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Crispy Fish Fillet Tacos: 6.0/10

Personally, I felt that this is not a taco. The fish was not fresh and tasted dry. The fresh mango salsa overpowered the entire dish. The overall combination of the dish did not blend well.

Their curly fries saved the dish.

Pizza Hut has my fav crust & fav aglio but today’s aglio was a little lacking in flavour & olive oil. Durian pizza was p good but I’ve had better ones at Tino’s few years back. Personally prefer the regular bready crust rather than the cheesy7 crust (which has the harcheongkai smell to it).

Thick crust pizza with a white sauce base, generous savings of roasted garlic and shrimp @16 bucks. Must try for those who love roasted garlic. For those who need spice, simply add the chilli flakes to taste. Definitely value for money with the burpple 1 for 1 deal.

Do expect a slightly longer than usual waiting period for your food though.

Thin crust pizza with loads of cheese, with wild rockets and beansprouts @16 bucks. Pretty good in terms of taste and value for money with the burpple 1 for 1 deal. Only the beansprouts confuse me - am not sure where and how it fits on the pizza?

Those with a larger appetite may need to order some other food to go with the pizza.

a decent truffle fries that’ll be a good side! would prefer a stronger truffle taste and more sauce 😬

lino’s signature dish! been seeing it so much on insta recently so had to try (: especially worth with beyond so you could get a combi of pasta and pizza for the price of one!! pizzas here are woodfired and thin crust! gives it that extra crisp 🤤 was also a first trying burrata and it was well balanced especially with the basil pesto! yumz

I loved this dish! It was so savoury with minced pork bits and had the right amt of sweetness and texture from the pumpkin! At the back is the classic Garlic Snowing Pizza which was good as always! Loved how the crisp fried garlic slices added a ton of flavour to the dish, along with the sweetness from the pineapple. The latter can be slightly gelat after a while but is definitely worth the try! Surprisingly, I preferred the Spicy Pumpkin Cream Pizza because it was more savoury than sweet, as compared to the Garlic Snowing Pizza which had sweeter notes to it

I'm back again and this time, ordered their Salmon pizza ($8.90). They are generous with their salmon and it is so delicious

Got 2 pizzas, 2 pastas and truffle fries, as well as a draught beer, juice and dessert.The burrata pizza was soooo good, love how the burrata complements the sourness of the tomato sauce. Pesto added this nice earthy kick to the flavours!!! Carbonara was done really well, pasta was cooked to el dante and the sauce wasn’t too jelak. Had the beef and pork meatball bolognese as well and the BBQ chicken pizza, they were pretty okay. Draught beer was smooth and went well with the mains. Service was great and the food is a solid 8.5/10! Will definitely come back😋😋😋

One of the really stand out and recommended dishes here. The pappardelle was well cooked (a bit thicker than you get at fine dining restaurants but had a good bite) and the sauce was flavorful and rich.

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The seafood linguine was mind blowing, super flavourful from first mouth to the last. Lamb was tender, really well done. Already planning my next visit