Food in the bishan ~amk region! Bookmarked.
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

Soft, jelly-ish tender chicken was the signature, and we can't find any faults with it! Perfect for sharing with family.

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with clams, v. fresh prawns and Fuzhou fishballs alongside bouncy meepok, big chunks of fishcakes and mushrooms for $6.80? Yes. Extra points that it's served super fast. If only the vinegar tinge was stronger than the tomato sauce & the Fuzhou fishballs was hotter for me. Otherwise, this is a pretty indulgent meepok.

The cheesy mite is the dream of anyone with savoury taste buds, a combination of Vegemite and cheese, merged with that pillowy sourdough with a crisp exterior. Heat it up in oven for 4 mins for perfection. ($4.50), also got the Tahini cookie as a snack!

Impressed by these silky smooth rolls, they are thickly folded and thinly delicate at the same time. Even more impressed by the handmade method, showing you how much effort goes into mastering these CCF. Had to try all flavours after queueing for 20-30mins.

In preference: charsiew (flavourful and with a bit of fats), prawn, mushroom. They range from $4-$5. Welcome to the bishan hood!

Some homely tastes here with nourishing dishes - my favourite is the deep fried sea bass in superior soy that is crisp at the right parts and tears apart softly too.

The chicken in mushroom broth was comforting and is a feast of mushroom. Chicken was tender and does pair well with their special chili.

The Nanping noodles was good and tasted like home, like a treasure trove with clams, prawns, and even bits of scallops.

Ofc the indispensable xiaolongbao 👍

Overall, will come back!

Both at $6.50, it's a tough choice which to go for - generous cuts and they're all well seasoned with pepper and chewy (a feat for pork chops especially). Personally prefer the more tender chicken chop and some parts crispy

Topped on the eggy fried rice that's not too greasy, this serves as a filling, savoury treat. (Ps. Look at how yellow & eggy the fried rice is)

This kopitiam has a lot of wanton noodles and I like this version, springy noodles doused in light sauce, with my favourite being the soup dumplings - light, fluffy and serves a chewy bite. For $3, it is extremely filling

This pot of creamy and rich pumpkin fish soup with little chunks of yam tastes so nourishing and hearty. I love it for it's unique pumpkin taste that makes it sweet and finished it to the last sip. For $6.90, it stands out amongst other fish soups - plus those slices of batang fish were thick and fresh.

Ps. This is just next to Bishan Park 2

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New store in the AMK hood, that offers delectable dons & noodles for pocket friendly prices - I like that they also have greens & reds tomatoes that brightens up the bowl.

Grilled salmon + kimchi, with a runny egg ($8.90) paired with meekia, which reminds us of the good o indomee, and it's not too salty

Lu rou fan ($6.90), generous portions of braised meat with 1:1 ratio with the fats, though meat is on the chewier sides, we enjoyed it.

Meepok like no others for two reasons: extremely springy meepok noodles giving that extra qq chew with a satisfying serving size for $4, and how the chef is a master in cooking - cooking with that sense of urgency and precision to serve each bowl of meepok. Truly 给手 🙌

I would love to try their $4.50 abalone noodles next time too.

Protip: the drinks in this coffee shop is extra Gao (thick), I love my Milo peng, which comes with bits of Milo chunks for all chocolate lover. The coffee is equally thick.

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Nestled in the middle of Bishan park 1 is Grub, who has mastered the art of serving chic food in a lush and green setting - we all love this Har Cheong Kai burger, where the prawn paste fragrance permeates from a distance away. Plus, that crunch as you sink your teeth into the juicy patty?

We can also top up to mentaiko fries (quite worth it)


I love this place and all their creative menu - we tried their annual creation: the Praclette! (Or prata coated with warm, gooey Swiss cheese, lightly doused with crowd favourite truffle oil, mushroom bits and a slice of turkey ham). Plus, that familiar Sriracha sauce! All of this seating on their renowned crispy dough base. ($9.90, ps there is a deal together with their teh tarik)

They absolutely nailed this one, with this being the fanciest prata I've ever had and combined with all the richest and best tastes around. The cheese may get hard after awhile, so savour the goodness while it's fresh and hot.

I find Swiss Cheese not too strong, hence with all the medley of flavours, doesn't overpower nor get subdued - just the right fusion mix.

Ps. This place boosts a long queue especially with the opening of Thomson East Coast Line.

Pps. Murtaburger remains my all time unhealthy indulgence.

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