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Featuring Teppanyaki Hamburg Nihonbashi Keisuke Bettei, The Dark Gallery (Millenia Walk), Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique (East Coast Road), Salted Caramel, Ah Chew Desserts (Liang Seah Street), Tsujiri (100AM), Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory (Raffles City), Tong Heng Confectionery (Chinatown), Chong Wen Ge Cafe, Alfero Artisan Gelato (Macpherson)
Eunice Hahappie
Eunice Hahappie

It was more like a very much denser sponge with large air pockets than a buttery fluffy scone texture I know.

Sort of floury a taste. The many walnuts added a nice crunch to the bland texture of the dense cake.

Coffee flavour was pretty minimal.


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Incredibly fluffy and spongy.. somewhat reminiscent of those vanilla cake mix boxes.

I enjoy lightly toasting it till the chips turn gooey in a slightly crisp muffin top!

Oh and don’t expect to find choc chips beyond the top portion! Haha. The rest is really just cake.


Smiley warm hearted baker aunties are such a delight :)

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First of all, I have to say, PV has managed a great cupcake batter technique. Their bakes are consistently dense, with mini porous pockets and soft yet importantly, not dried out all at once.

I like it!

Could have been a tad heavier on the earl grey flavour AND maybe a bergamot/citrus based cream cheese would go well.

Because it’s honestly mainly plain sugars I’m tasting in terms of the flavour profile presented.


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It’s my first time seeing a juicy kueh dah dah. Do you see that fat drop on the glass?

It was flatly sweet encased in a sticky crepe that had no bite :/



Nice burst of flowy smooth sugar

But for some reason it went beyond the bliss point of sweetness to a mild sour?

The dessicated coconut was also dry.
Not a great crumb to the limp dough.


It’s such a refreshment in the swelter.

Perfectly tangy, and in my quirky opinion, a cutely scented sweet pop of lychee flavour that perks your day.



But the scoop size is quite inconsistent huh. Haha


Wow, death by chocolate is truly enpointe a name for this dish.

But it was every mouthful of indulgent pleasure. Not overly sweet, the warm dense sponge cake in 2 different layers of chocolate density (silky liquid lava pool + an even thicker gooier fudge) is so RICH so.. ENJOYABLE.

Medium -to- dark chocolate definitely helps ensure your palate doesn’t go into overload.

That icy vanilla ice cream was also so chock full of vanilla richness. Speckled generously with the black spots 😍 wish it was 2 larger scoops to prolong that hot/cold titillation

Definitely share it between 3-4 folks. Extremely rich


chocolatey hazelnut is a level of mamma Mia richness

But it’s really pricey + I thought the chocolate still didn’t quite hit bliss point in terms of depth (ie the quality of the cacao/ darkness of it used wasn’t quite there. Using dark gallery as a point of reference)


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I’ve heard many throwing flak on tong heng but I love the flake in the crust. This crust right here is like a nice cross between the buttery tart and fluffy flaked pastry ☺️
Enjoyable but doesn’t crumble too easily and quickly.

And the CREAMY centre ⭐️


$1.90... for a stellar piece of sweet pastry.. isn’t too bad. I think we’re just used to cheap prices of traditional bakes..

But I mean.. look at that famous Hong Kong egg tart at taka. That is great too but so much pricier!!


Holding some very traditional Chinese pastries.

Unbelievable branding move :)) 👍🏻👍🏻

Sesame x Almond

Since when is this served like that. And I don’t expect perfectly halved liquids. But how do I taste it separately if it’s like that?? :(

I love that the almond is silky without any powdery or cockroach repellent finish to it. But I only had maybe 3 bites worth of it?

And I couldn’t taste the bright perky sesame aroma!


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