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Chinese, Hk And Cantonese

Chinese, Hk And Cantonese

Dim sum, Char Chan Teng, Char siew and toasts
Gwen Cheng
Gwen Cheng
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Tried one of mouth restaurant's signature dim sum- liu sha bao. The salted egg custard lava was like liquid gold flowing out of the crispy crusted bun. Very rich with salted egg. You can perceived the butter and sweetness from their custard too. Can't help but wonder if it is made of condensed milk?

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The best dish of our dim sum lunch at mouth restaurant. The skin of the roasted pork was thick, flavoursome and cackling crispy. There was sufficient fat in between the thick layers of meat so that it wasn't too dry or too surfeit. Definitely one of the best roasted porks that I have had thus far.

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Lobster promotion at 40% off, $88+ per piece. Fresh and succulent lobster fry with delicious custard cream: thick, sweet and buttery gravy that is not too surfeit due to the mildly distinct sour that blends so well with the other flavours. Highly recommended to anyone dining at Red House as I consider this my favourite dish based on my experience there.

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One of the highly recommended dishes at Red House. The milky appearance of the dish implies lengthy boiling to obtain the concentrated crab stock. The seafood flavour is deeply immersed in the soup and rice and is super addictive. Generous portions of crab meat and fried rice puffs gives extra texture to the dish. Double thumbs up!

Enjoy 20% off for dim sum at Red House. The truffle mushroom dumplings are delicious and really worth a try. Don't be fooled by the dark green hue of the dumplings- It is made from spinach and is all natural. The inner fillings has a strong aroma of truffle and were made of chopped mushrooms.

Seafood such as Scallops, prawns, sotongs and fish fried together with thick sambal chilli paste and coconut milk. The selection was extensive and the seafood were fresh and succulent. The concentrated spicy gravy was so amazing:saturated curry-like gravy that was used to cook and marinate the seafood, such that the flavours were deeply embedded into them. Highly recommended for diners at Red House seafood.

Found the Singapore outlet of Guangzhou's most famous traditional rice rolls. Yin ji's long history goes all the way back to 1958. You can tell that they are very serious about their chang fens.

Their signature was a really interesting rice and egg rolls, filled with fresh prawns and vegetables. Pictured is the sliced pork chang fen, which consists of pork and chopped vegetables.

While both dishes were really delicious: thin, chewy and translucent rice rolls drenched with a sweet soy sauce , we felt that they could be more generous with the ingredients within the rice rolls.

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Finally tried one of the Joyden concepts restaurant and I am very impressed by their dishes! Not one of the commonly reviewed dishes, the golden thread crispy prawn is well fried, not too oily and has delicious crispy shreds enhances the fried prawns with creamy, sweet and salty flavours. Not exactly sure what are the threads made of, but seem to have a hint of pumpkin or salted egg yolk.

One need not say much about Hai Di Lao. It has already established itself as one of the most well loved chinese hot pot restaurants by Singaporeans.

The signatures of hai di lao- good ingredients, delicious and huge varieties of broth and excellent service ( from manicures to dancing noodle chefs)

My favourite broths are the tomato and chicken.We ordered the wagyu beef, which was thinly sliced with a nice fat to meat ratio and melts in your mouth when cooked.

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Eng's is well known for its super hot chilli to be added to the noodles. Varying amounts of the sauce and crispy pork lard can be added to obtain your desired level of spiciness and taste. Only a squirt of chilli into my noodles has set my entire mouth on fire. Before the numbness and burning sensation kicks in, you can still taste the garlic that was mixed into the condiment for some seconds. Overall, good chilli sauce with thick chewy noodles and wantan soup.

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Ordered the lunch set priced at $16+
In my set: braised pork noodles, fried pierogi dumplings and grapefruit drink. The braised pork and gravy is salty and has a sour aftertaste. The fried pierogi was filled with potatoes, cheese and salty bacon. Crispy and spicy exterior of the dumplings are due to the deep frying and chilli powder sprinkled on them- feels like an european style old chang kee fried snack.

The restaurant was very packed during lunch and they can't seen to cope with lunch crowd. Waited about 20 minutes and people who came after I ordered are getting their beverages and food first- which is confusing and makes no sense. Some of the waiters and waitresses are young with no experiences in serving- can't seem to answer my queries of the status of my order. They need to craft out a good queue system to avoid disappoint and anger from customers.

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A short walk away from jurong bird park, xi yan took over where ah yat seafood used to be. Tried their wide selection of dim sum. My favourites got to be the their custard bun and XO carrot cake. The milk bun is their most innovative dim sum- it contains a pasty milk filling that I have not seen in other dim sum places. The food generally good and prices are decent.

Self confessed glutton. Calories should be wasted on the good stuff.

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