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Call me weird but I actually enjoyed Small's candied taro fritters more than the khao soi.

Loved the sweet nutty yet slightly creamy flavours of the taro in their batter shell. The candied batter and "crispy nubbins" (as @bjornshen terms them) was sweet and crispy. It tasted like goreng pisang that you can't stop eating after the first bite.

@smalls_sg, any way you can let me in on the secret of your batter pls!

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3pc drumlets ($3) - we had 3sets too! 🍗 My dad's fave, it was super well-marinated & flavourful! 💕

Garlic Bread ($2) - we ordered 3 cuz this is my family's all-time fav! 🌟 Super buttery & aromatic!

BBQ Chicken (Regular - $14.10): well-marinated chicken chunks 🐔 with crunchy capsicums & sweet BBQ sauce, what a delight! 😋

Seafood Deluxe (Large - $19.20): topped with tuna, chewy squid 🦑 & springy prawns 🦐 atop melted cheese, this was our favourite! ❤

Hawaiian Supreme (Large - $19.20): featuring savoury ham 🍖 & sweet pineapple cubes 🍍, I felt that the nachos cheese 🧀 overpowered everything 😅 Better stick to the classic Hawaiian pizza!

Lowkey feel like a child getting away with something when I got the 𝙃𝙤𝙟𝙞𝙘𝙝𝙖 𝘽𝙪𝙧𝙣𝙩 𝘾𝙝𝙚𝙚𝙨𝙚𝙘𝙖𝙠𝙚 (~$8) from Bakery Brera the day dessert shops had to close. So imagine my satisfaction when it was GOOD.🤩
With burnt cheesecakes popping up left right centre, I would put Brera’s differentiating factor in their cheesecake consistency. Dense and rich without coming off spongy, the Hojicha flavour had the chance to shine here. 🍰
‘Burn’ wise, the flavour wasn’t strong and it wasn’t your typical melt in your mouth burnt cheesecake, but like Hannah Montana says, nobody’s perfect ya. 😛

I was up a little late on Friday night and just managed to catch @smalls_sg limited drop of 56 sets of Khao Soi (or Chiang Mai curry noodles). @bjornshen never disappoints as usual. I love his food at @artichoke_sg and his khao soi is an example of how well balanced his food is.

In one single dish, you have a harmonious blend of spicy, salty, sweet and sour flavours all-in-one. The curry paste and coconut milk is mixed with herbs and spices to give the broth / gravy its thick, creamy and spicy rich flavours which is balanced with the sweetness of fish sauce and the sour tangy notes of the lime and pickled cabbage.

I will definitely be back for more of this when the CB is over!

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This combination was like a meat galore above a red sauce base, with the standard pineapple and ham on one side and the meatballs, pepperoni and bacon on the other.

It was one of those best comfort foods that I would order through Deliveroo, and while the pizzas here were at a premium price, I would really vouch that Peperoni Pizzeria served really scrumptious pizza with that crust that I absolutely would not say no to. So for those who do not like to eat the pizza crust when they go to a pizza restaurant, I would advise you not to waste the dough here and finish even the last crumb that you could find.

I had dinner at Jamie's Italian before Circuit Breaker started, and the food was much better than I had expected.
We were first served Nocellara Olives on Ice ($14.95, cover photo), where mild tasting black olives was served alongside crisp and thin carta di musica, meant to be dipped into the sun-dried tomato tapenade.
Then came Seared Tuna ($41.95, second photo) came with smashed avocado, tomatoes, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil. The intended focus of this dish was on the freshness of the tomato and tuna, complimented by the richness of the avocado. The taste profile profile of the dish is not that strong, so a little bit of red wine vinegar is added to elevate the dish.
The highlight of our meal was the Lamb Chops Scottadito ($43.95++). What struck me was how fresh the ingredients tasted. And after a conversation with the chef, I got to know that they're sustainably sourced as well. Case in point, this lamb chops uses a 100% grass-fed New Zealand lamb. Chef grilled these lamb chops under a special brick made of metal (called Al-Mattone) and retained the juices within each rack. Salsa verde and agrodolce peppers were served to balance the meatyness of these lamb chops. And because these New Zealand lambs are clean tasting (not gamey at all), there's no need for mint at all.
To order, call 6655 7676. They are also on Grabfood and Deliveroo.

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