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If you’re at Shingen by any chance, just give their ramen a try, skip the fried rice as there’s nothing special about it. ⁣

Missing this bowl of piping hot ramen amidst the cold winter weather back in Hokkaido. Utterly flavourful broth, qq ramen and, tender slices of char siew, need I go on?

Days like this makes me miss the soup curry which I painstakingly queued for 2 hours out in the cold back in snowy Hokkaido last year. Naturally, queueing in the cold makes you welcome all forms of hot dishes to thaw that body of yours but I must say, my frozen body did not sway me at all, this soup curry is genuinely tasty! The chicken thigh was so tender and easily torn apart with a fork. Special shoutout to the broccoli hidden at the bottom which may look rather plain but had a slight char taste to it and wasn’t dry at all despite being lightly torched. Knew from experience that the Japanese don’t mess with their spices so I decided to go with a safe medium level, while it wasn’t numbingly spicy, it was still sufficient to start your nose running. Definitely giving them a visit the next time I’m back. ⁣

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Enjoyed an Omakase meal at Niseko, courtesy of my company. Felt that this restaurant was more of a hit and miss, with relatively good fried dishes but pretty mediocre overall. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

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Though the seafood here is fresh beyond words, I still don’t enjoy oysters 🤢

Get me one more cone please!

Pretty glad we made the right decision cause the everything was so tender, succulent and we seared everything to our preferred doneness. The accompanying dipping sauces also paired well with the meat. And nope, I did not order a single vegetable dish to go with our meat except for the occasional onions that came along with the meat. ⁣carnivores for lyfeeeee

Wanted to try out the famed Sapporo Beer Garden for the barbecue meat buffet but realised that they don’t accept walk-ins. And thus began my frantic search for the next best barbecue place in Sapporo that’s near to my current location. Happened to pass by one but it does not look promising and I was not willing to waste my calories on bad food HAHAHA so decided to walk a fair distance away to Asahi Beer Garden.

Nothing fancy at the outlet store, but decent enough to fill up the hungry tummy.

A quick meal to fill up the stomach before the shopping begins! ⁣⁣

Piping hot croquette with premium beef filling mixed with mashed potato makes for a perfect snack while taking a stroll near the Otaru canal.

God knows this is my N times eating soft serve here. Seriously need to lose some weight before CNY! ⁣

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