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Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

Kway chap here always draw long queues and I'm glad to be finally back slurping the bowl of kway chap with some friends at an unearthly hour. Their generous pork belly / San Chen rou is consistent with fragrant chewy fatty bits that is irresistible.

PSA choosing individual pieces like us will give you more of each but also higher price ($18 for us with two kway chap bowls) as compared to you ordering a mixed platter for 3 people. However my heart is won over by our sg version of salty kwaychap vs Thai's famous peppery one.

A family favourite with it's nutritious soups brewed to exude it's wholesome depths of flavours - 真材实料 . It's a steal for how filling it is with it's generous meat portions.

We love the mushroom rice, and the radish egg (for only $4)

A down to earth place with heavenly flavours

This store is a winner, with it being open around the clock and having dim sum for just $1.30 - think the classics: crispy beancurd rolls, hargao, hk cheecheongfun, fried yam balls!! All for $1.30. We had to stop ourselves from ordering more.

Quick tip: plan the numbers you want before you order to make it fast. Dim sum fast food ftw

(This spread totals about $14.30 for 3 people)

I always have fond memories of Ivins, with it's rich homecooked nyonya flavours and reasonable prices. This Ivins branch takes an unassuming corner in Thomson Plaza and offers a more condensed menu compared to other Ivins branches, but the flavours remain the same.

Assam Babi (tamarind flavoured pork), Bakwan soup (meatball in clear broth with coriander) and chap chye (cabbage cooked soft) together with rice and egg for $13.90 was enough for the two of us, post a run. Love their soups.

Fond memories of having this luroufan in Taiwan!! Hence imagine my happiness when I found out they opened an outlet in AMK hub. For just $4.90, you get a savoury box of luroufan, with fatty bits that you can slurp up together with the zhap. Plus it comes with half an egg.

Will definitely come back more often!!!(no need to travel to Taiwan for this anymore)

Only wish is that they have a place to dine in

Its been ages since I came back and it still taste as familiar. Overall, its taste may not be the best but the family friendly vibes they have and the warm customer service does make a mark. We had the beef and chicken steak & the mushroom pasta.

The chicken steak is the most memorable, perhaps the cut for the beef steak was slightly too tough. The pasta was also somewhat more chinese. Its good how they are sprucing up their menu with "Taste around the world" and having a monthly menu featuring a different country - it was Mexico when i went.

Also, the panna cotta is a delight!!

Grew up eating this and its chaipo (fried radish) fragrance is simply irresistable. Now this is part of my bi/weekly sunday brunch. (4 for $1, 6 for $1.50)

Came here for their breakfast set, and its v worth it as it comprises of the classic creamy ham macoroni soup, fried egg, butter sandwich and a drink of your choice (i got soy milk). All these for just $5!! Enjoyed the macoroni a lot - especially after seeing so many pictures of this dish taken in HK.

Extremely filling and the place is spacious as well. I also love the bakery, with my favourite being the crisp Napoleon cake! Will come back for more brunch, egg tarts and that.

This place is slightly ulu for those not living around, if you're coming by public transport, you will have to take a bus from bishan/marymount


For $4.80 it's very generous with the amount of pork belly and their unique tasting minced meat balls. The best moment is mixing up all the noodles, egg and meat and having it in one go! Simple banmian and very delicious. Could only wish there's more noodless

Ran 5km for this, and I will say that it's no wonder there's a long queue for it. I had the meepok broth version with just the right mix of saltiness, and the mushrooms don't lose their chewiness and it's original strong flavour and essence. The meatball deserves a shout-out too! Waits can get up to 20-25mins.


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are in its kopitiams. Nothing rivals these dishes prepared with a lot of dedication. ($4) also, the bakkuteh-ish herbal soup is well brewed, I had to finish it all.


The chilli of this kolo mee gave the kicks. It also meets the characteristics of kolo mee-springy noodles and fresh chewy prawn. Had this under grab food (there's a $8 promo now) $5 nett. While the sarawak kolo mee may taste a lil more savoury, this makes for a not too bad dinner near the hood too.


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