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We eat our way across the island for the ultimate party pleaser: pizza! Get a slice of this, from...
A staple in Italian cuisine and one of our favourite foods of all time, pizza is a guaranteed par...

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We thought that this place was slightly overrated. The porchetta was nice but the pasta was so so. Service was good though!

The double beef patties were grilled medium rare, served with lettuce, tomatoes, garlic mayonnaise, fries and mesclun. Simple, no fuss.

The breeze and nice marina view complimented the dining experience!
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This Hainanese Happiness Set (U.P. $68, 10% off in Dec) comprises:
☃️ Midnight Goma Snowman Brownie Delight: lokks so cute right! As a black sesame fan, this is my favourite! 🖤
☕️ Hainanese Coffee Dream: perfect for coffee lovers, savour the richness of Hainan Kopi Gao in the cream! 🤤
🥥 Hainanese-inspired Yibua Blissful Brownie: love the chewy mochi inside 🤍! topped with gula melaka grated coconut.
🪵 Pandan Kaya Swiss Roll Log Cake: mindblowingly good! Featuring @thehainanstory's fluffy roll cake with aromatic pandan kaya filling 💚, combined with @whiskdom's brownie bits, topped with pistachios & dried cranberries, this was such a treat! 😋

Nestled in Tai Seng, Harry’s offers the perfect blend of dinner and drinks, showcasing a delightful menu brimming with enticing bar bites and Western favorites! Don’t miss the irresistible Truffle Mushroom Pizza and tempting 1-for-1 deals, making Harry’s the ultimate destination for a fantastic evening!


Pic credits: Julius Lim

Went to Peperoni Pizzeria recently and ordered their XXL pizza (Half Diavola, half Burrata & Prosciutto) ($62), Carbonara ($24), and Truffle Parmesan Fries ($13)!😇 Very filling for 5 pax👍🏻

Overall ratings 8/10! Loved the food but thought that the Diavola was a little bit too salty for my liking, and that the food is slightly pricey. Would head back again though😍

restaurant eluted warm and rustic vibes with beautiful tall windows which gave great photos thanks to the sunlight ☺️ Burrata was fresh and stringy but would probably give the risotto a miss as it wasn’t as creamy and rich as I expected.

pizza hut always nails their cheese stuffed crust🤤🧀 and as if there isn’t already enough cheese already, i opted for the Four Cheese flavour. too good

My go-to Italian restaurant for affordable and good food! First time trying the Calzone Pizza here and it didn’t disappoint. The pizza crust was almost like a pastry crust, crispy and not dense. It was stuffed with lots of cheese, ham and mushrooms, which was creamy and flavourful, served with a portion of tomato sauce for you to dip the pizza in, that provided a tangy contrast to the pizza. Food came quickly and portion was huge as well!

The Werkx Cafe boasts multiple activities such as leathercraft, candle making, pottery and more! They also sell some small bites as well as coffee which we were glad to try!

We ordered a couple of sweet and savoury options, such as their all famous muffins, sourdough toasts and pastries, as well as coffee drinks. Here are some of our favourites:

1️⃣ Garlic Croissant ($5.30) - the crunch in their croissant is insane! It was really flaky and buttery. The garlic spread comes with garlic chunks that gave so much flavour and umami!

2️⃣ Chocolate Muffin ($6.80) - we were very surprised to find melted chocolate within the muffin, which gave extra richness! It was incredibly chocolatey and I love the top crust of the muffin as it was crispy.

3️⃣ Iced Mocha ($8.50) - I was afraid that I was too sweet, but I'm glad that it wasn't! The aroma of the coffee did complement the chocolate well and it was definitely a smooth cup.

There were also some board games for you to play while you dine here! A cafe to consider in the region. Thank you @thewerkx for the wonderful food and @scalemicroinfluencers for the invitation!

Chill art cafe - @thewerkx !

Situated in River Valley, this art cafe offers a wide variety of creative activities such as candle making, pottery, leather craft, and many more!

You can also visit this place just for the food!

We got the chunky chicken croissant and sourdough toast, which comes with creamy mashed potato. Very delicious! We also got an iced taro latte and tropical iced tea (mango and peach) for the hot weather!

Check out this place to let out your power of creativity!

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olive oil gelato, fried rosemary

The olive oil gelato was interesting, it had a distinct salty-sweet flavour and was quite pleasant. It went well with the olive oil cake, which was warm and moist with a coarse crumb, and lightly sweet. I liked the fried rosemary, which was lightly crunchy and aromatic!

Panna Cotta, saba, acèto balsamico tradizionale di Moderna

Didn’t really think this was worth - we were attracted by the word fig LOL but the crostata (kinda like a tart/pie) was disappointing, neither crisp nor flaky, just soft and underwhelming. The fig part was nice, as dried figs were used, so it was sweet and slightly chewy, with the crunchiness of the seeds. Panna cotta was jiggly and soft but melted way too quickly.