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We 💚Thai Food

We 💚Thai Food

Featuring Kra Pow Thai Street Food, Ah Loy Thai, Som Tam, Kin Moo (Tan Quee Lan Street), Nara Thai Cuisine (ION Orchard), Tomyum Mama, Greyhound Cafe, Soi 47 Thai Food (Toa Payoh), Jai Thai (Clover Way), Dink Dink Thai Street Cafe
Kugel Kaffee
Kugel Kaffee

We intend not to go for their mama dish as we think we can execute that dish at home.😆👨‍🍳 (ok, we are exaggerated here but you know when we go out, we always consider the value of dish)
The Red Tom Yum Noodle is rather similar (the difference is the thin flat noodle). We are slightly let down by quality of ingredients: 2 prawns, 2 squid rings and 2 clams can’t rescue us here. 😔
The mineral water is $1.50 (1 bottle come with 1 glass for 2 persons). This shows that the service is not considerate. We notice that Soi 19 Wanton mee just move next door(not sure if it’s the same chain) but Tomyum mama will have to do more to keep up with warranting customer return. 🤓

We go lush for this dish and pick Wagyu beef. The beef comes tender and covered with sauce and chopped beans. The fried egg is proper with crusty rim and runny center. The stir fried basil dish (no matter which meat) is flavourful and rarely would we be disappointed with their rice dish. 🍛

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When we try this waterfall pork (Nam Tok), we just know that the chef knows how to execute this dish very well. True to its name ‘waterfall pork’, the grilled pork is well marinated and not overcooked (water is still left in the meat).
The sliced pork is coated with ground roasted rice, chilli, herbs and sliced red onion. 👍
The heat from this dish is well balanced with white rice $2. We use Eatigo to get 10% off but you can visit during off-peak hour to enjoy 50% off. 10% service charge applied.🤑
We know how authentic it is as we thanked the chef afterwards. 🙏😁 It is a reasonably priced hidden gem Thai restaurant in Clarke Quay area.

Nicely shredded (neither ‘too fine’ nor ‘too coarse’) papaya & sliced cherry tomato absorb all the flavours from lime, fish sauce, chilli and palm sugar. 🤤
Drizzled with peanuts on top and we love this Som Tum to the moon and back! 🚀 🌙🌎
Wish it could be spicier but this dish alone give us a hint that this under the radar Thai restaurant is authentic!! 🤩

Out of the dishes we have so far for this trip, this one we enjoy more than other dishes. The curry is flavourful and no oil film at the top. The chicken pieces are big. Good portion for sharing.

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A good execution in terms of flavour balance but ingredients are not up our street yet (squids in particular). We order this dish at our second visit here as we love the grilled squid from last time. Suggest sticking with grilled squid other than venturing out and get crabstick, Fish ball and pork sausage into action. It could get messy.😜🐙🐷🐟

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It is hard to get this dish right as we used to visit Soi 47 and this time we try it again at BeerThai. The kway Teow Noodle taste alright but we are not big fans of fishballs. The other ingredients are squid, Chinese kale, carrots and egg.

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A big serving for this Isan sausage plate. Good for sharing 2 persons. The Isan sausage tastes slightly sour as how it should be (from the fermentation process). However, we miss a firm bite as the sausage filling comes out easily upon first bite. Have it with ginger & Chilli side for a punch! 🤜

A value eat for this duck noodle bowl as it comes full on with bean sprouts and Thai basil sides. The duck meat is firm and nice color. They are generous with their ingredients and noodle is cooked nicely (springy texture) The only thing that we are not used to is the sweetness of broth. We can’t complain much though.

Som Tam by default of this restaurant is a salted egg version which goes very well with crunchy peanut. Not very spicy but still taste great with fresh lime (we think it is real as it tastes fresh!) 🤓

Sunday lunch during CNY period is very quiet. Only 3 stalls open at Timbre+ and we go for Hungry Thai. Green curry fried rice with chicken $6 is our favorite as the rice is not soggy with just right amount of spices. Chicken strip is thin but we are not big meat eater so we are cool with that. Basil leaves mushroom, tofu with sunny egg and rice $6 are what vegetarian need for good value lunch! 👍

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Chicken are marinated with spices and wrapped in Pandan leaves. This is a decent dish compared to the other 2 we tried but the search for excellent one continues....🤓 Overall, it is a popular Thai food joint that is very wallet friendly. Good for those who live nearby.


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