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Super worth with Burpple beyond. Pasta portions were on the smaller side but the taste makes up for it. Pizzas were amazing esp Burrata and the portion size made up for the smaller pastas too.

Chorizo Pizza ($18 Nett)
Have ordered 7 of their flavours and have always been satisfied.
Especially enjoyed the honey bacon pizza.

Chorizo pizza was very fragrant, with nice juicy slices of chorizo

Do note this place only has take away. Call in advance so theres minimal delay when you pick up.

The hot chocolate was good. The caramel latte could do with more caramel, as it tasted like a flat white, which is honestly fine as well as it tasted nice. Both drinks were pretty standard.

We enjoyed our hot drinks in the comfort of the second floor of a cozy little cafe, overlooking the roads.

We got this as part of the Pastry + Coffee deal - you can pick any drink from the Coffee section of the menu. As for the pastries, you can choose between carrot cake, brownie, or quiche. We paid a total of $13.20 for 2 pastries and 2 cups of coffee.

Yeast Side bakes their own sourdough loaves - when we got there at about 11.30am, they were only left with the seeded ones. The sourdough was moist and had a nice balance of nutty and sour. It was really tasty and I could eat it on its own.

The loaves were quite big but they don’t slice them for you. I wish they did, because not everyone has a bread knife at home, and cutting through the loaf is quite tough.

It’s quite a good deal with Beyond 1-for-1, making one loaf $5 each - I would definitely get this again.

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Tiramisu was quite nice and calamari was great! Carbonara was ok

It was a pretty decent meal! loved the calamari rings and the tiramisu, but felt like the carbonara was a little too eggy for our liking. The squid ink pasta in the picture was not bad, though it felt like there wasnt much crab meat tho it was a crab meat pasta. Would come back with my muslim friends!

• Truffled Mushroom Risotto •
it was creamy and filling! sauce is cheese and very flavourful, however not much truffle taste but it was full of umami flavour! would order it again. ($18.95++)


• Fettuccine Carbonara •
the pasta have a nice bite to it and the sauce is creamy and not cloying. nothing amazing but a good plate of carbonara. ($17.95++)


• Truffle Fries •
Strong truffle flavour! fries were crispy and not oily at all. serving size is alot too! (ate some before the picture 🤭) would order next time round. ($11.95++)


the service was great! very friendly and attentive staff. Would recommend making a reservation before dining there!

A cute little corner shop at City Gate decorated with bright neon lights. We went for the Hawaii Five-O ($27) and Sweet Dreams ($26) using the burpple deal. The pineapple ring on Hawaii was really sweet which gave a good contrast to the cheese. I wished there was more of it! Sweet dreams was four types of cheese drizzled with honey, cheese + honey is a marriage made in heaven. What could go wrong? Both pizzas had a nice char on the top but were actually pretty burnt underneath which caused a bitter taste.. Both of them were also on the greasy side.. At this price point I doubt I will return again.

Burpple advertised a 1-for-1 Pastry and Coffee set at Yeast Side. When I got there, I was told that this offer is only available on Friday to Sunday. No where was this stated on Burpple. It’s either Burpple left this out or Yeast Side has changed the deal without updating Burpple. Whatever the case, call before you make your trip to the outlet to check if the deal is available on the day you intend to patronize this outlet.

Nice pizza, tasty and good portion size.
Burrple offer easy to use.

Staff however was too arrogant. The best part of this place, which is the burrata pizza was out of stock.

Ambience was also mediocre. So it's a hit and miss.

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I went for the burrata pizza, but they were out of stock. Big disappointment as that's the highlight of the place.

Easy to use burrple offer, but staff too arrogant.

It's a hit and miss. The pizza I had was tasty, and the portion size was also good. but there were just too many other negatives

One of the more ex items on the menu. The bread sticks were dry this time but the light pasta made up for it w the amount of seafood. Perfectly cooked(esp the ultra tender salmon), it definitely justifies the price. Rather big portion too

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