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Met a new friend today and decided this was the cafe to make an impression, also because I had hoped the 1-for-1 deal would cushion the impression it made on my wallet. However, having taken our seat, I noticed a robust $12 lunch set that would’ve been cheaper than the 1-for-1 offer, and was left with mixed feelings. On one hand, I was pleasantly surprised at the affordable lunch set, and on the other, I was offended that it was more affordable than this 1-for-1 offer I had paid good money for. Deciding to be the bigger man, I abused the 1-for-1 offer and ordered the two most expensive pastas on the menu— that’ll teach them to undermine my cheapskate tactics.

Just as the Benjamin Barker brand feebly attempts to mask over its painfully Singaporean origins, the ‘Pomodoro’ in Spicy Pomodoro Crab Pasta attempts to mask over what is really a simple tomato-based pasta. With the crabmeat sliced so thin I could see through them, I was reminded of Caitlyn Jenner, who Kylie Jenner would call trans-parent. However, my simple tastebuds were hugely satisfied with the overall spicy flavour and the firm texture of the pasta— definitely better than PastaMania!

What does Truffle Carbonara have in common with Italian Soft-Serve? Both are gelat-o. Saw the law of diminishing marginal returns come to live with every bite my friend took, and by the end, Truffle Carbonara was well and truly a Struggle Carbonara. As I unashamedly asked to try the Carbonara, I decided on the socially acceptable number of two strands of pasta— one being too small a sample size, yet keeping it under three to be conservative. Yet, these two strands still managed to overwhelm the senses.

Over all, it was a nice lunch experience, and I especially appreciated the initiative of the waitresses to serve us water even toward the end of the meal when most would use drought tactics to evict us from our seats. We felt especially welcome and taken care of with these small gestures!

One for one lunch promotion on weekdays! One (thin) serving of chicken chop, some potato wedges (countable with my 10 fingers) and green beans. The serving was pathetically small... and the oven roasted chicken didn’t taste oven roasted at all - more like grilled?

I understand that they’re busy at lunch time but the service was.. not nice. My friend requested for her pasta to be without garlic and they just replied saying ‘one for one promotion, cannot make changes’. May not be back ever again.

Pork and beef slow cooked with red wine, topped with pangratatto and parmesan. What a flavourful dish! The meat was tender from the slow cooking process, and the sauce was good! The pasta was at a nice al dente as well.

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The stretch of restaurants at Capitol Piazza offer pretty good lunch deals. The 2-course set lunch at La Scala is $17++ and 3 course is $22++. Portion size, especially the main course, was not big but it was just nice for me personally. My favorite dish of the meal was the lasagna - juicy, moist and the right amount of cheesiness.

CHRISTMAS came early for me at @jamiesitaliansg Forum outlet as I had the privilege of savouring their Christmas menu! 🎅
Was thrilled to know that with every order of their Christmas specials at the Forum & VivoCity outlet, $1 will be donated to Singapore Children’s Society & Club (Rainbow) Singapore respectively! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Doubling the festive cheer 🎉, you’ll also be entitled to spin the sure-win Christmas wheel for attractive prizes! 😉
Whet your appetite with their Tomato Arancini 😍😍😍, which features risotto balls stuffed with mozzarella 🧀, coated in bread crumbs & fried to the perfect golden brown. 🌟 The accompanying homemade arrabbiata sauce (made with sundried tomatoes 🍅 too) spiced up the entire dish, lending some spice 🌶 & sweet-tangy flavours to the savoury crispy balls.
Prefer something less starchy & heavy? Start your feast right with their Baby Octopus Salad! 🥗 With a generous portion of marinated grilled baby octopus 🐙, olives, tomatoes 🍅, potato cubes, carrots 🥕, parsley, feta cheese 🧀 & lettuce 🥬, this salad with a herby Mediterranean dressing was quite a crowd pleaser! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
More reviews on their exciting mains & desserts will be coming up so stay tuned! 👌🏻

Awesome stuff there. Super generous portion of ravioli in a delicious semi liquid mushroom cream sauce. Baked in a nice chewy dough which you dig through to uncover the treasures beneath.

Even though the dough of this pizza was very tasty, I feel like they could have afforded to put more toppings. There wasn't a lot of cheese or tomatoes or sauce on the pizza which was quite disappointing. My father also had a pizza that had meat on it, but again, there was not a lot of meat either. It was quite expensive so I'm not sure I would return.

Slow-braised chicken in a creamy sauce with bacon, leeks, roasted mushrooms and plenty of herbs. The ingredients were nicely salted and the cream sauce not too overpowering. Yummy!

Not really a fan of the pizzas here as it can get abit jelat after a few slices. Also tried the seasonal beef pizza which was way better IMO. Not something that I’d crave for tho!

The place wasn’t crowded and the staff were friendly. The food is tasty. There is generous portion of mutton and chicken in the pizza and it’s a unique flavour. Wished the linguine portion was more it’s so yummy.

Super cheesy overall, the crust was stuffed with cheese and there were cream cheese on the pizza. There was ham and BBQ sauce which was sweet!