All About Rice Bowl

All About Rice Bowl

Featuring The Refinery, Tanuki Raw (Orchard Central), DOCO (International Plaza), Tanuki Raw (Kapok), Omurice Keisuke, Sora Boru, Donya Japanese Cuisine (Bugis), DON DON DONKI (Orchard Central), Paradise Dynasty (Suntec City), Hao Wei Lai (Bukit Merah)

I know that didn't look like Fried Rice In YangZhou Style bc my mum remove prawn off from my bowl. I like fried rice because it was not sticky together and quite crunchy and crispy texture.

Unagi Donburi ($6.80) served with free miso soup. The serving was quite small, includes small bits of unagi, topped with spring onion and egg.

Chicken Teriyaki Donburi ($6.80) served with free miso soup. The serving was quite big, includes thick slices of chicken teriyaki, topped with spring onion and egg.

I felt that for chicken rice ($3.00) (breast) was quite dry and not much taste. I saw most of people changed to chicken drumstick or wings instead + add-on char siew ($1.00) was marinated well with the sauce and having strong roasted taste.

The eatery provided a quick, fuss-free meal and self-service. You need to collect hot Stir-Fried Rice With Pork Ribs ($5.80) from the counter after the person called the number. I realised pork ribs serving was quite small but the rice serving was quite average.

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Omu Rice Set (Fish) ($6.50) contained three takoyaki balls, and fried fish and scrambled egg covered with fried rice topped a mixture of mayonnaise and sweet sauce. I didn't know it was fried fish instead of fried pork :") I just realised it was fried fish when eating :') I felt it was mid sweet taste for omu rice. Fried pork slices just nice for taste but its a bit soggy for fried fish. Its advisable to reheat the food before consuming the bento set. By the way, I went to reheat omu rice (fish) for 30 minutes at food area (microwave oven).

Chicken Teriyaki Toji Don (Regular Size - $8.50) I realised that portion size is quite good and I didn't expected they put a lot of ingredients such as diced chicken meats and scrambled eggs inside the dons. For the sauce, I felt less salty and diced chicken seemed to be bland taste but scrambled egg is slightly salty probably mixing with soya bean. I ordered Chawanmushi + Drinks (Regular - 12 oz) ($2.90) as a set meal because I felt thirsty and hungry after walking.

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There are different of ingredients to build roast bowl. Firstly, you need to choose one out of three different meats (soya sauce chicken, char siew BBQ Pork or roasted duck - $1). Secondly, you need to decide on between spinach ($0.50) or egg noodles and rice. Finally, you need to pick which sauce to complement the meats (soya sauce, ma la (spicy) sauce or truffle sauce - $0.80. I missed it out for opening promotion for 50% discount in roast bowl :'(. I picked on soya sauce chicken with rice ($8.80) add-on with ice honey lemon drink (discounted price with set meal - $1.50) But I felt soya sauce chicken was quite extremely salty after eating for a while but the rice soaked with soya sauce is good especially rice was quite dry. I want to try char siew BBQ Pork on noodles and special truffle sauce next time. Its weird combination having char siew BBQ Pork with noodles lol 😂.

Buta (Pork) Don + Miso Soup ($10 - using reward coupon from JPassport App) Buta (Pork) Don was quite hard to chew, the sauce for Buta is not enough to sustain the taste and feel like that sauce for Buta Don was extreme salty when the sauce slipped through rice bowl.

Chicken Katsu Don ($5.80) is another cheap and best selling off the menu beside Salmon Mentai Don and Unagi Don. Chicken Katsu Don have served with rice topped with egg, onions and seaweed drizzles. Cheap deals for Japanese cuisine.

Unagi Don ($8.80) is another best selling off the menu beside Salmon Mentai Don and Chicken Katsu Don. Unagi Don have served soft unagi without bones inside with grilled teriyaki sauce and rice topped with egg, onions and seaweed drizzles. Cheap deals for Japanese cuisine.

There are four different types of sauce to choose from wafu, demi-glacé (Highly Recommendation - mine), chilli tomato sauce, and creamy white sauce (My friend's Recommendation) to dip. It also come with miso soup and four different types of salad to choose from coleslaw, potato salad (My friend and I choose), green salad, or boiled spinach with Japanese dashi stock. I added Cheese Sauce to dip with omurice for S$2.00. I felt bloated to eat for a set ($9.90) plus adding cheese sauce. Good thing have demi-glacé sauce to mix with omurice because omurice was mixed with chicken and corn and seasoned with ketchup dashi. I didn't try out their add-on sides into the omurice sets because I try their original omurice sets first time


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