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Singapore Hawker

Singapore Hawker

The traditional ones ☺️ crowd favourites, local delights
Eunice Hahappie
Eunice Hahappie
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In a 公鸡碗!!! So adorable!! ☺️

It was fresh thick creamy cold pressed coconut milk and authentic Gula Melaka that had a tinge of mild saltiness.

I love this!!



They were bouncy, succulent under a CRISP and clean exterior.

I couldn’t quite remember how the curry stood out. It was pretty piquant, salty but that’s about it.

Glad they didn’t douse the fried items and made it soggy under the gravies!

8.5/10 for the prawns!

These were some juicy fishballs and al dente noodles! It was really tender poached pork slices too

Loved the generous crisp lards! 😋

But found the sambal/vinegar sauce mix not SHIOK or piquant enough for a lasting impression


From Marina Bay Live Seafood.

Gotta try something salted egg for our tourist white friend who’s never heard of salted egg before.

Would think there could be more creamy or saucey umami to this but overall average fried pork chop. Thankfully not too dried out meat ☺️



Pretty pricey for hawker food but they did come with nice cuts of tender mutton protein!


Thought the soup was nicely sweet with the Angelica and adequately refreshing with the pungent gingers.


They used basmati rice which makes for such a light and fluffy staple to tuck in to.

The ikan bills were also flaking crispy while the sambal was sticky and sweet. Could have preferred not having all that many seeds in the sambal blend or maybe it could be spicier and more piquant.

But I overall enjoyed it. The rice was an okay lemak, haha this definitely helped.

Begedil ($1.20) was also a potato cake that definitely had some curry seasoning involved too. Interestingly different from what we usually have.

The drawback however is that the chicken wing was pretty cold and nothing memorable.. I thought the juicy chicken cutlet might just have been more tasty with the heavy handed garlic marinate

Go for the cutlet!


This was quite the hidden gem! With the large succulent sweet prawns in boisterous herbal soup 😋👌🏻👌🏻



Have to love the lightly crispy and fluffy you tiao dished up here.

Unlike most places where it’s plain doughy and chewy without any crisp!


It’s both herbally and peppery.

Like a unique cross between Malaysian and Singaporean style.

Crowd pleaser for sure!

Although.. I’m prob a disloyal Singaporean who still prefers an authentic rich herbal Malaysian style..

Found this one.. sort of on the fences in too many levels. Not rich, not very herbally, not very peppery. What are you?

But the meat does fall off the bone so lovely



Would it have been more satisfying if the meat came in substantial ping pong ball chops than these puny nuggets?



The cereal sand coat is also not so fragrant or memorable.. you don’t see the chili Padi right? Or that many curry leaves



Bitter gourd
Salted Egg chicken

Nothing stellar tasting here. My fav was the freshness of the bitter gourd that stood out some.

But at this price, + the salted Egg was like a mushy batter mess.. haha where is the chicken??

I wouldn’t recommend Cai fan from this food court.


This is only $2 and I get a nicely brewed sweet concoction of all these textures!

The tender sago, juicy longan, crunchy sea coconut, chewy fungus, mushy ginko

Yum yum.

The red date and brown sugar base is so yummy an afternoon refreshment!


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