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Featuring ANTE (1 Utama), The Bee (Publika), QUIVO, Marmalade, S.Wine (Publika), Supperclub Kuala Lumpur, Fresca Mexican Kitchen & Bar (The Gardens Mall), Cocott', Bowery Kitchen & Bar, The Counter Malaysia
Alyssia Yu
Alyssia Yu
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Wizards New Year's eve dinner menu that you can choose from 5 course (rm158) or 7 course (rm188) also gave you exclusive ticket to the rooftop countdown party.

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Always love foie gras for the flavor and texture. This combination of fruits with foie gras is brilliant. The slight acidic from the fruit cut through the richness of foie gras. It balanced so well as a dish.

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The combo of perfectly cooked fresh seafood with the classic seafood sauce. A Nantua sauce is a French sauce consist of bechamel sauce, cream and crayfish butter.

The deep fried Kataifi Prawn is sweet and crunchy in every bite.

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We had the raspberry sorbet for palate cleanser. The sweet and slight acidic sorbet gave you the refreshing feeling to go on for more course.

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New Year's eve dinner at Wizards with ticket to join the rooftop countdown party.

Starting the dinner menu with fresh pan seared Hokkaido in the clear barley miso broth. The broth is flavourful and mushroom definately add another depth of flavor to the dish.


Always a fans of poke bowl for customize bowl of meal that I enjoy. The fish bowl offer a variety of topping for your bowl of rice or greens. Aside from regular poke bowl, they do offer soup base poke bowl as well which I believe to fulfil the market needs in Malaysia.

However today was quite disappointed with my choice that the salad green wasn't too fresh and I missed out to ask them for keeping my dressing aside. My salad was drenched in dressing >


Something different than ben's in publika, the new IPC outlet had more to offer. Trying out the Mexican menu with steak rice bowl and fish taco.

Steak rice bowl come with steak, lettuce, tomato, grilled corn and guacamole on a bed of rice. Fish taco come with battered fish in a soft taco shell.

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Oyster and wine tasting plate come with three type of oyster with three different white wine.

Tregheanna bay oyster pairing with hole in the water (sauvignon blanc, NZ). Creuses from Holland pairing with st clair (Riesling,NZ). Last but not least West Mersea pairing with alkoomi (chardonnay, Aus)

Great value and way to try out your preference on oyster and wine.

From Singapore to KL, it's almost a year since they took over the kitchen at the bee, publika. The new favourite during this visit is black gold. Deep fried squid, prawn, burnt onion, Portobello mushroom, 3 types of cheese baked in a charcoal crust and drizzle with salted duck egg sauce. All the golden delicious on the pizza, yum!

Curry popcorn shrimp make a good snack to share. Fried lightly battered shrimp seasoned with house blend curry spice served with beer cheese dip

Truffle duck confit with in house freshly made charcoal pasta that cooked al-dente, served with whole duck leg confit and truffles mushroom.


The new outlet in Bangsar located at the busy Telawi 3. Upon the recommendation from the friendly staff, we ordered the stone beef which served on a hot stone that use to grill the beef. Very interesting way of enjoying the small bite.

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Crispy marinated chicken, sesame dust and pickled zucchini.

The pickled do balance out the juicy fried chicken.

Savoury custard with dashi, ginger and butter ankake.

Very cute presentation of this smooth chawanmushi


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