinach is one of the healthiest veg so why not! 💪

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Within this duck soup $6.50 bowl, it contains a really big chunk of duck meat and mushroom. The broth tastes herbal & healthier than chicken soup so do give it a try!

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We went there for early lunch (11 ish) and enough seating (no queue like when it is newly launched). Decent amount of chicken on top of rice. (Not stand out quality) but Chicken rice $4.50 is a must order set (comes with soup and dark soy chilli sauce). We wish more sauce is given with the set.

Mistook that the Fish & chips lunch platter $7.90 contain chips already. So we pick 2 non-chip item as side dishes (baked bean & pasta salad). We found the sweet palette is going strong for the combination and it would be better to have slightly salty chips to balance! 😔 Iced Lemon tea (non-sweet) coming with the Set saves our day!! 🤩

Imagine fried Mee with crispy chicken topped with cheesy sauce. That’s what it is! Even though crispy chicken is tasty, we expect a bit more from this price.🤓


The assorted cake (10 flavours) non-liquor don’t disappoint us at all. For those who enjoy salty, creamy, Cat & the Fiddle tick all the right box (last for 2 days for refrigeration)

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Explorer of tasty & healthy eats! Instagram: @kugelkaffee We got something for you!! 👇

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